On Monday, November 12, New York City’s Bowery Ballroom will host a special acoustic evening with Chris Cornell, a benefit concert with all proceeds going to The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Tickets available Friday, November 9 at 3pm EST from:

  • SIN

    I guess this show will be before or after the Letterman thing then?

  • Mike

    Very cool! I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of soundgarden was in the audience… How cool would it be of they got on stage for a few songs? SG Unlpkugged!!

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    They should be sending me relief money.

  • William

    This is gonna be after the Letterman show. The Letterman show starts at 8pm sharp, and doors for the Chris Cornell show open at 8:30pm. So I guess the Letterman show won’t be as long as I had hoped… 45 minutes if we’re lucky…

  • Deviate

    Glad he’s actually raising money for a good cause and not Obama.

  • tycobb667

    ^ Yeah cuz Obama is the devil right Deviate? lol …Political comments on this blog always crack up…

  • Jack Irons

    And you wonder why bands don’t play the south…

  • Deviate

    No, because quite frankly the Obama campaign didn’t need anymore funding. While money could be better spent helping people recover from the destruction caused by a hurricane.

    So way to be a complete imbecile with your infantile Obama worshipping comment.


    I think its rather interesting and hypocritical for Mr. Chris Cornell, to be performing at this hurricane relief show, because of his biased views about President Obama ignoring the hurricane victims right after it happened a week ago , but yet Chris Cornell was very quick to write about President Bush not handling Hurricane Katrina well on one of Audioslaves songs : Wide Awake , so Chris might of gotten his wish fulfilled and helped Obama win relection in 2012 , but the sad truth is, Chris is only helping to promote a selfish idiotic president who doesnt care about the hurricane victims or terrorists victims like the ones in libya, WHATS YOUR OPINION ON THIS?

  • Robert

    I am so glad he doing that because that was devastating storm. Alot people lost homes in the area.


    No Chris Cornell is a fucking hypocrite when it comes to his choice of political support. On one hand, hes trying to do charity work and help the hurricane Sandy victims , while totally ignoring the fact that our newly relected president Obama is not helping fast enough, but yet to Chris Cornell, thats acceptable, however back in 2006 , when he was in Audioslave, he decided to talk shit about President Bush durin the hurricane Katrina mess down in New Orleans in a song called Wide Awake, so why the double standard in politics and music??

  • Jack Irons

    There’s a big difference between how the two storms have been handled.

    SONICGARDEN is a clown!!