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1. Almost Fare
2. Crumble
3. Wagon
4. Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know
5. The Lung
6. Out There
7. Rude
8. Feel the Pain
9. Watch the Corners
10. Training Ground (Deep Wound cover)
11. Freak Scene
12. Start Choppin
13. Forget the Swan

14. Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover)
15. Sludgefeast

Bio: Mike Mazarone graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2011 with a degree in communications, basically relegating him to better then you status (Except for boss Brett Buchanan). Before joining the AlternativeNation staff he was a contributor and producer to Brett Buchanan’s pro wrestling/MMA/comedy radio show – Barbaric Wrestling Radio, from 2006 to 2009. Mazzarone’s job there was to be a contributor and book interviews. After the show ended Buchanan hired Mazzarone right away to be AlternativeNation's head reporter. Contact: MJMazarrone (at) yahoo.com or; mike (at) alternativenation.net
  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Please come to SF again please oh please.

    Nice list. I wish I could download these sound board quality from a website of theirs “officially”, I’d pay $10 per to download these live shows.

    Never know if J will do this again. I’m so happy I saw them play “Bug” for it’s anniversary – it was soooOOOOooooo terrific, the sound was absolutely A M A Z I N G.

  • drew

    i’m with you christine! the oct 2012 show at the fillmore was sweet!

    looks like they’re gonna play some winery in sonoma in a few months…..