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According to Celebuzz Courtney Love has allegedly admitted on voicemails to her ex-aide Jessica Labrie who is suing her that she owes $100,000 to lawyers, landlords, and debtors. She supposedly said, regarding not paying the aide, “What am I supposed to do? Not eat? Live on the streets?”

  • lala

    heroin isn’t cheap people. hope she get’s her life in order

  • Jake

    Time for another Nirvana box set!!

  • Kris

    Holy shit! How many millions has she gone through?!

  • Adam

    it’s just crazy to think this woman is completely broke. i mean, damn.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Hey Brett, is there any chance we could have a vote on whether you keep posting articles about this waste of space? She is not very talented, whatever talent she had has been lost due to rampant substance abuse.

    Its funny to see how much of a train wreck she is, but would prefer to read articles about the other good,serious musicians that you usually post on.


  • Ten

    Shadow on the Sun: it’s not your site. If you don’t like an article, don’t read it and don’t comment on it. It’s pretty damn simple.

  • redhead

    i dont understand how anyone, famous or not, can have debt issues. dont spend money you know you dont readily have! i was in drugs and it got to be where i could no longer afford them(read my heroin addiction blogger blog)-and when i had financial issues because of it i quit! same goes for people that over spend on clothing, houses, cars. this country is filled with low self esteem people and they feel better when they buy a bunch of crap.

  • GenXLady

    Shadow on the Sun-at least stories about her make everyone else experiencing drama or problems look really mundane in comparison. Courtney seems to do what Courtney wants in a fierce way, which means most all bad circumstances that have befallen Courtney are Courtney’s responsibility to own and change. Until, or if she ever she does that, the Courtney train wreck will continue for all to see. Especially because she loves living in the public eye. Makes me feel like such a normal, boring person.

  • Grungeluv

    the whore is broke? yeah well, you reap what you sow…

  • dakotablue

    Maybe this is another reason Frances got out cuz she could see this coming.
    I just hope she preserved some of her inheritance from Kurt and Courtney didn’t spend all the money on her designer clothes and that type of horseshit.

  • Kristin

    Wow, what the crap, she is supposed to have millions and millions of Kurt’s money and yet you always hear about how broke she is. I’m guessing it’s her lavish lifestyle of expensive things and drug addiction, but it still doesn’t seem like she could waste THAT much money, but hey I’ve never been famous, and always hated the lavish lifestyle thing and thought if I were famous all I’d spend it on would be thrift store clothing, CDs, concert tickets, and musical instruments and gear.

    Would a good idea/compromise be a separate section to throw all the Courtney stories? Like so that people who aren’t interested don’t have to see her ugly mug and stupid stories in the lineup of stories? Perhaps one of the tabs like at the top? or maybe a little section on the homepage?…

  • sophie

    Plastic surgery isn’t cheap either, she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on that alone.

  • dirty frank dahmer

    countdown to her turning to porn is on.

  • scarlett o hara

    Courtney Love definitely provokes extremely strong reactions
    in people if nothing else which are almost as entertaining
    as her press…almost :)

    For this alone I sincerely applaud her.

    Thanks for the great read everyone who posted.