In a new interview with CNN Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell had the following to say about Soundgarden and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, “We formed in 1984, eight years before the world knew what Seattle was,” Cornell said. “I’m just waiting for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame to call up and say, ‘Here’s your induction.’ We can do it for the 30th anniversary, I suppose.”

Soundgarden should be eligible for the Hall of Fame come 2014 since their debut album Ultramega OK was released in October 1988. They’ll be the first of the big Seattle bands to be eligible.

  • Athif

    Soundgarden rocks. They are always one of my favorite.

  • Scott McLean

    Nirvana should have been in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 before Kurt died. Or at least they should have been in by the year 1999 which is ten years after their first album. The R&RHofF rules don’t have any connection to reality, and it’s ridiculous that non rock bands get in their before Kiss. I mean, c’mon, is their in thinking really applied to tho decisions? Just wondering. Nirvana have been in much faster, and of course I have no problem with Soundgarden being in too because they deserve it. So do Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and some other bands.

  • Scott McLean

    I meant is there any thinking really being applied in their decisions.

  • MacKeena

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is a fucking stupidity, I don’t care a shit if they are not inducted (I mean ‘never’), that’s a stupid club of money, everyone know who are the greatest musicians and music band, you don’t have to belong to a stupid club to show that you are a fucking legend in music history.

    I said.

  • Malikarcanum
  • Dennis


    Funny Stuff

    MaKeena, report to English class immediately.

  • Megamania

    Wow, does this sound arrogant/cocky to anyone else, or does the mighty Soundgarden get a pass?

  • Mia

    It does sound pretty cocky when you look at some of the crap artists that have been inducted if Soundgarden doesn’t get inducted then R&R Hall of Fame doesn’t mean much when they don’t recognize talent like that.

  • BillyL

    “Hey man, you know what we should do? We should start a hall of fame for rock music.”


    It’s that easy. It means nothing.

  • John

    ”They’ll be the first of the big Seattle bands to be eligible.”

    1986 – Screaming Trees – Clairvoyance

  • samtam

    It is stupidity.
    MAdonna was inducted n 2008, but Deep Purple is being nominated for FIRST time in 2013? I mean they were pioneers of Rock n Roll who influenced millions of rock n metal bands.
    Iron maiden, kiss, judas priest, lizzy, rush … list goes on… of classic rock bands who are not inducted… They probably dont give shit about stupid hall of fame anyways.
    Soundgarden is awesome rock band who gave us one of the most beautiful albums of new decade. So dont feel bad if they dont give you call, you guys already are a rock legend.