Chris Cornell Lawsuit Details How He Obtained Drugs Like Oxycontin


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Vicky Cornell’s lawsuit against Dr. Robert Koblin and his office staff alleges how Chris Cornell obtained drugs like Ativan and Oxycodone (better known by the Oxycontin brand), and the specific date he began taking Ativan, just before the release of his final album Higher Truth in September 2015. No specifics are given about Cornell’s use of Oxycodone, outside of that he was ‘prescribed various doses.’ Cornell allegedly received the drugs via prescriptions that were filled by Koblin’s non-physician staff who were ‘unsupervised’ by the doctor via phone and online. Alternative Nation had a chance

“Defendant Robert Koblin, M.D., started prescribing Lorazepam (brand name Ativan) to Chris Cornell on September 9, 2015.”

“He also prescribed various doses of Oxycodone.”

“He did not even physically see or speak to Mr. Cornell during this period. Plaintiffs are informed and believe and thereon allege that all of the prescriptions were made by or through Dr. Koblin’s non-physician staff unsupervised by him through an electronic on-line computerized system or by calls to various pharmacies.”

“Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that in his treatment of Chris Cornell Dr. Koblin permitted non-physician members of his office staff to utilize his name as the ‘prescribing physician’ to order hundreds of doses of Lorazepam for Mr. Cornell without any medical indication, ongoing or patient evaluation.”

The lawsuit appeared to already be in the works as early as early May 2018, according to part of the documentation.

“Decedent, Chris Cornell, was 52 years old when he died on May 18, 2017. A notice pursuant Code of Civil Procedure section 364 was sent to all known defendants on May 3, 2018. A tolling agreement extending the statue of limitations to November 13, 2018, was entered into by all parties thru their respective counsel.”

  • el

    uh, drugs ‘LIKE’ oxy ?????

    no oxy in system.

    not a story.


  • makingconnections

    I wish we didn’t have to know all of this, if it’s even true.

    The thing is that personal responsibility is involved and it isn’t addressed at all in these conversations. If Chris seriously relapsed, he would have found a way.

    Why do his children need to live with all of these stories? From the moment he passed on they have lived with turmoil, it’s too large a portion of their childhood and a time of grieving.

    • Danielle

      Totally agree with everything you said makingconnections.

  • Kay B

    Again, why was this not concerning to Vicky in the prior 20 months he was given these drugs? I don’t believe she just found out his prescriptions and who gave them to him last week. Why was all of this not concerning before his death to her?

    • Danielle

      I totally agree with everything you wrote.

  • QTPI40

    She has no case. While Ativan is recommended for use for only a few weeks, there are patients that benefit from long term therapy. The Dr wasn’t prescribing excessive doses. The dosage of 2mg q12 hrs in a perfectly acceptable dose. Now if he was getting high doses of the med it may be different but he was not.

  • QTPI40

    And again I will quote from one of her previous cases where she was suing a lawyer, “Vicky Cornell uses litigation as a means to fund her lavish lifestyle”.

  • ellie

    And how does she know this???? Why didn’t she stop it?

    • Mud

      Do you know nothing about addicts? Stop him, that’s a good one.

  • Sherrie Gorthy

    Like I’ve said before. She just wants money and fame. What drugs DOSE she take. Has anyone checked her out. She has not let Chris in peace. She has tried to go after anything or anyone. He hung up on her. He didn’t want to talk to her. I think the life with her was getting to him. Many people including myself at one time was prescribed these meds for A long period of time. All she is about is money. From however she can get I ahhh she might have to go to work like normal people. And she keeps dragging his CHILDERN into it.that is just wrong. Look at suicide prevention. Don’t blame it on someone else. Or something else. She should look at herself she looks like a drug addict herself. SHE IS FULL OF GUILT OF WHAT HAPPEN TO SUCH GREAT ARTIST. why didn’t she help him 20 months ago. When he needed it.

    • Danielle

      Exactly why did she not help him out in the prior twenty months, when he needed it the most.

  • Intoxicated Withfear

    Is Vicky telling word by word what to say..,This is not reporting work at all…Ask her since she was the WIFE she didn’t help Him,what is her excuse why they was kno help from her and Her mother,NOW they wont shut up..

  • Death Punch

    The doctor did meet with Chris. Look at page 7 of docs & you will see that she said the doctor DID meet with Chris WHEN HIS DRUG COUNSELOR REFERRED CHRIS TO DOCTOR.

    There was no oxy in his system to even justify that allegation, especially when she CAN’T PROVE THAT DOCTOR & STAFF FILLED PRESCRIPTION WITHOUT DOCUMENTING IT. If they didn’t document it how would she know that was happening?

    He would have been exhibiting any suicidal behaviors before he left, but he didn’t. didn’t have massive amounts of meds in him. There was nothing in his stomach to even prove pills were given after show. He took them as directed.

    And wouldn’t there be negligence on her part as well? She had someone else be in charge of administering the pills to him. Doesn’t seem like a agreement between Doc & Chris to have someone else dispense meds to maintain Chris’s sobriety. She let BG dispense meds. As if she knew a problem may have been developing? She didn’t get him help to “save him”, instead just sent him out on tour with a babysitter?

  • Mud

    The hate for Vicky is just silly. She’s 100% right. He was prone to seeking relief in drugs, and he easily found “Doctors” with no souls, who would give him all he wanted. I do believe even the abuse of Ativan, could lead to suicidal ideations. The stuff is highly addictive and prone to abuse. I’m with you 100%, the only conspiracy is the one the professional drug dealer “Doctor” was involved in. Chris, more than most could empathize with his fellow humans, he understood how life is, for us on the fringes. So, he would be the first to say, he wasn’t special in regards to drug abuse. Your average Jane and Joe are getting pushed ‘pins and worse, and dying every day from it. So, fight for justice for Chris, and all the Janes and Joes, who’s stories will never be known.

  • Tara McGavan

    Desparation for a headline! Fck u Brett and vicky k!