During the Grammy’s pre-award gala artists and executives alike remember the now late Whitney Houston. One of them being Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl who had the following to say to The Hollywood Reporter:

“She’ll be remembered as one of the most iconic vocalists of all time. Not only did she sell 800 bazillion records, but she’s a f—ing amazing singer.”

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  • monkeyeatsbanana

    yes sir dave grohl is goin pop! his next stop: rome to replace the pope!

  • Deviate

    What do you think the Foo Fighters are? POP!

  • Grungeluv

    I agree too, I always liked Whitney Houston’s voice as well :P

  • laynelivesforever

    word to Dave: suddenly you are everywhere and sometimes people start getting sick of you!

    just to show GRammy hypocrisy, they whipped up some tribute stuff to Whitney Houston last year. pretty much ignored the drug evidence as much as possible.

    yet the GRammys after Layne died did not even mention his name. a POX UPON THEM!

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Dave loves well produced “pop” music. I’m not surprised by his comment. Whitney could actually sing (vs Spears). Too bad she didn’t care enough about herself or her daughter to stop doing drugs. I was never a fan of her work but one can’t deny she did have a powerful singing voice.

  • GenXLady

    Whitney had a set of pipes in her for sure, even if you didn’t like her music. I think she damaged her voice a lot from smoking cocaine for a long time though. Her last few years of singing were nothing like her earlier days. Still a gifted voice she was though.

    I watched an interview with her mother, and she seemed like a fairly rigid, my way or the highway sort of lady. I found myself wondering if that contributed to Whitney’s drug use. Who really knows though. Not that I don’t feel bad for her in losing her daughter. She did seem to really love her, and I am sure wanted the best for Whitney.