Foo Fighters Top Linkin Park At Big Money Corporate Gig For Big Name


Foo Fighters played their first 2019 show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock on Wednesday night, and it was a private corporate gig for HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets. The performance was part of the CES 2019 trade show. Corporate gigs are very lucrative, so the Foos likely got a hefty pay day!

Harman International Industries CEO Dinesh Paliwal said Foo Fighters were the great rock act they’d ever had, topping Linkin Park and other big names.

“The last 7 years we brought in Linkin Park, Sting, Elton John, Danny Travis. The last 5 years we’ve been waiting for someone, the greatest rock and roll band.” He then proudly proclaimed, “Foo Fighters!”

Watch videos from the show below.

Good Guy Dave Grohl was recently in Las Vegas, and he took a variety of hilarious photos with fans making all of their celebrity photo fantasies come true! Grohl screamed like the rock god that he is at a fan when taking photos at the new Park MGM Hotel and Casino, and she looked on in blissful amazement at her new ‘best friend.’

courtp21 posted on Instagram, “What a night! #lasvegas #parkmgm #ladygagaenigma #daveghrol #bestfriendgoals #vegasbaby 🤘🏼.”

michellemess23 commented, “dude how’d you meet him? Did you just run into him and say what up!?”

courtp21 responded, “have you guys met me? Jk lol it was kismet and just love at first sight. We were both just sneaking out to the outdoor no smoking area 🙄.”

“no joke the coolest guy ever! My new best friend!! ❤️”

Grohl attended a Lady Gaga show in Las Vegas, taking photos with The Avengers star Jeremy Renner.

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    They had to warm up for the corporate gig at the Super Bowl coming up too. They’re in the music business.