Watch Eddie Vedder Unload On Trump’s Penis, Is His Bigger?


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder mocked the size of President Donald Trump’s penis at the Rock Werchter festival on Saturday. He referenced Trump referencing the size of his large crowds at rallies, and also hinting that he had a large penis during a Republican debate in 2016 after Marco Rubio hinted that his dick was small due to having ‘small hands.’ Vedder indicated that Pearl Jam’s crowd was huge, and he wanted it on video. If Pearl Jam’s crowd is larger than Trump’s, does that mean something else too?

During the show, Eddie makes the point that the people hanging out at Werchter for a few days camping together shows that people from all sorts of countries and communities can get together. With all the horrific things going on Ed wants to remain positive and remind people that love is the most important thing. He asks Jack Johnson to join him. Ed says Trump is always bragging about his crowd size, likely to ‘overcompensate for the size of something else, his hand.’ Ed asks the audience to light up their phones so we can show the video and show what a really big crowd is.

Watch video of Vedder’s discussion of the President’s penis and “Imagine” below.

  • N.

    What a d-bag. Ed I think your boy Chris is getting lonely, go join him and save whatever legacy you still have before you continue to embarrass yourself with juvenile nonsense like this.

    • Corndog

      You don’t agree with what he has to say, then fair enough, but wishing someone dead because you disagree with them is pretty fucking disgusting.

      • N.

        I don’t wish Eddie dead. I love Pearl Jam and their music. Maybe that was over the line, but so has he been. He’s embarrassing himself with this juvenile shit. If he hates America so much just move already.

        • Ryan

          He hates America? I’m not sure where you’ve got that from. He does of course hate the President; there’s a big difference.

      • Olga Stewart

        N. is cracked in the head.

  • Seattlesound21

    Eddie needs to shut his face once in awhile if he doesn’t like democracy just because trump won over who he wanted he should try moving to the middle east or Africa see how long that last whiny little bitch