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In a new interview with, Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor discussed performing with the surviving members of Nirvana and Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen at Sound City Players’ show last week in Utah, “How did that happen? Somebody please explain that to me! That was awesome though. Being able to get up with Rick Nielsen — and basically Nirvana. Talk about a fanboy-gasm! I was just up there going, ‘What am I doing here?’ But we had a great time. It re-introduced my love for Cheap Trick. I really went deep in the catalog. I thought, ‘This band, they don’t get enough credit.”

  • Dennis

    Corey “MF’in” Taylor. The man

  • nevernamed

    stop call it nirvana Brett. Jesus

  • Southern Discomfort

    Nirvana , nirvana , nirvana, aaaaaaannnnndddddd NIRVANA !!!! There I also said it . And what ?!?!?!!

  • Ef

    In my humble opinion, it’s Nirvana: Dave + Pat + Krist. You know Kurt cannot perform anymore he is dead for almost 19 years! Why these other guys cannot play together with other singers??? You know they are not performing as Nirvana but as Sound City players and Paul McCartney and friends. This is the closest thing we could have as Nirvana, I hope next year in the RRHoF (Because I’m 100% sure they are going to be inducteed next year), they play some Nirvana tunes with Paul, Corey and other guest singers, maybe they could close this reunion with a concert of Nirvana oldies, you never know.

  • Search and Destroy

    Call me crazy but ol’ Nirvana boys should jam with Courtney..Live Through This was actually a pretty killer record..if they could put aside their differences it might be cool cuz she can def hoot,hollar and scream…ok then I again I might need to sit my crack pipe down and rethink this..have a good weekend folks.

  • unglue

    Dave(Drums), Krist(Bass), Pat(Guitar)… How call we those guys? 3 guys from nirvana? then what? come on It’s Nirvana. Do some people have mental problem with nirvana? or Kurt? Call it Nirvana.

    Brett you do a best job!!!

  • me

    i’m not a slipknot fan but corey is a good singer with a good range. NIRVANA performing with rick and corey was a good NIRVANA move on NIRVANA’S part. NIRVANA always has good taste. another great NIRVANA jam by NIRVANA.

  • Brett Buchanan


    Dave has referred to himself, Krist, and Pat in interviews as Nirvana

  • Brett Buchanan

    When people see ‘Nirvana’ on here they know Kurt’s not there, HE’S DEAD! They know it’s referring to the surviving members of Nirvana who were there when Kurt died/the band dissolved in 1994.

  • Spoonman

    i gotta say that i really dont like that dave is saying that. thats like richard patrick, robin finck, and josh freese playing together and calling it Nine Inch Nails. i know its a little more extreme but thats how i feel about this new “Nirvana”

  • Spoonman

    and corey taylor is a loser

  • yo

    It’s just a name, I don’t understand why people are taking it so seriously when its obvious that it’s not TRULY Nirvana. It nicely puts together that its those three.

  • ShaneC

    Corey Taylor is the worst vocalist in music.

    He sounds like he’s squeezing out a shit while he sings. Whats with that? Dork.

    I laughed heartily when this assclown did a speaking tour. Such a goof!

    Corey, you’re not even a fraction of Weiland’s talent. Eat a dick!

  • Brett Buchanan


    I’d compare it more to Sublime. With NIN Reznor has always literally recorded everything. With Nirvana Novoselic played bass on all three studio albums, Grohl played drums on two studio albums, and Smear did play on the Unplugged album. With NIN it’s always been the Trent Reznor show. I don’t have a problem with Grohl referring to it as Nirvana at all, they’re doing it as a special event type thing for fun, not even playing the old songs. I really think they should do Marigold though at the Sound City Players shows.

  • Joe Makeup

    ShaneC hits the nail on the head. Corey Taylor sounds like somebody took a shit in his mouth. That song he did for the Spiderman movie a decade ago is still the most laughably awful solo song ever.

    The only thing as bad as his fake nu-metal ass are his legions of brainwashed Slipknot disciples who can’t get over having their lunch money taken back in 4th grade.

  • Greg

    Wait, what? Kurt is dead?

    We’ve landed on the MOON!!

    Let ‘em use whatever name they want. Plus it pisses off Courtney, which is EXTRA funny.