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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan did an interview with TimeOutChicago yesterday and discussed fans failing to move on from the original Smashing Pumpkins and accept new material, “It’s frustrating, but I feel worse for them. You’re cheating yourself out of the experience of moving forward. I’m not responsible for the fact that you lost your virginity to this song. It doesn’t behold me to something. I meet young people to whom the old records don’t have that emotional connection but Oceania does.” Corgan also discussed the Smashing Pumpkins live show while discussing the visceral experience of attending an independent professional wrestling show, “Chances are if I try to give you that visceral experience, you’re going to want it the way you saw it in some MTV video in ’95. I deal with it every night I’m onstage: ‘This isn’t the Smashing Pumpkins I wanted.’ Dude, you’re about 15 years too late.”

  • Dt

    He sure does whine a lot.

  • Dave Trohl

    Or perhaps SP’s new stuff is actually steaming poop put to music.

  • Roger

    It’s said how desperate Billy is to be relevant.

  • Davey Boy

    I lost my virginity to ‘Where Boys Fear To Tread’, I didn’t even last the whole song! Oh man, those were the days, it was the summer of ’96 as I recall, we’d been dating for a year and I’d barely touched second base but that night her parents were out of town and we’d planned it all, Crystal of you’re out there reading this get in touch I still have your panties!

  • Alternadude

    Not the first time he says that. Quite funny.

  • Butthead

    I wonder with all the bitching Billy Corgan does, how is it he is not a virgin???

  • Butthead

    Just Kidding.

  • JID

    He has his point on the visceral experience.. Something which can’t be recycled. It last only in that moment. Period.

  • peace_frog

    My funny story was being down on a girl for the first time when my radio station first played “Down In A Hole”….and that is really no joke.

    Maybe Billy should be happy that most of his fans that show up are the ones that still LOVE the old stuff. If he had to start a career today based on the new music, Im honestly not sure the fan base would be there for him to have great success. Like most people, Im sure he would love to move on. But it seems very much as if he hates hearing how great the old music was. Not getting recognition nearly as much for his new material obviously pisses him off. He wants to be praised for the new material and that is just not happening very often for him. If it were, he wouldn’t be talking about it so much. Time to face the facts Bill, your former glory is what you will always really be to most of your fans. Your new material is good, but it’s never going to hold a candle to some of the masterpieces you’ve already penned.

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    Speaking of the old records… Billy is a broken one. Stop talking. Now.

  • Christine

    Sort of presumptuous to think that anyone lost their virginity to an SP song, isn’t it? thefreewheelinmarkarm is right: Billy stop talking, now.

  • Christine

    Oh, and if he feels that way, he should:

    1. stop calling his band smashing pumpkins
    2. stop hiring female bass players
    3. stop reissuing his work from the 1990’s in glossy expensive boxed sets with extra tracks (which all true SP fans already have) and a DVD from the same era.

    It’s like he has a game of Pong going on between his own past and his own present (in his head) that never stops (and that everyone is tired of hearing about (including his therapists).

  • Alternadude

    I hate you Christine.

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    I agree with you Christine

  • peace_frog

    Christine, enjoy your holiday. And thank you for your comment. It’s a nice addition to how I feel.

  • Clinical

    Billy is right. Get over the old stuff and listen to the new album it’s one of his best.