Dave Navarro Allegedly Received Oral Sex While Alex Rodriguez Watched Via Skype

On Wednesday night’s edition of Dave Navarro’s Dark Matter podcast, Navarro’s co-hosts Dan Cleary and Todd Newman told an alleged story of the legendary Jane’s Addiction guitarist receiving a blowjob from a woman while New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez watched.  When the woman was about to give Navarro a blowjob she requested to Skype (video chat) a friend, who ended up being Alex Rodriguez.  A-Rod had been romantically involved with woman before.  Navarro called his friend while this was all happening on speakerphone and asked, “Dude, who is A-Rod?”  It was supposedly A-Rod’s request to watch so he could get off, and he was possibly married at the time.  Navarro was non committal during the discussion, going back and forth jokingly denying it (“I am not confirming nor denying this”) and adding in tidbits like, “This was years ago, and I don’t want to get anybody in trouble.”  The discussion took place about 1:50:00 into Wednesday’s Dark Matter podcast, which can be downloaded on iTunes.