Here are some excerpts from Dave Grohl’s AMA on Reddit.

Hey Dave my question for you is, do you think “Grunge” will ever make a comeback? If so what are your thoughts on that?

If you mean loud ass guitars, loud ass drums, and screaming ass vocals? That never went away ding dong.

Do you think the Foo Fighters will ever work with Steve Albini?

I would love to. Steve is a good friend.

What is your favorite song that you’ve recorded or your favorite contribution to a song?

My favorite song that I’ve ever recorded is probably Milk It by Nirvana. And I’ll always love the chorus of of No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age.

  • Yo

    Milk It!

  • Martin

    Look on the the bright side is suicide :)

  • NickG

    Got to play Milk It on drums in a one-off Nirvana tribute gig in Seattle at Neumo’s. Loved it.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Agreed on Milk It.

    And, I’m sorry, but did grunge go away? Not in my life.

  • Raj

    Milk It is an awesome song, every genre had it’s time. Heavy metal, Hair metal, Grunge, Pop, etc. It’s just cyclical, we might see some similar incarnations but probably not what it used to be or what we want it to be.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Dave means that the Grunge spirit can still come through in music. Grunge though is dead, it was a musical era that died in the mid 90’s.

  • WhoFarted

    Where did grunge go?

  • Yo

    Thanks for the history lesson Brett. Hehe.

  • Fuzz

    Grunge is still a live in well. It’s Alternative music thats dead… Because what once was alternative is now the staple for modern rock.

    Grunge music will always be grunge, but 90’s alternative music is no longer considered alternative music… Boo-urns to Alternative Nation haha

  • JID

    grunge is dead. This is how it should remain, eventho I love it.

  • seattlesound

    grunge is alive as long as AIC,soundgarden,pearljam,mudhoney,the melvins,etc are still making/playing music and getting in the charts

  • Brett Buchanan


    No it’s not. They’re bands from that era who are still performing and recording, but the Grunge era ended in 1996 or 1997 and is done. The bands who are around now are veteran acts, not bands in their prime like they were back then.

    Whatever comes next in rock will obviously carry on the spirit of classic rock and Grunge though with big elements of its sound. But repeating Grunge can’t work because it just ends up sound derivative and phony (think Puddle of Mudd and Seether).

  • Grungecaster 1

    Grunge rock music will never be as original and good if the bands that started that generation dont live up to the expectations of what true fans used to love to listen to, be inspired by and worshipped all these years!!! If the first generation Alternative rockers like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janes Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Filter, Rage Against The Machine, Screaming Trees, amongst the big bands : Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Alice In Chains dont try to honestly recapture that sound, the fury, the rage, the discontent, the punk rock sounds of that generations cultural upheavel that was in the 1990s, then rock music will no longer have something true, something relevant for everyone to listen to and learn from. We need another punk rock angry revolution in music today in the year 2013 and always keep the punk rock energy alive enough to inspire a new generation of Dave Grohls, Josh Hommes, Eddie Vedders, Billy Corgan, Chris Cornells and Kurt Cobains you know what I mean people? :)

  • seattlsound

    @brett,grunge did’nt die in 96/97 it just ain’t mainstream anymore

  • mikewails

    If by comeback, you mean in the media spotlight, let’s hope it doesn’t. Once media gets ahold of things, it gets destroyed.

  • ThemBoners

    Milk it is an extremely cool song

    good choice, Dave!

    “…angel left wing, right wing, broken wing
    lack of iron and/or sleeping…”

  • unglue

    Miik It is hillarious song.

    the lyrics… DOLL’S DICK!!!!!!

  • Guest4

    Wow, that is not part of the lyrics to Milk It. Clearly you never bought or owned the album because the lyric sheet is right there in the liner notes.