According to Dave Grohl, he considered interviewing serial killer Charles Manson for his new Sound City documentary film.  Grohl told Deadline.com, “Manson recorded at Sound City and at one point we considered talking to him about music because how fucking insane would that be.  But we decided not to because we didn’t want it to take over the beautiful message of the movie — but we considered it.”

Manson recorded some demos in the 60’s at Sound City before he and his cult’s killing spree, which culminated in the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her friends on August 9, 1969.  Trent Reznor infamously lived in the house of the Tate murder for 18 months while writing and recording Nine Inch Nails’ iconic 1994 album The Downward Spiral.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    I’m so glad he did NOT do that – all credibility would be lost.

    Manson needed to die on death row decades ago – to give him ANY attention would just fuel his own justification of his own existence.

    Thank you for NOT speaking to him. No one ever should.

  • GwynnKatie

    Yeah, I’m with Christine. It would have been a monumental waste of time and that guy is a nutter. It would have detracted from the positive message of the film.

  • Calvin McLain

    Def would have been in bad taste to give anymore attention to this monster then our culture has already. I never understand why this country glorifies serial killers the way they do.

  • Justin

    A killer who recorded demos there wouldn’t really be necessary

  • Shadow on the Sun

    fuck Manson. The idea would be neat in theory because he is loony-tunes, but he def does not need publicity, don’t need him to inspire more fucking degenerates

  • Aaron

    yeh definitely would have been an awful choice. I saw a couple of movies and shows Sharon Tate worked on. She had a promising career and life ahead. No need to bring up that psycho in a music doc.

  • Janice

    David Grohl is so interested in Manson because there is a scandal soon to be revealed. John Lennon has a love child daughter. Manson will get more famous because one of the albums she will be getting her money from is the White Album. Do you notice so many Manson movies to be released soon? So much more than usual. That is the reason why. Grohl is so buddy buddy with Paul McCartney because Paul knows about this love child daughter of Lennon. The whole Beatle catalogue thing connects to the hidden inheritance. The question is when will she inherit? When she does and this goes world wide these Charles Manson movies like “Manson Girls”, “Manson Rising”, “The Dead Circus” and a play about Manson Girls will finally be released. It sounds crazy but look at all these Rock Reunions. These old men are not doing this for money. They are reuniting for John Lennon and his long lost secret as why the Beatles broke up. Ono is a thief and hid the money of the love child daughter but when Beatle copyrights came due recently John must have had secondary documents on her that Ono did not know about. You must believe that I am telling the truth here. That is why Grohl is so interested in Manson all of a sudden. Yet he is buddy buddy with McCartney. Notice how Ono is all of a sudden buddy buddy with McCartney. She needs him because she is afraid when the truth finally comes she is going down. The world will hate her forever and the proof of the stealing and hiding of an inheritance that John left for a daughter he fought to see but lost. They keep talking about why the Beatles broke up. I mean going into too much detail about this because John was depressed about this daughter. It was a behind the scenes custody battle and John lost but he left her in his will.