Chris Cornell’s Mother-In-Law Rips ‘Evil And Greed’ Surrounding Dead Person


Photo credit: Kevin Westenberg

Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis discussed why ‘self-promotion has no place’ when a person has died in a new Instagram comment.

“Evil and greed ,self promotion on a dead person has no place! His wife kids is who counts ,as in all families!! Uncles cousins aunts they are there to support u and walk away in peace! If possible! There is nothing else to do except go home and leave the family to grieve in peace! As my family did!

Flew ,stayed and left went home ! Keep in touch as always to ask if we need anything and that’s it! No cries on demand no videos to explore! They have pride!Greeks we have pride compassion and no theatrics! Only his wife and his 3 kids can do! No other!”

Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis wrote a new tribute post on Instagram:

“If I can bring back time! When u left and kiss me goodbye as always, i asked u! Should I come w you maybe? U said u will hate it there is not what u like to be, plus I will see u Monday in Denver! Well Monday never came time stop since that awful night! Nothing is the same!

Me the strong one, afraid of nothing that can stop me ,ready to fight the world anytime someone try to hurt u… or fan and u always said do what u like ,say what u like ,it’s ok w me and u smile! U gave me so much confidence like wasn’t enough what I already had! So I open my mouth as always and as Nicholas say no filter! Nope never! Hurt me !I’m ok w it but not my kids! I cry like never before! My heart broke in to a million pieces! But I will defend u til the day I die! My son my boy my Christopher bec u were so special so loving to me to us !

One question I have ! I have an appointment w the doctor in two days! Christopher who’s going to take me??? I never went to any doctor without u ! or be the same without you??I try to stand up for the kids but so hard now that u not here today! It’s ok let’s go out w the kids u will feel better! Well I don’t ! Never I will! I love you my golden son! This video was just so devastating watching it! The world cries for u my son! And I cry w them! #legend #icon #rockgod #bestdadever #chriscornell Only one voice like yours ! No other!”

  • Allison Auld

    “No theatrics” Is she kidding?? She is either the least self-aware person, like, ever or I’ve just entered Bizarro World.

    • Melissa

      Right!? This is turning into the Toni comedy show.

    • Kay Leadingham

      she is evil

  • Gordon Scott Chip Page

    somebody please get her a straightjacket

  • DME

    why does Alternative Nation insist on enabling these psychopaths?

    • Sara Clu

      At least we can comment without “yiayia” boycotting! 🙄

  • Tracy West

    That family has no shame. I foresee a karma bus in their future.

  • Eric Alexander

    Is this for real?

  • PF

    Getting seriously tired of the mad ramblings of this crazy MIL now!!
    Bore off you hideous woman!!!! The true fans can see through your tirade!!
    The wife is probably using her as her mouthpiece as well.

  • John Russell

    Brett! Stop enabling this bat-shit crazy behavior by sharing her social media posts. Peter was not self-promoting his music, he was promoting suicide awareness. Brett, no one believes anything that family says. All you have to do is look at the comments here and those in response to the People magazine article.

  • Cathy

    The only one self promoting is her and her family. His friends and family are mostly silent, mourning.

  • dbeecooks

    Those poor kids………………..

    • PF

      I wish Chris’ kids nothing but the very best in life

    • Olga Stewart

      I fear for those kids, having to live with both a mother and a grandmother like that.

  • John Russelman

    The Greeks invented theater. Anyway she was his biggest fan, I don’t think that is what drove Chris nuts…He was prone to being nuts after 27 years of headbanging…

    • Donna Jones

      Biggest fan? 14 years ago they didn’t even know who he was. Clearly been living under a rock……

  • Jen Dean

    The only “self-promotion” I’ve seen is from HER and HER DAUGHTER, “his wife” who has no other identity than “his wife”. Sad. The band is quiet. His real family (mother, brother and sisters) are quiet and have only expressed ways to honor him with no financial gain. His close friends are quiet. The only people that look evil and greedy here are Toni K (mother-in-law) and Vicky (the wife).

  • Melissa

    Someone needs to take a couple Ativan.

  • Sara Clu

    And they asked for “privacy” after his passing (?!).

    • Donna Jones

      For people requesting privacy they spend a hell of a lot of time seeking publicity.

  • idleme2

    Okay, this isn’t funny. This is getting out of hand now. Poor Chris, his legacy is going to smeared by his crazy MIL.

  • Melissa Richard Schembri

    Holy Smokes…she’s delusional.

  • Ernie Jaramillo

    I understood that I would eventually get to the point where I would search CC and nothing new or current will pop up, but I still search him out of habit or hope that I will see something cool or nice about him. That MIL simply put, has no class. Nobody knew who she was and now she will always be remembered for NOT having any dignity.

    • Lorenzo Takeout

      yes, the last line of what you said plus-
      no understanding of the exclamation point.

  • Melissa

    Psychological projection much?

  • Alex F. Cornejo

    Toni Karayiannis, the Donald Trump of the Grunge scene

  • Tammy Belcher Sparks

    Geez haven’t you given enough attention to this whack job? How much is she paying you for the attention she craves? They’ve single handedly turned what should be a time of grieving for a rock legend into a two bit freak show… Smdh 😬

  • Gard
  • Olga Stewart

    Would somebody please teach her to write proper English?

    And maybe also to teach her how to speak it?

  • Lorenzo Takeout

    As tasteless and un-self aware as she may be & bizarre as it is that her daughter doesn’t stop her;
    I have to say that it should not be about “Greeks.”
    I’ve known quite a few whom are NOTHING like this intellectually lazy woman.