Chris Cornell’s Brother Is Being ‘Threatened’ And ‘Bullied’


Chris Cornell’s brother Peter Cornell wrote the following last night.


Through Social Media I’ve connected with thousands of you. I’ve discovered my brother belonged to the world and the world is as devastated as I am. You have supported me through my grief with your kindness. EVERYTHING I’ve written or presented has been for the purpose of reciprocating that kindness as we honor the memory of my brother.

Our push-up/suicide prevention awareness messages have connected us in such a meaningful and loving way, allowing us a platform to have a conversation about the stigma associated with suicide. So many of us have been touched by this tragedy. So many.

It’s difficult to imagine this path of healing has generated detractors. Bullies. I am being bullied, emotionally and as of today, threatened. Bullied to change the narrative of this awareness message. Change the message or just drop it entirely. It has reached a point where my own mental health, my sobriety and the safety of my family are at risk. And this bullying is coming from a place I never could have imagined.

I’m going to remove myself from Social Media at this time. I implore you to continue the conversation. Continue the push-ups. Continue to break through this stigma and heal. When the push-ups are finished start again with sit-ups or squats or anything that keeps the momentum going.

From the bottom of my still broken heart, THANK YOU for the way you loved my brother. Thank you for the way you honor him now.

See you around.


Below was Peter Cornell’s final push up challenge post to raise suicide prevention awareness from the prior day:

I think it’s important that we expand our awareness to include the relationship between suicide, substance abuse and depression. There is a direct correlation between the three. 1 in 3 people who take their own life suffer from substance abuse issues. As written in Psychology Today, “many people abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.”

Please talk to someone you trust — a doctor, friend, family, clergy.

Day #11 — Suicide Prevention. #BeThe1To

The World Health Organization reports 800,000 suicides per year worldwide.

Join me to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

23 pushups a day for23 days and challenge 23 friends.

Maybe we can help spare another family the devastation. #BeThe1To / 800-273-8255

Copy and paste this message and film/post your pushups.

Join me to raise awareness.