In a new interview with Rockpalast, Soundgarden members Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd had the following to say.

-Ben on when he knew Soundgarden was back, “When I was hitchhiking a ride to meet Chris and the guys at Chris’ hotel in downtown Seattle, I smirked and went yeah here we go, we’re going to be in the same room, it’s going to be cool.”

-Soundgarden could have reunited sooner, but they couldn’t get in a room together. Chris said he knew they were back once they did that and enjoyed spending time together.

-when asked about Soundgarden’s future plans, Chris Cornell said the most exciting thing is thinking about what the next Soundgarden song will sound like.

-Chris mentioned that with 13 new songs, the dynamic of Soundgarden’s live shows will change. He expects the songs to develop a life of their own as live songs.

  • Spoonman

    holy shit that is awesome. hopefully they record a follow up to King Animal


    Actually Soundgarden , according to have recorded 20 new tracks for their follow up to King Animal, the name of the new album will be called Sonic War, heres the track listings:

    1) Sonic War
    2) Alpha Punk
    3) Revoltage
    4) Evil Kinevil
    5) Police Radio
    6) Witchcraft
    7) Soul Justice
    8) Coal Mine Fucker
    9) Bridge To Nowhere
    10) Gasoline Mad
    11) Can’t Complain
    12) Earths Gravity
    13) Bitch On Fire
    14) Storm Blues
    15) Motorcity Bastard
    16) Blueberry Frog Jam
    17) War Drums
    18) Jacked Up
    19) Marching Orders
    20) Zero Hour

    They have finished the demos and now are in post production and mixing, the new album Sonic War should be ready for release in March 2014. Stayed Tuned for more information on Soundgarden.

  • Krist Chris Cantrell

    As if anyone would believe that post. It’s too bad we can’t shoot trolls.

  • Kaz

    Going to the Shepherds Bush Empire this evening to see them. Me and 1,500 lucky people! – Today will be the longest day at work!!

  • Big M

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Coal Mine fucker. That one is my fave!

  • SuperSG


  • wolf

    It´s so weird. Why even come to this page if you only want to troll? Why bother? Why dont just sit at home alone and think bad thoughts about grunge?
    It´s the same thing as going to a page for soccer, with the only purpose to write that soccer sucks. I mean… why?!?!

  • Yo

    Why do you people care so much?!?!? It’s just some guy fucking around, yet it brings out the most emotional response as if he’s harassing your child or something. I think that track listing it particularly funny compared to the usual comments made by Mayan or whoever.

  • Rob

    Anyone know the soundgarden presale password for the tour?

  • bon3z

    Rob: the password is “stinky grandma’s balls”

  • Rob

    bon3z, that did not work? Do you think capitalization and spacing might be my problem? maybe it is B@lls?

    too many options to know for sure

  • Deviate

    I thought the password was “M@y@n L1k3s L@rg3 Ob3ct$ Up H1s A$$h0le”


    :) im glad you all like my future soundgarden song listings , but some of you will laugh and others will bitch about the mayan god, it dont matter. Because Soundgarden are seriously considering how they should produce their next album, and guess what?? Sources close to Universal Music , which is the parent company of A&M , Soundgardens old label, have talked about considering a fan based rock album and so far, my ideals have been submitted to Soundgarden and Chris Cornell has given me personal feedback. Hes likes the ideal and wants to name the next album: Sonic War, now as for the song titles, he only likes some of the songs i have suggested like : Coal Mine Fucker, Revoltage, Sonic War, Witchcraft, Blue berry Frog Jam and Soul Justice! So im very happy to see this happen soon :)