Frances Bean Cobain Reacts To Justin Bieber Sex Life Reports


With recent reports of Justin Bieber inviting twelve models to party on his luxury yacht in Australia, Frances Bean Cobain is weighing in on his sex life. Cobain tweeted, “I wonder if Justin Bieber knows how to be alone.”

The Canadian musician was snapped aboard a yacht with several women on the Melbourne harbour and according to The Daily Telegraph, he ‘hand-picked’ ‘twelve ‘glamorous models.’

‘The troubled popstar had strict requirements for the invited women — sign a nondisclosure agreement, surrender your phone and be a model,’ The Daily Telegraph reported.

Sharah Fitzgerald was one of the models present. Sharah wrote on Instagram in 2015: “Bieber looks like [he] just left church [and] stuck some transfer tats on to compensate [for] his small dick and glorious 12-year-old body!”


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