Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has shot back at Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan in a new interview with ABC News Radio. A few months ago, Corgan said Soundgarden’s reunion was a cash grab.

Cornell told ABC News Radio the following, “When Billy Corgan was completely broke, I got him a movie deal with [director] Cameron Crowe where he made $40,000. He was very happy about that, and he was specifically happy about the $40,000. So next time you see him, tell him owes me my $40,000 back.”

  • windowpane

    ah ahah ah… TEAM CORNELL here.

  • Nate

    Why would Billy Corgan say that? And what did he consider it when he had no solo career happening and he decided to put Smashing Pumpkins back together? Was that NOT a “cash grab”?

  • Nate

    I’m sorry, but I never really liked Billy Corgan. And I’m not the biggest Soundgarden fan, or anything. But this was a very tool-ish thing of Corgan to say. Lol. Seriously… Was putting Pumpkins back together not all about the money? I would say moreso than a Soundgarden reunion. What a jerk.

  • max

    nate, its best not to even question why billy corgan does what he does, it might stem back to him getting enough attention as a child.

  • Lennart


  • max

    We should all pool our money together and pay billy corgan to keep his opinions to himself from now on. It really makes me hate his music, what a little bitch

  • Hailey



  • Fred Bacon

    Billy is a sick man, let’s pray for him.

  • Mark

    Too Funny…Thanks for bringing a smile to my otherwise boring afternoon at work! Cornell is Great!

  • danilo gatti


  • john

    I’d be on Cornell if he could write good music…Sadly he can’t. You know who can? BILLY CORGAN

  • john

    Cornell’s side

  • fred

    So cornell feels giving BC a role in the movie soundtrack gives him the right to take 100% of the money BC made by doing it? What a douchebag. He shall go make another shitty record with Timbaland….or another shitty album like King animal.

  • chris

    Nice story. At least we got “Drown” out of it…

  • Khp

    Hey Brett, Alice In Chains will play Rock In Rio next year with Metallica headlining their day.

    There are also rumours for Soundgarden in May. Brazil is going to get Pearl Jam, Alice and Soundgarden in 2013. That’s freaking amazing.

  • Dennis

    So now we know how Smashing Pumpkins poisoned the “Singles” soundtrack I guess. It would’ve been just fine, and even better, without track #13.

  • Cody

    @Fred…. You do realize that was complete sarcasm, right? lol Billy Faggot Corgain is the shittiest of them all.

  • Is he one?

    I love Billy. I also love Chris but because of all the a-holes that are commenting on here, I choose to affirm myself as TEAM CORGAN.

    He’s the best songwriter covered on this site and the only artist that I find truly entertaining in interviews.

    Chris is cool, he’s an icon, but he is very very boring.

  • Is he one?

    I’d fucking want Chris and Billy to make peace. Don’t you all forget that Cornell first attacked Billy by saying SP’s reunion isn’t legitimate. Billy is sensitive about that. TEAM CORGAN. (If I must choose a fucking side).

  • Jordan

    Cornell is a tool, and knows Billy is the most prolific songwriter of his generation. SP’s music will still mean something to many in 20 years, Soundgarden’s will not, its really that simple.

    Many kids started playing music because of SP, knowone is inspired by Soundgarden. We’ll, some meat heads are..

  • *burps*

    @Is he one?

    The difference is Chris is an introvert, Baldy Corgain is an attention whore.

  • Crazies

    Corgantroll got fucking OWNED!

  • Is he one?

    Oh and by the way “Drown” is better than ANY songs from Soundgarden. And I LOVE Soundgarden. So the merit for the said 40 000$ goes to no one else but Billy and his band at the time.

  • Is he one?


    What is that supposed to be a point, an argument? I’m impressed.

  • *burps*

    @Is he one?

    You’re an attention whore as well, making so many comments.


  • Dennis


    Idiotic statement. Kim Thayil is one of my biggest inspirations on guitar.

    Hell, go read the latest issue of revolver. Even the great Kurt Cobain was influenced by SG.

    I don’t know why I am even wasting my time with someone who thinks “knowone” is a word and, “We’ll, some meat heads are..” is proper use of a contraction.

  • spifftastic sex

    Who cares…neither has written an awesome song in a decade..fuck them both


    soundgarden and smashing pumpkins were both great bands but now in 2012 soundgarden are the better band

    chris cornell is a better singer
    billy corgan is a better gutarist/song writer
    soundgarden still make good music
    smashing pumpkins(or the billy corgan show)hasn’t made a good song since 1995

  • B.Jay

    Why do I get the feeling that we’ll probably soon see a pic of Corgan and Cornell chatting and laughing like good ol buddies, making us that pay too much attention 2 all dis BS look like idiots…


    Knockout! Cornell wins big. Corgan gets owned, like the beyatch that she is.

  • Shayla

    I don’t really think anyone cares, but this is really petty of Cornell, especially considering he’s the one who first blindsided Corgan when he dissed SP. Friends don’t do stuff like that.

  • dakotablue

    Team Layne here–the best singer and songwriter, and a beautiful man.

  • Elle

    Chris said it right, it’s time for billy to pay up!! :)

  • _SuperUnknowN_

    ¡¡¡In your face Charlie Brown!!!

  • Mia

    Jeeze, this just keeps going on and on. Better picture though now, pretty funny. They should both just give up talking about one another.

  • Marley

    Ooh! TEAM CORNELL FOR ME! I love those photoshopped photos Bret! Keep up with them because they’re hilarious. But what team are you on? Cornell or Corgan?

  • Ten

    Corgan never did fundraisers for politicians, so you know who the bigger turd here is. Even so, who cares? Just because Cornell’s an a-hole doesn’t mean a damn thing about his ability as a musician. Both of these guys are great songwriters and the rest doesn’t matter.

  • chrisothoulos

    Billy is just saying he doesnt want to be a band that comes back and only plays old hits. Thats what he meant by cash grab. He wants to be an artist who evolves and makes new music..Just isnt a fan of old bands doing nothing new but just getting paid from old stuff..
    Billy should stop saying these things tho.

  • NDB

    So that’s why the Cornell’s didn’t get to pay their maid properly…

  • Superfuzz

    I agree.

    What Billy is saying has its merits.

  • Douche Teabag

    All I know is Cornell looks ripped in that photo of him and Billy in the ring on this article.

  • Search and Destroy

    Didn’t all this shit between the two bands originally start w/ Kim making fun of Corgan’s super tight superman tee shirt at a festival way back?

  • Search and Destroy

    Ok not quite .. Found the article w / Corgan and Kim just skim thru it..pretty funny

  • Philip

    “Cornell is a tool”
    – Wrong.

    “SP’s music will still mean something to many in 20 years, Soundgarden’s will not, its really that simple.”
    -Also dead wrong.

    “Many kids started playing music because of SP, knowone is inspired by Soundgarden.”
    -Couldn’t be more wrong. Soundgarden’s sound is not easy to duplicate/ replicate. That’s why no one has. Smashing Pumpkins is easy however.

    How is it possible to be so wrong so many times in one thread post? Jordan? The fuck are you thinking?

  • andrew

    Billy Corgan is a better guitar player and songwriter than anyone in SoundGarden.

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    Said no one ever!

  • Southern Discomfort

    They BOTH suck ass…
    Who cares ?

  • SuperSG

    Why r u on this site if you think SG and SP sucks ass? Theyre better than any alt. bands besides thier Grunge Counterparts, therefore you have no argument. Give in or go away you Troll Jr.

  • lilrockable

    “They BOTH suck ass… Who cares?”. Exactly who are you trying to impress by saying this? You look like a fucking idiot by posting this shit, and if you honestly think Cornell, or Corgan suck ass than you have rocks in your head

  • Iso

    hey Southern Discomfort- MAYAN CALENDAR’s cock is halfway up your asshole. Now you’re gonna hafta bend over ‘just so’, so that slim jim of his can get all the way up your fun canal. So shut that sloppy jizz hole of yours you fuck troll.

  • DownUnderTheUpside

    ROFl!!! well spoken ‘lso’!!!

  • Mark

    “Cornell is a tool, and knows Billy is the most prolific songwriter of his generation. SP’s music will still mean something to many in 20 years, Soundgarden’s will not, its really that simple.

    Many kids started playing music because of SP, knowone is inspired by Soundgarden. We’ll, some meat heads are..”

    This is, by far, the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read on this website.

  • Oaresome

    The song ‘Drown’ is easily worth 40k.

  • RebelFighter101

    I dont need no constipation…all I need is some medical attention…

  • Is he one?

    This is stupid. I love both bands and this is silly. We are silly for giving it attention.

  • John

    Cornell is the biggest tool and poser in modern music.

    -”Rock is dead..blah blah”
    -Makes Scream, a electro hip hop album because rock isnt popular anymore. (Corgan never released something as bad as Scream,)
    -Oh shit fans didnt like Scream
    -Reform Soundgarden because he will rawk again
    -Do live shows for 2 fucking years playing greatest hits (aka cashgrab)
    -Makes a dull record with Soundgarden


    -Makes futureembrace
    -Fans want him to reform pumpkins
    -Reforms Pumpkins by doing a new album (no cash grab greatest hits tour)
    -Tour the album
    -Create the teargarden Project and gived away the song for….FREE (unlike Chris ”cashgrab” Cornell)
    -Makes Oceania
    -Tour Oceania playing only a few hits per show (he doesnt even play 1979 most of the shows)

    It’s clear who’s a tool and who’s not. The last 3 or 4 years show how money hungry Cornell is. Does he cares about the music? Most likely not or else he wouldn’t have released Scream.

  • Jake

    That’s the greatest picture ever!!

  • Is he one?

    @John You are spot on my friend. I can’t believe SG fans would want to bring that issue on the table. Not at their advantage.

  • Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    You know I’ve been thinking about Billy’s constant shit talking and something occurred to me. This is a dude obsessed with professional wrestling, which is full of trash talkers. I think he is a little too INTO it and fancies himself of the same cloth. Perhaps he thinks this is good for keeping his name in the press, but it is just sad.

  • Grungiegrunge

    I mean whats going on here? We already know Billy isnt a good person! He only use ppl, like he did with his”friend” Kurt…. CL & Billy were cheating him on. So what can we expect now? he used Chris too! so Billy has what he deserves… remember you get what you give! so he will recive shit! TEAM CORNELL! Cornell always was alive in music industry, bad or not he is still alive rocking his ass! but Billy not! he is a dead man. He need attetion, like CL the always are messing all around with bullshit!

  • CC

    Billy is starving LOL! Cornell u are the best! Team Cornell!

  • SuperSG

    John, sorry for always poking at what you have to say, I only do that because you usually say it like it is and I agree or you say something pretty out there…that was pretty out there if Oceania was better than King Animal…of course its all a matter of opinion, but it when you posted your opinion there, it seemed as though you try to indoctrinate it.

  • Alternadude

    Oceania is definitely better than King Animal.

    Team Corgan.

  • SuperSG


  • Dave

    LMAO – CORNELL RULES – what a great story…Cornell is way more of a talent than Billy, actually im sure Billy wish he all the musical gifts Cornell has…

  • Jenkins

    Regardless of who said what, or who’s right, anyone who says that Cornell is a better musician than Corgan is on crack. It’s not even close. Cornell has a better voice, but the dude can’t write a song.

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