Eddie Vedder’s Wife Goes Off On ‘Racist’ President Trump: ‘F*ck You!’


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill has criticized President Donald Trump in a new Instagram post.

Jill Vedder wrote, “Need to repost this pic again .. this racist, so called potus does not represent this country and certainly does not represent me… #fuckutrump #impeach45 #resist #theonlyshitholeisyoutrump.”

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson and former Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello also ripped the President.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder made a surprise appearance during Liam Finn’s set at the Ohana Festival last year in Dana Point, CA. Vedder performed Pearl Jam’s “Habit” with Finn, and changed the lyric ‘speaking as a child of the 90’s’ to ‘speaking as a child of the fucked up Trump generation.’

During Vedder’s headlining set at Ohana on Saturday, he discussed climate change and President Trump’s administration dismantling the EPA. “I’m not talking about politics. I am talking about love. Love for the planet. So this is for everyone in the Southeast. I hope they get through the weekend.”

Also during Vedder’s headlining set, he changed the lyrics of the Pearl Jam track “Sometimes” to diss President Trump. He sang, “You’re Trump and you got small hands, the orange blends, the challenges you give man.” The ‘small hands’ comment was a reference to opponents of Trump, including Senator Marco Rubio, saying during the 2016 campaign that he had ‘small hands’ which implied that he had a small penis. Trump then shot back at a debate that there was ‘no problem’ with the size of his hands, or ‘anything else.’

A woman in the crowd shouted at Eddie to “just play songs” every time he made a political comment. Another fan shouted “shut up and play your damn guitar.” Many fans though seemed fine with Vedder’s liberal comments.

Watch video of Vedder changing the lyrics to the No Code classic “Habit” to trash the President below. After the video are more comments of Vedder trashing Trump.

  • Gabi Sermoneta

    “President @realDonaldTrump has called Africa a shithole. How America elected a narcissist, racist, white supremacist to be their president defies logic. Africa sends love and light to America.” @bonifacemwangi

  • Trovoid

    Of course he is denying the recent comments he made. What else is new?

    • Kay B

      He needs a psychological evaluation. Actually he doesn’t. Roughly 54.5% of America thinks he is a nutjob.

  • Kay B

    I can’t believe he has only been in office for a year. Seems like forever plus a day.

  • N.

    all of the hypocrites can just sit down because everybody has said or thought worse than what our president has allegedly said.

    • Kay B

      True. But he should not have ran for president then. Stick to what he is good at. Being on some crap show, demeaning women and being a racist.

  • BigJimSlade

    Ugh. Can’t think of a cheesier entertainer/pop person than the Pearl Jam singer.
    That was 30 seconds of my life I’d love to have back.

  • Stephanie MacMillan

    Trump is a racist, but some leftists classify all people who want reduced immigration and a requirement for integration to be racists. There are those of us who support feminism but really don’t appreciate equating a pass or awkward sexual situation with rape, predatorial behavior, or severe and criminal workplace harassment. I would worry about the Nazi right, not immigration critics.