Courtney Love Reveals How Frances Bean Cobain Is Eerily Like Kurt Cobain


Courtney Love discussed how she was able to give her daughter Frances Bean Cobain a normal upbringing in a new Good Morning America interview.

“Just by not exploiting her too much,” the rocker said. “Not letting her get photographed and giving her a normal childhood — as normal as possible for living in Beverly Hills.”

“She looks a lot like him,” she said about Kurt Cobain. “She’s enigmatic like he was. She’s got a very dry, kind of, sick sense of humor that he had. I mean, he had a really sick sense of humor, but dry.”

She added of Frances: “She’s able to cut people down with one line like he was able to do.”

Love said she spends a lot of time with her daughter. “We like to do art together. We like to play guitar together. We hang out a lot.”

“She wants to do art, she wants to do music.”

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  • Toad Wallop

    She looks like him? Sure, after all that plastic surgery. She looked more like Courtney did before surgery. Both of them no longer have the birth faces.

    • Corndog

      Yes, the before and after pics are like two different people!

  • nomad

    I saw Courtney on Seth Meyers’ late night show the other day. She sounded pretty sane for a change, but I wish she’d stop doing whatever she’s doing to her face. It looked alien. I used to think Frances’ face looked different due to make up, but now I suspect she is surgically altering herself. Her old face was cute.

  • Gigi Michel

    y’all…it is entirely possible for people’s faces to change during puberty and just in general growing up. plus she wears make up — plenty of photos to attest to the fact that her face looks drastically different depending on what technique she’s using at the time in applying her make-up and especially the angles a lot of these photos are deliberately taken.
    anyway. she’s a cake face. of course it isn’t going to look natural. for christ’s sake, have you seen her eyebrows?
    her lips are still thin as fuck — all she does is make sure to pout and paint a little more of her lips than the average person would. you can actually see her do that on video if you know where to look.
    and her nose is definitely still the same — again, angling. tons of photos that show that.
    frances bean cobain hasn’t gone under any knife.

    also, in my personal opinion, she looks like both her mom and dad depending on which angle you’re looking at her. she’s almost like a holographic image.