Chris Cornell’s Widow Reacts To Fans Claiming Death Investigation Was ‘Rushed’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky liked two tweets from fans recently about the investigation into her late husband’s May 2017 death.

Cassandra Rowe tweeted, “I feel haunted by his death. I think of him & my mind keeps reeling over & over about facts. Without knowing for certain, I still HATE what the headlines have done in reporting his death & he he died before a full investigation was done. It was rushed & I cannot rest.”

Conquistador Cubbins tweeted, “I’ve been off my Ativan 2 1/2 months. @vickycornell you’re right about what happened. I’m lucky to be here myself. Going into studio tomorrow to start. It’s real now. I sing & dance 2 @chriscornell for courage & 2 keep my lungs in shape. So much <3 to you, kids & all Chris's fans." Vicky traveled to Detroit in October to gather evidence regarding her husband's death. CBS Detroit reported at the time: “Sources at the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed to WWJ Newsradio 950 that Vicky Cornell arrived in Detroit last Friday with an entertainment attorney. They had a meeting scheduled with the Medical Examiner, but were so late that the Examiner wasn’t able to keep the appointment. The widow was able to pick up slides of microscopic tissue that were taken as evidence in the case.”

The CBS Detroit article later stated, “The ME source said Vicky Cornell has been questioning the Medical Examiner about the Ativan issue, regarding the possible effects on the singer’s state of mind — but that that’s just not the province of an ME.”

Medical Examiners ruled Cornell’s death a suicide by hanging.

Vicky also recently criticized President Donald Trump for his lack of response to a school shooting, and for his feud with Jay-Z.

“This is the 12th school shooting in 2018 in 32 days. There are so many more questions, this is a national crisis not just community and it goes way beyond what would posses a child to do this. Disturbing our President took the time to set JayZ straight but not said a word here.”

Some Republican fans engaged with Vicky on Twitter in response.

A fan named Cyndy tweeted Vicky, “Why didn’t Jay Z talk about shooting instead of disrespect POTUS? Since celebrities opinions are what really matter not POTUS, right?”

Vicky responded, “I don’t think so but clearly our current POTUS does since he’s the one who chose to take the time address JayZ but not a word on this tragic event and national crisis.”

A fan named Michael tweeted Vicky, “You of all people should know that you don’t always know what’s going on inside someone’s head.”

Vicky responded, “I certainly can understand and while kind of a low blow, I will respond. I believe that in times of national crisis and tragedy whether Dem or Rep we as people need to look to our leader, our President, for some acknowledgment, plan and hope but at the very least human decency.”

A fan named Christine tweeted Vicky, “Agreed. And now that you pointed out how many there have been this year only 32 days in is truly alarming! I support fully our second amendment right but something needs to be done. This is just too much. 💔”

Vicky responded, “”We may not all agree on what will solve the problem but no rational human being can ignore that it exists and it’s growing. Doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat , as people we owe it to our children to figure it out.”

Cyndy tweeted to Vicky, “Our current POTUS takes the time to address a lot of things. He sticks up for himself and his family just like you would. So what. MAGA#”

Vicky responded, “If I understand you correctly he addresses lots of issues just not a shooting in a middle school- ok got it! I can agree to disagree:)”

  • Olga Stewart

    Yes, the investigation was rushed.

    But no, Ativan wasn’t the reason Chris died.

    It just makes me sad that after nearly nine months, this is what some people are still believing in regards to what caused Chris’s death.

  • BranFAN

    If it was so rushed, then why did you cremate the body? Why not order a second independent autopsy? This man locked two doors and hung himself. His state of mind? We’ll never know and an ME cannot determine that, only that his death by his own hand was intentional and not accidental. Meaning, he intentionally put a noose around his neck that night. Why did he do that? We can’t ask him. The world lost an incredible talent, but please get off the investigators’ backs. If they took a long time you would probably say they were getting their stories straight and have another complaint. More than likely, they prioritized his case because of its high profile. They have probably released more information than they should have when it came to his case, tbh.

    • Kay B

      Nice comment

    • makingconnections

      Your last sentence is very truthful.

      I wish I’d never looked at the picture of Chris Cornell’s hotel room. The image haunts me.

  • Maryam

    The investigation was rushed and I still believe that there’s more to this than just a suicide. Nothing adds up, stories kept changing everyday and I’m actually glad they did all the reporting in the media so we can all see what bullshit the investigating really was. So now Vicky is worried that it was rushed but she couldn’t wait to cremate Chris so now they can’t even take a second look at his body. Then this person tweeting talking about the Ativan and Oh Vicky you are right! Please!!! The Ativan did not make Chris kill himself! I always wondered about the butalbital that was in his system but in all the pictures of his hotel room that medicine isn’t there, so where did that come from? Months later his wonderful loving wife is concerned about things being rushed. She’s not a loving wife, she loved Chris’s money and fame. She should’ve been concerned about the investigation when he died. Like I said before a loving wife would have flown to Detroit and been back on that plane to accompany Chris’s body back to LA. She wasn’t even there when his body was cremated! I haven’t seen one tear come from that woman’s eyes. She’s just another fake ass person who claims her marriage was so perfect but then when her husband passes away she blames his past addiction and tries to say I missed the signs of addiction. What addiction did he have cause he was and had been sober for a very long time. In my opinion something happened and it wasn’t suicide. I hope eventually the truth will come out and we will know what really happened. R.I.P Chris I have cried a thousand times since you were taken away from this world. All us fans have cried and for me it doesn’t stop. 😭💔