Corey Taylor & Dave Navarro Reveal How To Stay High On Cocaine For ‘Years’ And Sleep In Dumpsters


Photo credit: Noel Vasquez/ Getty Images Entertainment

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro recently interviewed Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor on his show Dark Matter. Alternative Nation transcribed their conversation about drugs.

Dave Navarro sarcastically said, “My thing now is, I’m not going to go back to smoking [cigarettes]. If I go back to anything, it’s going to be crystal meth or something.”

Corey Taylor responded, “Because who needs teeth?”

Navarro added, “I never did meth.”

Taylor said, “I was a speed kid, I did a lot of coke, a lot of crank, obviously Iowa. Yay, go Iowa! God bless us.”

“I live 30 minutes from the house where it all started too, that’s what’s fuckin’ funny about it, in Newton, Iowa. Fuckin’ shitheads. Fuckin’ meth, all started there, you’re welcome. You won’t find it on the brochure, but it’s all there, we know.”

“Here’s the thing, I like to sleep, I enjoy it. When I was on cocaine though, there would be days.”

Navarro added, “When I was doing coke, I just didn’t stop, you hate the comedown. So the idea is to just have enough that you never come down, ever. I didn’t come down for 2 years, 2 years I didn’t come down!”

Taylor said he can’t imagine doing drugs again.

“I couldn’t do it man. I will gladly pass out in a dumpster again, it’s great, it’s fine, it’s comfy, you can usually find a bucket of chicken to put your head on.”