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Courtney Love revealed to Rolling Stone that she will be releasing a new solo single called “This Is War” in February 2013.  Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha assists on production, the song may be the lead single for a new solo album.  Love discussed the track, “I’d put it out right now because it’s a two-minute, 59-second song and it’s sick, slamming, great.  I think it’ll go Number One in the U.K. However, in the United States, who fucking knows? I never thought I’d put out a 130, 135 BPM song. It’s a really fast rock song. I’m telling you, it’s probably the greatest rock song I’ve ever heard.”

Clearly the former Mrs. Cocaine…err Cobain hasn’t heard “Light Me Up” by The Pretty Reckless.

  • JJ

    The Pretty Reckless sucks so it’s probably good she hasn’t heard it.

  • Miff

    First of all, Courtney Love and James Iha – LOL

    Secondly. It won’t go number one in the UK. Not a chance.

  • magicalDICK

    it will sucks. i like courtney/hole a lot. but this will suck

  • Martin

    I’m excited about this, her first solo album was pretty decent.

  • magicalDICK

    I also liked her solo album … it wasn’t Celebrity Skin … but it was good

  • Is he one?

    It’s hard to be confident…

  • Russ

    I kinda hope it will be No1 in the UK as the song that top the charts these days are just crap.

  • Mia

    Kind of interesting to see a Courtney Love/James Iha combination after her past with Billy Corgan and their ever tumultuous relationship. Hope it will be a good song, she hasn’t released anything for a long time. Her solo album wasn’t nearly as good as any of the Hole releases though, but it sounds this song is supposed to be more heavy.

  • John

    That’s funny. Two washed up hacks joining forces to make war against a alternative music deity. Throw down your guns, James and Courtney. No one gives a sh*t.

  • Hewett

    i’m interested.

    it’d be great if it actually turned out to be a good tune AND it was a great shot back at billy.

    for how much billy talks, it’ll be good for him to hear a little something back at him. funny stuff.

  • Is he one?

    I’m pretty sure Billy wouldn’t be mad if the songs turns out to be good. What kind of mean spirit is that?

  • NickG

    130-135 bpm is not that fast, lol.

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  • Hailey

    I actually loved Nobody’s Daughter and think she did great without Eric Earlandson’s help (though their best material was WITH Eric)… Am I the only one? But I’m excited to hear this, anyways!

  • Andrei

    These two should form a band.

  • paulonious

    ^^^^and call it the (W)Hole Pumpkin

  • paulonious

    hailey, I’d have to check the liner notes again on ND, but I don’t think she was the main songwriter on that record at all. She wrote all the lyrics.

  • Spoonman

    god this author is nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is. his dumbass side comments entertain no one but his fatass self

  • Leslie

    If Courtney had a dick she would be hailed as a rock god! I always anticipate Courtney’s voice! Bring it on girl!

  • Roanne

    Totally agree with Leslie. If a man likes drugs and sleeps with loads of girls he’s amazing and of course
    A rock god.
    I cant wait for the new single, its a good thing, CL is really talented and
    People are just blinded for their love of Kurt. Or that they think she killed him?
    Hole were an amazing abd sucessful band. Nobodyd daughter was great,
    Her solo album wasnt that great but still she rocks.
    And hopefully this is war will take over the talentless auto tuned ‘stars’
    Of the charts these days.