Greg Prato has a new interview up with The Meat Puppets’ Curt Kirkwood.  Here are a couple of excerpts.

On Kurt Cobain quitting Nirvana: “I know that right before he died, some time around there, I think it was after Unplugged, pretty sure, he quit the band and moved to Milwaukee and joined The Frogs. I don’t know how serious a thing that was, but that’s what I remember someone told me. That’s how I got turned on to The Frogs.”

On performing with Nirvana at MTV Unplugged, Kurt Cobain’s personality, and if he discussed recording songs with Cobain:  “He was always in the moment. Kind of had to dig what came out of the moment out of it, in a way. It was just a strange space whenever I was around that. And I wasn’t around a lot. I did have a week where we practiced for that thing in New Jersey and we’d go over there every day. But Kurt would just show up some and play with the other guys some. We’d wait a lot, and then he would show up.  He wasn’t very conversive, just really, really casual. And I didn’t feel like it was anything where I could go, ‘Hey, you want to do something?’ I was pretty blown away by the whole thing, just on the level of how it was and wasn’t, like my concept of it. It was a strange thing to be around, because there was so much attention at any point coming from every direction. And you had to keep your head or it could make you uptight, I think.”

  • Cobainsweater

    Yea right. 20 years later and a Meat Puppet is just now breaking this news to the world. Give me a fucking break.

    Kirkwood is a total burnout. He even says in the same interview “I wasn’t around a lot” and that “he heard from somebody” that Kurt quit the band.

    He sounds like an idiot spouting nonsense.

  • unglue

    I’ve listened to Nirvana since 1995 when I was at 14.
    and now I’m older than Kurt Cobain.

    seriously Kurt is poor guy that’s my thought.
    above article is so sad for me(for fan)

  • CourtneyLove’sPenis

    Kirkwood is a cool dude, Puppets are the best sounding band ever… just listen… to their sound- fuckin awesome

  • shoegazer

    For the fans like myself who are old, you may remember Kurt gave many hints that In Utero was to be the last Nirvana album. Even up to his final interviews, he said he had no songs written and no new ideas. If Kurt had lived, it’s my opinion that he would have given up being a musician.

  • paulonious

    courtney also made this claim. it really doesn’t matter now anyway.

  • Krist Chris Cantrell


    That doesn’t bode well for the future of Nirvana and the kind of music you make together.
    That’s what I’ve been kind of hinting at in this whole interview. That we’re almost exhausted. We’ve gone to the point where things are becoming repetitious. There’s not something you can move up toward, there’s not something you can look forward to.

    I hate to actually even say it, but I can’t see this band lasting more than a couple more albums, unless we really work hard on experimenting. I mean, let’s face it. When the same people are together doing the same job, they’re limited. I’m really interested in studying different things, and I know Krist and Dave are as well. But I don’t know if we are capable of doing it together. I don’t want to put out another record that sounds like the last three records.

    I know we’re gonna put out one more record, at least, and I have a pretty good idea what it’s going to sound like: pretty ethereal, acoustic, like R.E.M.’s last album. If I could write just a couple of songs as good as what they’ve written … I don’t know how that band does what they do. God, they’re the greatest. They’ve dealt with their success like saints, and they keep delivering great music.

    That’s what I’d really like to see this band do. Because we are stuck in such a rut. We have been labeled. R.E.M. is what? College rock? That doesn’t really stick. Grunge is as potent a term as New Wave. You can’t get out of it. It’s going to be passé. You have to take a chance and hope that either a totally different audience accepts you or the same audience grows with you.

  • Raj

    I’ve read Kurt wanted to stop the band, just kinda of walk away but I think maybe sometimes he was pressured into soldering on. I read the last European tour was becoming a disaster and Kurt wanted to go home but Krist kept reminding him about their obligations.

    I don’t think you could definitely say he quit Nirvana, he died pretty quick afterwards.

  • scott

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  • scott

    Courtny Love and Dave Grohl had said after Kurts death that the band had already broken up. In fact they were signed on to do lollapalooza the summer of 1994 but had already pulled out of it because of the breakup. Nirvana was done for anyway.

  • Christine

    Kurt did interviews that are documented by Michael Azerrad both on paper and recorded where Kurt indicate he had quit the band at least 10 times “this year” (1993) over bull about who get’s what cut of money etc. So I’m not sure why this particular news would be any revelation to anyone.

    Anyone who hasn’t watched “Kurt Cobain: About a Son” (2006) really should.

  • Christine


    Anyone find this convenient since Meat Puppets have limited ed LP available for pre-order coming out April 16th, 2013 along with “bundles” via their website?

    Not to slag anyone, but it seems odd (the timing).

  • GwynnKatie

    Really lovely picture of Kurt.
    Thanks for finding it guys.

  • Krist Chris Cantrell

    Watching “About A Son” and its very powerful and overwhelming and it makes me want to cry.

  • shoegazer

    I’d have liked to have heard where Kurt’s songwriting would have gone if he had gone the acoustic route he talked about. Take out the few Nirvana acoustic songs and their entire catalog is pretty much a one trick pony.

  • unglue

    yep, ‘About a Son’ is megaton DVD for fans or more.
    that keeps the memory of Nirvana and Kurt.

    Kurt and Nirvana always keep the emblem of Grunge.
    that’s why I think the legarcy of Nitvana is important.(I knew there are other great bands also play the music well in these days)

  • Krist Chris Cantrell

    Their entire catalog is a one trick pony? BULL FUCKING SHIT! Perhaps you haven’t listened to the material before Nevermind, the b-sides and the box set stuff. Kurt was a goddamn great writer.

  • Cobainsweater

    Not to sound arrogant, but I find it VERY hard to believe Kurt had any intentions of quitting Nirvana. Quitting life, yes, he had every intention, as we sadly came to realize. But not the band.

    Nirvana were the biggest band in the world in April 1994. They’d just recorded what would be their final song only two months prior, and the WTLO box set proved Kurt had at least a couple new songs. Plus, there was talk their next album was going to be an Automatic For the People-styled acoustic record.

    Kurt never quit Nirvana, and I don’t think he had any serious intentions to. He was more concerned with quitting life.

  • Mayonaise

    Uh…they recorded You Know You’re Right in 1994.

    Nice try.