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Soundgarden are planning a tour for this summer.  I’m not sure of exactly how long it will be or when it will start, but there are shows being planned for July.

Soundgarden reunited in January 2010 and since then have played four live shows. They also performed on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show last November. The band are currently working on a new studio album, which they hope to complete by the end of the year.

  • Robert

    Man, that is a great news but when did you get the sources though? If that is the case I hope they come to the NYC area I will be the first to get a ticket.

  • David

    More chance of seeing them in NYC than here in the UK I guess but I’m still pleased to hear they’re doing this.

  • Joseph

    An Italian website says the same, and that they probably playing in Milan in the late 2011. But no sources are quoted…

  • Jack

    Joseph, no Italian site could possibly say that. Didn’t you read? This is a grungereport.net “exclusive”.

  • Alma

    I hope they tour…. and southamerica is so ready for them!!

  • Patty

    I hope this is true!!!!

  • joostone

    that would be sweet, although it seems that you’re the only one talking about this, sources ?? :)

    But I believe it when I see it, they were pretty close last year aswell…..

  • steve


  • brinks667

    Awesome news! Summer just got 10x better!

  • Boddah

    this would make my summer. but I will wait until I have a ticket in hand to get excited.

  • Patricia

    I hope they come to south america

  • Adam

    You expect us to believe you, without even a hint at a source?

  • ben

    remember when he said they were in the studio, and a week later they said they’re recording a new album? Yeah, me too!

  • Jack

    Ben, that “breaking news” came after pearljam.com posted pictures of them rehearsing in the studio. To be fair though, I visit this site for updates as regularly as any official music site.

  • Ashley

    Woah, that’s so soon! So would they be performing new material on tour?

  • Brett

    You will all see when it happens. If you guys don’t want me posting any exclusive stuff any more, I’ll just keep it to myself.

  • Robert

    Actually thanks for posting this and I am exiting now because you were right when they making the new record and that came true so this must be true as well.

  • Damiangarden

    I only hope they come to Argentina someday!!!!! So excited about the new studio album.

  • Brinks667

    Brett don’t pay any attention to the naysayers…

    I think I speak for many in saying that we appreciate and look forward to all of your stories/postings, including your exclusive reports!


  • CA-Rooster


  • Matt from DC

    Brett! That’s Blasphemy! Keep us posted PUHLEEEEZ

    You have yet to fail me.

  • Aaron

    wow hope they at least hit Boston or Manchester NH, this is the best ever!

  • mjf6866

    i too appreciate all your posts Brett…please don’t stop what you are doing!

  • veddertown

    LONDON!!!!! :)

  • Boddah

    yo Brett,
    we all appreciate your posts and what your doing with this site, or else we wouldnt be checking it all the time for updates. I think its great there are still so many fans of great music and that we have a place like this to come read about news and discuss.
    some of us may be a little frustrated with having to wait so long for Soundgarden to tour, but if you say its so, than I will start getting ready and start hoping they play ‘nothing to say’ when I see them. keep the hope alive grunge fans.

  • Diego

    Been waiting 4 that since I was around 15/16 (now I am 28 lol)

  • Mills

    Hoping for Phoenix, SD, Vegas, Tucson, or LA. Im sure to get lucky somehow.

  • King Cornell 20

    I don’t doubt its happening.

  • JB

    Hey Brett!
    You know better than to pay attention to the nay sayers.
    I appreciate the update, we knew there would be something. Your news just gets me more pumped about it happening :)

  • iNeedMore

    Great news. Keep the info coming. I’ve heard them live on CD, now I need live-in-person.