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In the February 2013 issue of Rhythm Magazine, Tool drummer Danny Carey discussed progress on the band’s new album, “We have six or seven really good frameworks that we’re working on. We’re over half way in my opinion. The first tune is always hard to get polished off. It seems like on every record we have this big, epic thing like ‘Rosetta’, ‘Wings for Marie’ or ‘Lateralus’. That’s the one we’re focusing on now. Once we knock out that, the other songs fall into place around it. We’re right on the fringe of knocking that big one out. We’re all excited and it seems to have progressed really well.” Danny also mentioned that Maynard isn’t working with the band yet, which means they’re still working on just the music. Tool’s only announced show for 2013 so far is Ozzfest in Japan on May 12th. Tool’s most recent album 10,000 Days was released in 2006.

  • Frogboy

    another gaynard’s dick song perhaps

  • Shadow on the Sun

    I’m hoping they progress the sound more this time. I thought that 10,000 days was the left over songs from Lateralus. There used to be gigantic transitions from Undertow to Aenema to Lateralus and then 10k seemed like a lateral move. Still really good, but did anyone else feel that as well?

  • Alternadude

    I’m with you Shadow on the Sun.
    Best album still Aenima IMO. Lateralus is second.

  • mandingo

    I agree with both of you but you know its gonna be good as they have never produced anything less ! Its fucking hard being a tool fan though..we have to have patience , One album every 6 or 7 years is a hard thing to deal with but its always worth it !

  • ReverendMaynard

    Lateralus and Aenema are the best, but 10,000 Days is not far behind, that album was awesome. I don’t know what you people are talking about definitely one of the best albums that has come out in the last 10 years or so. Glad to see they are making progress, even if it is baby steps we are all getting closer to their next and probably final album, should be a good one.

  • Raj

    The worse thing people can do is talk about how great a song is going to be. It raises expectations and if they don’t deliver a lot people will be let down.

    The song could be epic, but it probably won’t touch Opiate, Sober, Stinkfist, Forty Six and 2, etc.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    @reverendmaynard No one is saying anything bad about 10k days, but you can’t tell me there was a significant change from Lateralus to it.
    No matter what they put out it will be fantastic and amazing, but i’ve come to expect growth with each album and hope they haven’t hit a plateau which again, would still produce timeless epic music.

  • Shadows Collide with People

    I thought 10,000 days was a little more melodic then their previous efforts. Maynard’s vocals on that record sound unbelievable. In my opinion, each one of their records has a very strong lyrical contrast in relation to the others. Instrumentally, all of the albums carry a very different sound. Fantastic band.

  • kingchaz

    These guys don’t disappoint… True to their own form! One reason I love them and AIC…

  • Pete

    I loved all their albums so far.

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  • Dietz

    Thanks you for the post Brett. News on Tool is hard to come by. Since I’m on this website daily, it’s nice to have all my favorites bands in one place. I’m not sure if everyone is fans of Tool on this site. I think its fitting and I appreciate it. Also, keep any news no matter how small on Layne coming please.

  • fretzy

    @dietz some folks consider tool as grunge, imagine maynardjk as the alice in chains’ frontman

  • Dietz

    True. I wasn’t sure how people felt about them that frequent this site. There tend to be a few negative comments on Tool posts.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Maynard has NEVER EVER disappointed me, ever.

    I’m happily looking forward to anything he throws our way.

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  • Sean

    Take a deep breath and relax. It’s a new Tool album; it’s coming-this year, probably. So, like I said, just take a deep breath and relax. Wait. Be patient. It’ll be great. Of course it will. And to the humans below me who are critiquing Tool’s albums, I say this: I’m sure the band isn’t writing the music for YOU people, but rather, they’re writing it for themselves, and if YOU people like it, then, great! If not, oh well. Their music comes from a mutual feeling that they try to express through music. Not every feeling is better or more intense than the previous one, right? Also, I might add, that every feeling affects others differently. So, to say that one album or one song is better than another, you are stating your own opinion, and your opinions are not valid beyond your brain alone, unless another human is very like-minded or tool-minded. Think for yourself. Question…yourself. Oonst oonst oonst oonst….

  • jazzy j

    Tool fans are the fucking worst

  • biggestTOOLfanEVER

    Let’s over analyze this, shall we?

  • Joe the stretcher contaminatrich

    Fucking oath Jazzy J. You’re a complete dickhead, and I hate myself.