Eddie Vedder Reveals Song That Makes Pearl Jam Fans Have Sex


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder said that many Pearl Jam fans have fallen in love, or just ‘fucked,’ listening to the band’s classic song “Just Breathe” off of the 2009 album Backspacer.

He first praised the crowd, “You have managed to make what was a big empty room at four o’clock into the best beach with great waves. We remember it being good but this is amazing.”

Eddie then suggested that some people may have met or fallen in love listening to this song. Or just fucked. He remembers his young daughters are at the show and changes the description to holding hands and being respectful to your partner.

The band then performed “Just Breathe” but there was a technical issue.

The Front Of House console temporarily failed, so Eddie shared some wine with the audience while they rebooted. Some in the crowd sang the “Black” sing along part. Eddie eventually checked the microphone and sang the last line of the song.

“Just Breathe” then went on as planned. Watch below! Have you had an intimate experience listening to the song? Let us know in the comments section!

  • Corndog

    Love that song.

    • Kay B

      Ahhhhh now we know why. I lost my virginity to “Black.” What a disappointing/horrible experience that was. And not because of the song.

      • Corndog

        I can’t even remember if there was music playing when i lost mine. Wasn’t the most memorable experience of my life if i’m honest.