These photos are courtesy of John Kenneth.  He purchased a rare Mad Season t-shirt at their New Years Eve show back on December 31, 1994 at RKCNDY in Seattle. The front of the shirt is original and unseen artwork by the late Layne Staley.

  • Lennart

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this.

  • Dennis

    Looks good. Sell it!

    “Hot Sake”. Classic! That’s usually what my face looks like after a shot of that cat piss.

  • oscar

    really nice, having mad season and second coming on the shirt

  • Cindy Slade

    Thanks for posting. Layne was an acceptional artist in every way. He is missed.

  • slagun


  • Deviate

    Very cool.

  • nancy

    A reminder:Nothing that Layne created(including his image and signature) can be reproduced for profit without my permission.

    • deanna melton brothers

      nancy, i have only recently discovered your beautiful precious. dont ask me how i never listened to alice in chains or knew who layne staley was. i guess i was living under a rock so to speak. i have fallen in love with layne. even though layne is not with us physically, i believe that layne’s spirit touches us through his music/songs. sometimes i can feel a presence when i listen to him. i am in the process of designing a tattoo in memory of layne for myself, and i want his signature in it somewhere. but i really would like to know if that is okay with you. so i am asking your permission to have layne staleys autograph incorporated in a tattoo of my design. not for profit, not for publicity not for anything other than the love i have for layne…

      • deanna melton brothers


  • Coy

    Hmm since this shirt was made in ’94, I’m sure Layne himself gave permission for his artwork to be used. The article didn’t mention that these shirts are still being produced.

    I can understand though, Nancy…I know you’ve had to deal with a lot of crap, people profiting off of Layne. It must be very frustrating at times, I can only imagine.

    On topic…that is some beautiful artwork! His style was very unique. It’s strange we’ve never seen this before, though. There must have been more than one shirt made back then.

  • Poola

    oh Layne… you were talented in everything, Angel! :)

  • Brett Buchanan

    Yeah nobody should try and reproduce this shirt and sell it illegally, but luckily I haven’t seen anything like that yet.

    Nancy, we’d love to see some of Layne’s art like this officially released! I’d love to buy this as a framed photo and put it up in my room.

  • heart logic

    what’s the point of aggressively ‘protecting’ copyrights and duplication rights if you are just going to hoard them? there has not been anything ‘officially’ released from the Layne Staley estate in a long time, despite the facts that:

    1. art and music are created to be shared, to communicate a thought/feeling/idea

    2. it would be profitable

    3. the world is mostly void of Layne’s special type of talent. it’s like withholding an aids cure

    4. his name and estate’s value is intrinsically tied in an interactive way to the fans that supported him through his career. he is what they accepted him as. there is a hard to articulate relationship between an artist and those that listen to his/her music. when someone feels a certain way listening to a song, something real has happened. there has been a communication, and the recipient can actually claim a kind of relationship with the artist, that is strangely personal. the artist intentfully spoke to them. withholding created art is a from of censorship akin to internet and telephone filters. let the message be heard.

    5. they are good people, those that would buy the neatly packaged products created from his art

  • BleedTheFreak

    Hi nancy. I just noticed you were on here. And I just want to express to you how much your beautiful son got me through. Like him, I have my own demons, and his words give me hope and strength for better days. Your son truely soothes my soul.

  • Ben

    @ heart logic

    Yes art and music usually are created to be shared… but that doesn’t mean all creativity needs to be shared with the public.

    Yes it would be profitable but why does every bit of art and music that Layne made need to be heard by the general public – we should be able to enjoy the music he has given us and respect that family have all good reason to not release every bit of Layne’s work if they wish not too.

    It is quite understandable for a family member who has lost someone close to them to hold these last remaining works of Layne close to their heart and not wish it to be turned into a commercial item.

    Don’t get me wrong – I would love to see and hear more of his work but I am happy to respect what the family decide to do. I’m not claiming to know this is the way they are thinking about it… but this is just my opinion on the matter.

  • Brett Buchanan


    If there is unreleased music and art from Layne, it should be heard and seen. Even if it’s just posted online. Especially in a creative devoid time like this.

  • redhead

    nancy,why do you keep everything of layne’s hidden away? what are you gaining by being a hoarder?

  • Spoonman

    shut up redhead. i respect nancy’s right to hold onto layne’s art. and i disagree with you as well brett. its not about what art is available at the time, if she doesnt wanna release it thats her call. art is doing whatever you want however you want.

  • Blind Lemon

    Nancy please make the shirts available to buy…I would buy them in a heart beat!

  • SuperSG

    Hello Mrs Staley.

  • Pedro

    It’s hard for me to believe that Nancy is actually posting here. Could be anyone.

  • Brett = Moron

    How is this “unseen” or “unreleased” art if it was sold at a concert?

  • GenXLady

    Very cool art from a unique Mad Season performance. I am surprised this hasn’t surfaced before, since this was sold at a past event. Just when you think there is nothing left to be discovered, some piece of art, an anecdote, etc, pops up somewhere. It is gratifying to still discover art left from Layne, and have a new AIC album in the works with the surviving members and William too. Maybe someday there will even be a LEGIT biography of the band and ALL of its members (Layne, Jerry, Mike, Sean, Mike and William) through time.

  • JJ

    Nancy this is what happens when you try to hid your son’s art. If you share them and even sell stuff to fans with profits going to a rehab center or other social work, you wouldn’t see them popping in the net. Ma’am you need to open. Hiding Layne’s stuff and fighting for every copyright you are making his valuables more profitable in the underground. until you change this approach, you’ll keep seeing this situations. Think about it! you’re a great lady but need to loosen up. I send you this message with all my respect and all the love for Layne.

  • studhowzer’s mom

    Nancy said nothing Layne created can be reproduced for “profit” wo permission (…quite understandable in my humble opinion).

    RIP Layne.

  • Carrie

    Why is anyone on here giving Nancy grief…If Layne wanted things published…it would’ve been published..he made it while he was still alive obviously. Layne is a person to all of us..he means alot to me without even knowing him..but she lost a son..not just a person. So if any of you have children, imagine losing them and everything they have ever made would be something you cherish..for those of you who don’t have children you can’t possibly understand..but have some respect. Layne has given us plenty of works of art to cherish..and his last few years he was very private and didn’t release any of these things..so if anything she is honoring his wishes. Leave her alone.

  • studhowzer’s mom

    Carrie….very well put. Ditto & thanks.

  • Elle

    Wow, such amazing dark work. Mrs. Staley if that is really you, I would like to thank you for giving us Layne, he is missed. :(

  • Billy Corgans Dog Zero

    Such gullible DIRT here. Down In A Hole With You ALL! :)

  • Miff

    As “Studhowzer’s Mom” pointed out, I think the key word in all of this is profit. Regardless of whether or not people feel that the Staley family are obligated to put stuff out there, I think it’s safe to say if someone popped up on this comment thread here having made a bunch of these shirts and selling them for a profit for themselves, it wouldn’t be met kindly by any of us. Plus, as people have pointed out, as Layne’s mother, I think Nancy above anyone else has the right to say what is and isn’t released.

  • Kathrin

    Very nice. Who feels Laynes artistic magic, respected the things in the hidden and sees with the heart. R.I.P.

  • SuperSG

    My friend didnt think it was actually Mrs. Staley.

  • Jeanne

    Nice to see Nancy on here (if that is truly her)…people her last name is NOT Staley though.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Very tough situation. Let’s say that Nancy is truly Laynes mom, kudos for even posting anything.
    If Nancy is the executor of Laynes estate, then she is legally obligated to do whatever she wants with his properties.
    As a fan, if there are any unreleased songs at least, I hope they see the light of day. Losing a child is an awful thing but Layne made music to be heard by ppl. She can release the material, earn money for various purposes and everybody wins.

    The sad part is that because so many ppl on this Site post under different names, I really don’t believe this Nancy is actually Nancy.

  • Pedro

    I don’t believe this Nancy is Layne’s mother. But, she can do whatever she wants. It’s even good that she doesn’t want just to profit over her son’s art.

    BUT that changes if there are any unreleased songs. Those were made to be heard, I believe Layne would like to share his gift. He was the best. He still is.

  • David bronstein

    That was indeed Nancy who posted.
    She emailed me, and she isn’t happy that Layne’s artwork is here on grunge report.

    What I will say is that this artwork has been in the domain for 17 years. The night Layne handed these tshirts out at a Mad Season gig.

    Layne was an artist, his music and art SHOULD be made public.
    That is all.

  • dakotablue

    Another in Layne’s series of self-portraits, I think.
    His style is so geometric and striking. What a talent.
    We miss you every day, dear Layne.

  • Pedro

    David, how can we trust you?

    And btw, why is she mad then? And if you agree that it should be public, why are you saying that?

  • Tan

    Layne had an art exhibition at the Sharp Wit Gallery in 1994. His own words are: “I am thrilled to be able to show these pieces, and I hope others enjoy them as much as I.”

  • Nicole

    To heart logic, redhead, & David bronstein:

    For those of you who argue that as a fan, you have the right to see what Nancy has been “hoarding”; what made you think you had any right, AS A FAN, to meddle with the things his family wanted to keep private? This exactly why people like Rubio exist, to feed disrespectful fanatics like you. And you call yourself his “fan”?

    “Layne was an artist, his music and art SHOULD be made public.” That is not for you to decide. If you were Layne Staley’s mom, then I guess you could do whatever you want–but–you’re not.

  • David

    This is a photo of a t shirt someone bought. There is no copyright contravention in taking a photo of a t shirt you’ve bought and putting it online. You could also resell this shirt legally. What you couldn’t do is transfer the image and use it to make money by printing your own shirts etc. End of.

  • EvenFlow

    Haha. Came across this tonight. Cool tshirt. I like it.
    So I read in the comments someone named nancy and all the people in there instantly believe its Nancy McCallum.
    People are so fucking gullible. And. Then they respond to Nancy like she is Laynes mom.
    Hilarious shit I tell you.

  • yeahman

    Maybe id Layne’s mother was a real mother she would not have let him do drugs, same goes for his father and sister and friends. HE became a junkie because of many reasons. Now she is just trying to soothe her own guilt.

  • Got Me Wrong

    It amazes me how many of you will speak without so much as thought, research or education.
    Yeahman, you’ve been awarded top prize! You can’t seriously believe people have any influence, whatsoever, over another’s decisions in life. Everyone has free will and no one, repeat, no one has the ability to force the hand of another into making them do something, whether it is for the betterment of their life or not.
    If a person has the desire to change, it is entirely up to them. The outside influences can offer support but by no means can they force them into a behavior modification.
    Pick up a book and educate yourself for God’s sake.