Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell discussed the band’s reunion in a new interview with the Chicago Tribune:

“I never thought it was inevitable, mainly because I think you never know. After we split up, I wasn’t gonna be the guy who said, “We’re never getting back together,” because I’d seen so many guys do that and have to eat (their words). I felt very open about it. Anything could happen. The only thing that was an obstacle in my mind was it would take all four of us unanimously to do it, and there’s always a chance that one person might not want to do it. And if that’s the case, then it’s not going to happen, because we were never gonna be any version of Soundgarden other than these four people. It wasn’t a “yes” or “no” until we got back in a room together, and then it was a matter of our comfort level. … I don’t want to second-guess fate, because I’m really happy with where we’re at and what we’re doing creatively, so I think that maybe it was the perfect thing that happened. But I also feel that maybe it could have happened earlier too.”

  • Ben

    Dam right it could have happened earlier… but I won’t hold that against them! I’m just glad they are back and happy making new music and touring.

  • consi

    ‘Earlier’? Really? When? When he was recording ‘Scream’ with Timbaland in 2009?

  • puzzz

    thats what im sayin, they all got trapped in a room, and chris is like how can we all be in the same room and just not be a band again and the sucker fuckers started jamming bones of birds right there

  • gsush

    If you read the above, you must watch this–_rz1dHbIk

  • warriorwoman25

    I love CC’s Scream album. I just listened to it at work yesterday and had a co-worker ask me who it was. They liked the sound of it! It is my belief that people who DIDN’T like Scream …. just have no rhythm and can’t dance! :) You have to admit, Scream did make an impact. People either loved it or hated it …. (and are STILL talking about it to date!!!)

  • SuperSG

    Hahaha I guess that’s true!

  • Pete

    Scream is actually pretty good. Hell, at least it was new Chris Cornell songs. And live, with a rock band backing – the alum was even better!