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  • kirill

    Oh no, he just didnt say that cas NICOLE FIORENTINO may not approve it according to her feminism!

  • me

    britney is dead inside… she’s outlasted almost every fuckin’ pop star there has ever been. she does whatever she wants. i’m actually getting a bit tired of dave appearing on every album and tv show shooting his mouth off lately. and i’ve been a FF fan since 95. shut up for once dave. she’s in a totally different musical genre from you.

  • MJ

    This is the truth though. Go to any celebrity gossip blog and they’ve been saying this for years. Just look at Britney’s eyes. Totally blank and removed. Its really sad, but she needs to take a break from stardom and move back to Louisiana or something. She’s literally a puppet.

  • krist chris cantrell

    this is a week old. Magic Mike has NO magic.

  • GwynnKatie

    me said — “…i’m actually getting a bit tired of dave appearing on every album and tv show shooting his mouth off lately. and i’ve been a FF fan since 95…”
    You said this much better than I ever might have. Thank You.

  • Triz


  • Butthead

    But she is still hot as fuck though.

  • You

    Well, I think Dave is right. Britney is dead inside and it is indeed sad. Also Dave is as much entitled to his opinion as you and I are, so if he needs to shut the fuck up then so do we all, but then what fun would that be??? I for one am not sick of Dave in the least and have loved seeing him all over. Given his the success he has had I’m not the only one, but that goes back to your opinion. So perhaps if you’re sick of him maybe you should not go to post about him. Problem solved!

  • GwynnKatie

    Oh here we go again…. piffle.

  • versus

    Maybe he’s right, but this just kind of sounds mean spirited to me. Britney’s doing a lot better than she was maybe 5 years ago when she was a complete train wreck, so I applaud her for making an honest attempt to improve her life.

  • Jessie

    Sorry, but the only thing Britney has contributed to is the spank banks of teenage boys. She can’t sing, write a song or play an instrument. I feel bad for her as a person, I think she has been through a lot but as an “artist”…umm she’s not one. Just a hot piece of ass who had been marketed REALLY well. I think Dave’s comment was made in passing and like some other things he has said lately, some people make waaay too much out it.

  • Allura Music

    Totally agree with your last comment Jessie.

    If anyone has really looked at and noticed Britney Spears lately, then you would agree with what Dave said.

    There is no light in Britney’s eyes anymore.
    What she used to have earlier in her career, that excitement, has slowly dimmed down to almost nothing.
    It’s like she is just going through the motions now. It’s like she has no soul, and she looks very lost nowadays.

    I am not into Britney’s music at all, but I used to be when I was younger and in high school. I feel sad for that girl now.

  • Allura Music

    And I should mention this too:
    As for Dave Grohl, he is now getting to the point of “overexposure” or becoming “overexposed”.

    Maybe it is on purpose and Dave is trying to now appeal to the very mainstream public. Who knows……….

  • me

    no light in britney’s eyes… you people are fucking idiots. some of you. how can you tell a damn thing? she hasn’t even had one failed album or tour and does whatever the fuck she wants. idiots. total idiots. she looks pretty damn happy in all the pics i have seen of her, she’s stoked to be working on a new album. idiots.

  • satan

    sirvana was awesome. i wish the would make an album.

  • GwynnKatie

    As for Dave Grohl, he is now getting to the point of “overexposure” or becoming “overexposed”.
    Amen Allura – Amen.
    The wolves may now descend…

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    I’m with Triz.

    And as “overexposed” – he’s promoting a film, and ROCK music in general, who wouldn’t take a stab at Manufactured Mickey Mouse Corporate Pop Synth Garbage.

    Just look at the super bowl half time show. Beyonce has an incredible voice, but instead someone decided to have her and 30 other dancers just do the humpty stripper move with their diamond covered areas at the center of the cameraman’s shot. Pathetic.

    If Dave wants to swing a sword at windmills, more power to him. The US is in general completely dispassionate as far as their musical taste, just turn on your radio.

    Maybe its time for the next revolution. I’m ready (bring me new Queens of the Stone Age and Jane’s Addiction, long live Soundgarden,…crank it up).