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Okay people. Lets set this story straight- if anyone actually gives a crap – Travis was in Utah getting sober and staying around people in recovery and working on his purple album. He was living with mike starr and he and mike were to go to Las Vegas and do a show in which travis [meeks, Days of the New frontman] and mike had called me and asked me to come to Utah and hang out with them and drive them to the show and possible other various future shows. I declined for personal reasons but told travis that I might do it down the road. Mike and travis both were battling opiate addiction and were both being prescribed their own different medications for that addiction. Mike was taking methadone and xanax and that’s what he overdosed on. It was his own medication and not anyone else’s that he was taking and was on at the time of his death. Travis called me the next day and told me that he had found mike dead in his bed the morning after mike had overdosed. Travis was severely upset and was in shock for a few days following the encounter. Travis has since left Utah and is in Louisville, KY right now but is getting ready to head to Louisiana for a show. Charlie Colin from the band “Train” will be playing bass and Paul Culligan will be playing drums. Paul is a bad M*ther F*cker on the drums btw. Travis and mike’s relationship was that of pure friendship and also mike was going to be playing bass for travis. R.I.P. mike starr.

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  • Gia Z

    Thanks for sharing. I heard from Nancy (Layne’s mother), that Mike was on the right way to getting sober. Really sad that this happened before he could get there. He was a great bass player. R.i.p.

  • AjMajesticals

    Days of the New just played in my city a week ago, Travis looked a little messed up, but him and Paul were amazing. I don’t think Charlie was playing bass with them, it was this mexican guy with long hair who didn’t know most of the songs haha, but still an awesome show, a little eerie even.

  • Kris

    This is great information but does anyone know what the deal is yet with Mike’s body bing released? How long can the medical examiner hold it for god’s sake?

  • Boddah

    sad that those were the meds that were meant to help him. RIP Starr

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    Condolences to the family, it’s sad for all us fans. However, i do believe that mike & layne would hope for their fans to see this as a wake up call to get help now, dont let these demons end your life and take you away from those that love and care for you so much!

    Thank you layne…Thank you Mike…for the music you left behind! Your fans will always keep your memories & legacies alive!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000022737943 Riley R.

    UGH! Train? That shitty “Hey Soul Sister” band? Why would he play for Days of the New???????!!!! D:

  • Angel

    Train has way more songs than Hey Soul Sister…

    Anyway, anyone see Travis on Intervention?

  • uhhh

    What part of being on methadone is being sober?

  • Darrell

    Hell yeah when the new Days of the new cd comes out everyone run out n buy it so he can feed his habit. loser get a grip and get clean. Cry it’s so hard but people do it every single day. You should hire a babysitter for yourself so you can start making your shows. . .
    Good luck to you my friend and I hope you wake up one day cause you used to be great.
    n ps. All you that think i’m hating on him I’m not, it just hurts seeing your hero go to hell when he doesnt have to. tough love

  • Lisa

    I wish mike was with me as we had so much in common and until you experience what myself and mike went through rip sweetheart xx

  • allie

    or what layne went through for that matter. guilt can be more powerful than any drug.