Courtney Love appeared on Opie and Anthony on Thursday, below are some notes from the interview.

On a Hole reunion:

“I would take Melissa back in a second but I’ll never take Eric back.”

“He took 74 guitars from my storage, 18 of them were Kurt’s they’re left handed.”

Said she had several guitars in storage under her name but it was changed to a corporate name, many of Kurt’s possessions were then auctioned off

On Dave Grohl feud:

Courtney said he ran into Pat Smear a couple weeks ago. She said Pat was working at an SST record store with a tranny she was briefly married to. The tranny told Pat that he was selling out by joining Nirvana in 1993.

Pat told Courtney that every time the drama between Courtney and Dave is brought up, Dave says ‘I have nothing to do with it, have you ever thought it might just be the lawyers?’ I couldn’t quite tell if it was Dave who told Pat the lawyers thing, or Courtney adding in that comment herself. She also said it’s not a Yoko thing, or even a dislike thing on her end at this point. It has to do with Frances not being part of the Nirvana partnership. She also said she had no idea how huge Foo Fighters were until a few months ago. She also said, “I’m so sick of lawyers, I just want to play rock.”

On if she would still be together with Kurt Cobain had he lived:

“I don’t know if we’d still be together, he might be married to a model and living on the upper west side, he might have twins, we might be in Twitter wars.

on lithium

Somebody told me they still play Bush all day? Can you believe it? And like Soundgarden, and STP.