Josh Homme revealed to Zane Lowe in an interview for BBC Radio 1 that Joey Castillo has left the band and that Dave Grohl will be filling in on drums for the upcoming album. Additionally, the band released a photo (below) from the studio on Facebook, with the name “Dave” labeled as drummer. Castillo was absent in another of the band’s more recent studio photos, leading fans to speculate the status of the drummer. It is currently unknown if Castillo’s departure for the band was amicable.

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Photo courtesy of Queens of the Stone Age.

  • cosmicatomic

    Yes!!! Great news, Dave on drums = incredible.

  • Is he one?

    Great news for QOTSA. Loved Dave’s work on “Songs for the deaf”.

  • Blind Lemon

    I WANT SOME THEM CROOKED VULTURES NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philip

    No, no, no… this is SERIOUSLY killer fucking news. Jesus christ, the streaming of Soundgarden’s album AND this news on the same day?! Man we’re getting spoiled. Castillo was always and only merely ‘adequate’ on the kit. His drums were never even mixed particularly well on the last two QotSA albums. Now “Songs For The Deaf”… THAT, friends, displays righteous drumming that lays waste to all before it. Mixed perfectly with punch and pop, up front, providing the backbone to QotSA at their very best. It’s been downhill since. Thankfully Grohl is behind the kit again and thus my interest in the new record has come back strong.

    (I’m ready for even more great news tonight)

  • HallFan01


  • Gude

    Now they just need Nic back and they’ll be complete!!
    Nic is sorely missed!!

  • Spents

    I’ll take some Lanegan vox too, while we are at it. :)

  • Paul Kneitz

    ^Indeed. I would love a reunion of the Songs for the Deaf lineup.

  • Maverick785

    Oooooooooh yeah!

  • Brett Weir

    Wow, this is like Christmas & Halloween & all my birthdays mixed into one.

    I need to change my underwear.

  • kingchaz

    So…. New TCV?

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Homme and Grohl news, and Obama, …..

    …. I just wet myself.

  • Scott McLean

    I think that’s good but I hope they do a TCV album, perhaps heavier and more Zeppelinish.

  • http://twitter.com/timtenbob timtenbob

    Would also like to see Barrett Martin do another QOTSA album.

  • allegra

    OMFG. It has been a great grunge 24hrs – SG stream, now QotSA news… Hey, Josh, invite mr. Lanegan too!

  • Loro

    Day of good news

  • Corporal Perdidor

    Best news Ive heard since I heard it 10 years ago.

  • Southern Discomfort

    Mehh… Next!!!!

  • Mackeena

    I want to see Lanegan coming back with them, even for a few shows (and singing in the new album, of course)

  • http://smellslikeinfinitesadness.com Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    Finally….been jonesing for new QOTSA…this just sweetens the deal…

  • Kirill

    Josh Homme on guitar/vocals
    Mark Lanegan on guitar/vocals
    Nick Oliveri on BASS/VOCALS
    and Dave Grohl on Drums

    Thats the ultimate line up!

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