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Filter’s new album The Sun Comes Out Tonight sold 8,522 copies in its first week, debuting at #46. The band’s previous album The Trouble With Angels debuted at #64

  • sal

    bye bye filter:(

  • Mike

    That’s 710 copies in each 52 U.S. states…

  • lilrockable

    It sold more than Angels did in its first week

  • Marcelo

    It is a good album!!!! Should have sold more… maybe more marketing on it?

  • JG566

    Figured it would be a little more than that…
    Just saw them 2 nights ago on the Summerland tour.
    Times have changed apparently.

  • Ash

    The album isn’t bad, but the lyrics are fucking ROTE.

    The sales can be blamed on Wind Up Records. Practically no marketing whatsoever for this record. You’re a record company; act like it.

  • Joe

    That’s a pathetic number

  • aussie

    Windup records has failed to ship the cd to the major music/electronics chain in Australia (JB Hi-Fi to be specific) as of last Friday. I’ll check again on Monday.

    The question is, how many sales are being lost because the cd isn’t in stores? I’d have downloaded the thing by now out of frustration if this wasn’t a band that I wanted to support.

    I haven’t purchased the CD via amazon because I was sure that the shipping of the cd to record stores was imminent.

    I’m losing patience and will give the cd a miss if Filter/the record company don’t sort it out, and this is from a Filter fan since the pre-Title of Record days