New Fuse interview with Soundgarden members Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd.

  • BillyL

    Ben just seems like the coolest guy. Mellow. And I want that background as my livingroom wallpaper!

  • John Arivmia

    “If you look at decades of rock from the 50’s until now, seems like the 80’s were the only decade where most of what was successful didn’t resonate to later decades”
    – Chris Cornell Interview.

    I have been of the opinion for a while that a lot of the rock/guitar based music of the 80’s has done a lot of harm to the genre which in particular is being felt now. By the late 80’s hip-hop seriously started to make its prescence felt commercially which on the whole was edgier, fresher, more aggressive and more rooted in reality than the rock scene during that time which had become lacking in creativity and just another form of light entertainment. Jay Z recently stated that Nirvana halted hip-hops rise –

    “It was weird because hip-hop was becoming this force, then grunge music stopped it for one second, ya know? Those ‘hair bands’ were too easy for us to take out; when Kurt Cobain came with that statement it was like, ‘We got to wait awhile.'”

    For me, Rock lost its way in the 80’s, and in particular guitar playing, which went from high level creativity in the 70’s to just another prop to pose around with in the 80’s, which has turned a lot of people off of the creative possibilities of the instrument (despite some great work being done since, especially by the likes of Radiohead in the 90’s) and rock has struggled to regain it’s creativity and aggression since, leaving the door wide open for edgier more aggressive artists of different genres to deplete the audience share and make rock music a far less culturally important genre.

    One band that took the fight to Hip-hop in the early and mid-nineties, Soundgarden, have a new album out in a few days, there aren’t any Black Hole Sun style hits on the record, but what it is, is a highly original, diverse, challenging creative work that deserves recognition, and I would particularly recommend to musicans who are interested in exploring the creative possibilities of what can be done within a 4 piece rock band.

  • Mark

    Mister Arivmia just wrote the most educated, well thought-out comment I’ve seen on Grunge Report.

    Two thumbs up.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    the 80’s were a terrible decade of music. But from those ashes came alot of the bands we love. The 2000’s were also very sparse and whats funny is that once again, those same bands (sg,aic,pj) that revolted against the Poisons and Bon Jovis are the only ones still trying to keep rock music intelligent again.

    The sad part is that from the year 2000 on, i don’t think there’s even a handful of bands that i listen to. Muse and Chevelle did start at very end of 90’s so i can’t even count them.

    Cornell is a very intelligent guy, and i’d love to see him do a long interview just discussing music, not just his contribution to it.

  • Greg

    Actually the only thing about the ’80s that was any good was the guitar playing. Everyone except Poison had a really good guitar player in the band. Y’know, not that I’m into that music. Or anything like that.

  • Spoonman

    do we have full download for king animal yet? i only have tracks 1-5