There may not be a Nirvana musical in the works, but Courtney Love is ensuring a future documentary on the band. Love is apparently working with filmmaker Brett Morgen, who directed a documentary on the Rolling Stones, on a Cobain-centric film to be released in 2014.

This is no new idea, with Morgen explaining in a recent interview that the film had been in the works since 2007. “Courtney is the one that brought me into this,” Morgen said. “We’ve been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now… Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and filmmaker. So we are going to do the movie sort of like a third-person autobiography — [as] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life.”  Source

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  • Joe

    Can’t wait to see how much MTV News footage it takes to make this happen.

  • Marley

    It would be better if he wasn’t working with Courtney Love to make this. She lies about everything, including Kurt’s death. She still wants people to believe she’s innoscent and that Kurt was really truly suicidal.

  • Mike

    It sucks that Courtney has all the rights to everything. For starters i doubt Kurt would ever want something like this and personally I think the other members of Nirvana should get a say not just courtney.

  • Big M

    Marley you are a fool. I can’t believe after all these years you cant accept the poor guy blew off his freaking head.

  • Marley

    @Big M I did believe suicide until recently when you read the facts and actually research it more. Doesn’t add up to Suicide after that.

  • headcreepz

    Courtney killed Kurt….maybe she didnt pull the trigger but the skank is guilty!!!

  • GenXLady

    I think I remember seeing a Kurt Cobain/Nirvana documentary on tv before. The narrative was actual tapes of Kurt talking about his music and life. That sounds like the same thing that they are doing here in this new documentary. I agree with Mike though ^^^^. It does suck that Courtney has all of the rights, and also the others in Nirvana should get a say.

  • Unglued

    Anyway cant wait to see that docu…
    People will realize the movie by themselves’ way.


    kurt probably did killed himself
    in a book about kurts life i read once,a friend of kurts from school said that him and kurt were talking about there future and kurt said he would become a rock star then kill himself.
    but i do think there is a need to open the case back up cause there are unanswered questions.

    I love nirvana there one of my favorite bands,but imagine if kurt
    was still alive i dont think nirvana wound be seen as this great
    band as its is today by many,just look at what some other musicians have go onto do from the same era.

  • unglued

    hope that direct make the right movie for everyone. and hope for nirvana’s interesting story. nirvana got more fame around 1994, but Kurt was dead. they could be a really big rock band if kurt want to. but he didn’t. still wait their new stuff.

  • Dennis

    Did Courtney lose her job at Hostess?

  • Christine

    They did one years ago based on Mike Az., interviews but could use no footage of the band nor music.

    It was from 2006 called “About a Son.” If you haven’t seen it you should.

    There is also a documentary segment in the series “7 Ages of Rock” which came out of the UK (BBC) worth seeing. Grohl and Rollins sum it up pretty nicely (how many of us feel).

    Punk: Attitude also leaps from 1980 to Nirvana with some Henry Rollins and Thurston Moore commentary – well worth watching.

    I don’t know that we need a new documentary – he’s pretty well documented.

  • Christine

    Punk: Additude (2005)

    About a Son (2006)

    Seven Ages of Rock (BBC)

    All seven worth watching, but specifically for Nirvana/Kurt documented,

    Episode 6 “Left of the Dial”

    We don’t need another documentary. The music stands testament.

  • Christine

    Oh, and I don’t know why for 1988-1992 they don’t have Jane’s Addiction, Mudhoney, on the slider I have to look again for Sonic Youth as well. It’s like the bands from 1988 to 1994 slip through some crack in the documentation, I don’t know why. Should clearly have Dinosaur Jr., Mudnoney, Pumpkins, but definitely Jane’s at least for 1991.

    anyway, ‘nough from me.

  • Del

    I really don’t know what more could be said and I doubt there will be anything new.

  • Raj

    Marley for the longest time I believed Kurt was killed based on the following evidence: fingerprints on the shotgun were inconclusive, three lines of Kurt’s suicide note were in different handwriting, he had injected enough heroin to kill a horse.

    There very well may have been another person with him or maybe not.
    Kurt survived three overdoses, so he probably had a high tolerance to heroin.

    He took 50 pills, these aren’t from a vial these were the ones you have to push out individually when he overdosed in Rome. Chances are he was trying to end things sooner. I also read on the In Utero, Kurt would sprint to the balcony to jump, that one seems more far fetched.

    I also read he wanted to divorce Courtney, he wanted to stop the band, the band was being sued for millions, etc.

    As for the news story, how many more movies about Kurt are they going to make?

    The real news is NIRVANA INCESTICIDE 20TH ANNIVERSARY RE-RELEASE ON RECORD STORE DAY NOV. 23RD. This one will have a new sleeve jacket with all the lyrics printed.

  • paulonious

    Kurt killed Kurt. get over it people. and this documentary is just going to be 2 hours of Courtney saying “Dave Grohl is an asshole”. What a shit job this is going to be.