Chris Cornell’s Mother-In-Law Opens Up About Ex-Wife Meeting With Soundgarden


An Instagram account recently shared a picture of Kim Thayil, Jack Endino, Stuart Hallerman, Matt Cameron, Hiro Yamamoto, and Susan Silver at dinner following Chris Cornell’s funeral last year. The caption attempted to stir trouble and paint the picture as showing that they chose to be with Susan over Chris’ widow Vicky, despite the fact that they were eating dinner at an event that Vicky and many others were also at.

Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis commented, “Mrs Cornell was mourning her soulmate! And meet w friends and relatives! An x didn’t know anyone so was sitting w ppl she knew and smile take photos! Why not! Vicky was mourning and speaking to ppl who came to support her ! And as u know there were many.”

Stuart Hallerman commented, “That photograph was taken by my phone. I am in it center left. That moment was the highlight of a very tough day. The surviving bandmembers had moments before spoken about playing music together.

Everybody paid proper respect to Vicky and the family.

This is obviously a photograph of a single moment. It was a very very long day with many deep heartfelt interactions.

We all love Chris too, do not diminish that with your words and thoughts, please.”

  • makingconnections

    Please Mrs. K. Let this be over.

    • Rita

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  • Olga Stewart

    It had to have been a very emotionally difficult day for all involved.

    So I am glad that some of these people were able to find both comfort and support from each other.

  • Tara McGavan

    This site needs to be boycotted by C.C. Fans !! Shameless the nerve to use the obvious exploitation of his staged suicide is disgusting….karma Will be 3 fold onto the greedy desperate betrayers….twisted sick minds! Get a life, you used his enough!

    • DiDi Girl21

      4REAL — w/out our man Chris — what will they ever do now??!?

  • Kay B

    I like how she calls her an “x”. That is just brilliant.

    • DiDi Girl21

      Susan was there from day one…Bandmates and Genuine fans know what’s real…
      NoClass 👎

      • Cristiann

        “Susan was there from day one” — no offense, but what does that have to do with anything?? I’m tired of reading these types of comments. It’s like people have either completely forgotten (or are completely unaware of) some of the crazy things that happened after her and Chris’ relationship ended.

        But I do agree that the MIL has no class here. I really wish she would stop attacking people this way.

        • DiDi Girl21

          No def have not forgotten, been following CC since 89.
          It’s ALL just discipable, Soooooo far from any part of Chris’s spirit ☄
          I pray he’s humming 🎵🎶🎵out any evilness down here.

    • Linda Harris

      That “x” happens to be the mother of his beloved daughter. I find the defensiveness of his “2” wifes mother strange and curious.

      • Kay B

        I know who the X is. But she is more than just a letter in the alphabet.

        • Cristiann

          Every word written by the MIL on social media just makes me cringe inside. Susan wasn’t just a random ex girlfriend — she was his ex wife and the mother of his first child — so of course, it was right for her to be at the funeral. Obviously, Chris and Susan had a lot of problems (many people here seem to forget about all the drama that went down between them after their divorce), but they were still an important part of each other’s lives at some point. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for the MIL to show some civility.

          • Kay B

            Susan wasn’t perfect. I get that. But look how the mother went off on Vedder for not going to the funeral. Gee I wonder why. Talinda has shown some real grace compared to others.

          • Cristiann

            Well, of course no one is perfect. We’re all flawed human beings who screw up and hurt people sometimes. That being said, though … not being “perfect” isn’t an excuse for any wrong doings. But anyway, I agree that there is no justification for the MIL’s horrible behavior. It’s all inexcusable to me.

            Eddie was one of Chris’ best friends — just because he (for whatever reason) didn’t go to the funeral, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t care and it was wrong for the MIL to publicly go off on him like that. Eddie must of had his reasons (I think he was also on a solo tour when everything happened) and everyone grieves in different ways. She shouldn’t so judgmental.

            Yes, Talinda has certainly shown more class and maturity compared to a lot of other people. Although, it seems like she’s been dealing with her own share of drama with Chester’s ex. That’s another messed up situation too.

          • Kay B

            Yes Chester’s ex is a bit coo coo as well.

  • Melissa McLaughlin

    Obviously an uncomfortable tension is in the air, if you & your significant others ex are in the same space. That being said, when @ a funeral/memorial, everyone should leave every grievances at the door LIKE RESPECTFUL, CIVIL ADULTS. Those two always starting drama, boy.

    • matt

      Well said – but it’s difficult to find respectful, civil adults online and in D.C….

  • Renée Lynn

    Hallerman told granny to take several seats. She’s gross and really should get off SM

  • Cristiann

    Honestly, I just … I just CAN NOT with this woman (the mother in law) anymore. I can’t understand why in the world she continues to acts this way. Why can’t she just keep these thoughts to herself? Why does she have to demonize these people for simply taking a picture? They all must’ve cared about Chris (at some point or another) otherwise they wouldn’t have gone to pay their respects at the funeral. The MIL needs to stop acting like she and her family were the only ones who actually loved him.

  • QTPI40

    Didn’t your granddaughter JUST write a post regarding the hurt cyber bullying causes? Y’all have been bullying Susan every since Vicky seduced her husband. Susan is an extremely intelligent, beautiful woman, who is adored and respected by so many. And Vicky sure did seem to be all smiles at the funeral. Anyone can google the funeral photos and see that. I can see why y’all are jealous of Susan, but that does not give you the right to bully her. Take your own granddaughters advice. She seems to be more mature than you.

  • Olga Stewart

    Since I promised to no longer say anything negative about Vicky and her family, then I will type this: :(.

  • Olga Stewart

    But every time I see a photo of Chris, I think “You should still be here with us.”

    Then I think about his children, his own family, his bandmates, his friends (particularly those who also passed on), and his fans.

    Which then makes me realize that Peter was correct when he said something along the lines of that his brother meant the world to the world.

    And that just makes me all the sadder about this.