Dave Grohl Reveals Why He Couldn’t Have Sex With Madonna


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed in a new Rolling Stone interview that he had to reassure his mother that he wouldn’t date Madonna during his days in Nirvana.

Finally, I was reading an interview with your mom where she said that her biggest fear about you becoming famous was that “Madonna would snatch him up.” Did she ever express that to you?

Yes. She did, actually. [laughs] Like, right around the Truth or Dare movie. “I don’t want you to date her.” I’m like, “Mom, don’t worry. As if.” She’s pretty funny. Gotta love your momma.

You recently called Lil Pump the new punk rock. What do you actually like about “Gucci Gang”?

Pat Smear and I had this conversation as we both became huge fans of Lil Pump, because imagine playing a Germs record for your father who was a classically trained musician. What do you think he would think? When I was a kid listening to punk rock, all I wanted was noise and rebellion, whether it was satanic death metal or industrial noise. If anybody dug into my record collection then, it’s like, “This is noise!” I love a good trap beat and a nice 808. And one of the things I love the most about “Gucci Gang” is it’s two minutes long. It’s like a DRI song or a Minor Threat song. Look, I’m not going out and getting face tattoos anytime soon, but if [Lil Pump’s] “D Rose” comes on, I am down.