Dave Grohl & Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer At Nude Beach Will Blow Your Mind


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith discussed going to a nude beach with Dave Grohl while Foo Fighters were in Greece to film their PBS Landmarks special.

Smith said, “Dave and I went on a little boat ride, we hit a nude beach, that’s a whole other special.”

The host mentioned he didn’t see it on the Landmarks special.

Smith quipped, “You know in the DVD’s how they have little eggs? When that comes out…we spent a lot of time at the nude beach.”

The interviewer mentioned going to Greece himself a few years ago.

Smith sarcastically responded, “Nude beach Matt, did you hit it?”

He added, “There’s another landmark.”

Smith also discussed the Landmarks PBS special with Collider.

“It’s funny because I’ve played with the Foo Fighters lots of times. Whenever I show up at a gig, they always call me up and we jam on some cover song or something. They were like, ‘What song do you want to play?’ I was like, ‘Really?!”’And they were like, ‘Yeah!’ There’s a new song on their record that Paul McCartney played drums on, so they asked if I wanted to do that one.

Taylor [Hawkins] was going to come out and sing it because he sings it on the record. We got to the show and they were soundchecking, and I was with the Minister of Culture, who was telling me all about the Parthenon. In the background, I was hearing, ‘Chad! Chad! Come up here!’ So, I missed my window there, of getting to play. Maybe someday. You never know. I did get to jam with Andrea Bocelli, thought. That was pretty cool.”