Frances Bean Cobain Reacts To Justin Bieber Sex Life Reports


With recent reports of Justin Bieber inviting twelve models to party on his luxury yacht in Australia, Frances Bean Cobain is weighing in on his sex life. Cobain tweeted, “I wonder if Justin Bieber knows how to be alone.”

The Canadian musician was snapped aboard a yacht with several women on the Melbourne harbour and according to The Daily Telegraph, he ‘hand-picked’ ‘twelve ‘glamorous models.’

‘The troubled popstar had strict requirements for the invited women — sign a nondisclosure agreement, surrender your phone and be a model,’ The Daily Telegraph reported.

Sharah Fitzgerald was one of the models present. Sharah wrote on Instagram in 2015: “Bieber looks like [he] just left church [and] stuck some transfer tats on to compensate [for] his small dick and glorious 12-year-old body!”


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  • nomad

    The only interesting thing about this post is PJ Harvey. Why no posts about her?

    • Alternative Nation

      Unfortunately people only want to read clickbait headlines. If PJ says or does something clickbait worthy, it will be reported on here.

      • nomad

        Now that is just a sad sack excuse. Are you guys going to even try anymore?

        • Alternative Nation

          I’m trying to keep the site in business. As the sole news reporter on the website, I have to focus on stories that will get enough traffic to keep the site going.

          • Love of Country

            It’s none of my business but if one of this website’s problems is low traffic and particularly if that’s one of your bigger problems then you’re in luck this morning.

            Stop censoring peoples’ comments. Because quite candidly and without any heated feelings my predominant thought about this website is that it’s got a totally f’d up comment section and too the extent I can’t be bothered with it even though I love, love, love music.

            Block repeat offenders but this current setup is untenable for me and the only other thought I have is what a wasted opportunity for the site owner.

            PS – It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t post this comment because it really is personal in nature and devoid of grandstanding.

          • Alternative Nation

            The comment previewing system is due to two troll commenters who went insane several months ago. I don’t care about censoring comments on here if they’re not personal attacks, but I have this current system to avoid legal threats of harassment and things like that.

            I will censor any comment though on Facebook that could dissuade someone from clicking the link. That’s just business though.

            The biggest issue with this site is not having someone who is experienced with advertising/business. The site actually has grown an audience that is twice as big as it was a year and a half ago. The thing is though if I had someone with an advertising expertise/business sense I could monetize it better to a point where I could pay some writers something decent (I’ve tried a couple payment systems before, but the site doesn’t make enough money to make it worthwhile to someone who is posting 1/20 of the amount of articles I do, I make a living doing this due to the amount of articles I post).

          • Alternative Nation

            Also a followup question, do you dislike the comment previewing system, or are you upset with trolls?

          • Love of Country

            Well honestly I’m kinda new to this site so please be aware of that. As such I’m not up to speed with any trolls who may frequent this neck of the woods.

            And as a rule, I don’t bring my politics to nonpolitical websites as a courtesy to all involved.

            So please forgive me for crossing that line now but I’m trying to address your concerns to the best of my ability.

            I don’t know what kind of trolls you were confronted with here but the trolls I encounter on political websites come in two main varieties ie paid and unpaid.

            The paid ones work 4 – 8 hour shifts by DNC front groups and they just hang out all day (mostly on conservative websites) pestering and disrupting everything conservatives say. Trolls like that I would ban for life.

            The other trolls are the non-paid ones who are never serious and make disingenuous comments every time they’re on the boards. These trolls would have to be dealt with on a case by case basis …..

            But if in fact you only had a couple trolls who were making things miserable then by all means just ban them and let everyone else play.

            Admittedly I know nothing of legal threats but I presume they’re just that ie baseless threats. I’d think you could block anyone whom you believe is a net negative to the overall wellbeing of this website.

            Just remember; people/bloggers want immediate gratification when they post a comment. They want to type it and see it post right away, particularly when interacting with other bloggers on that thread.

            And that’s where the censoring/delayed posting hurts you the most (among the more-social bloggers who would otherwise like to have running conversations with like-minded people on topics they enjoy. Delaying their comments completely stifles those types of discussions.

            Even the bloggers who mostly like to post and go on to other websites can be deterred by the delayed posting.

            We all like immediate gratification these days.

            BTW: I tried posting at Rolling Stone and although my comments posted right away many came right back down. The moderators over there are hardcore hair-trigger liberal fascists who exert extreme biased thought control ….. and as such I won’t give them the time of day but if people like music and only liberal politics I guess it works for them.

            In closing I’d just like to emphasize two words ….

            Immediate Gratification

          • Corndog

            Generally, the vast majority of posts get approved within minutes of my phone beeping with a disqus notification, but I can’t be available to do that every minute of every day. I have to work and sleep of course; which is where timezones can come into play and can cause a delay in my approving posts. A few months back several other moderators were added but I seem to be the only one doing any moderation at least 95% of the time.

            I do agree with your point about instant gratification which is why I try to ensure posts go up asap. Ultimately though, it’s Brett’s site and I stand by whatever decisions he makes regarding the comments section. In short, I’m doing my best:)

          • Alternative Nation

            I just set it back to non-moderated comments, we’ll see how it goes. If it gets nuts I’ll go back to how it’s been with comments needing to be approved.

          • Corndog

            Awesome:) Hopefully it should be fine. It always used to be for the most part.

          • Love of Country

            You’re doing fine for what you have to work with.

            I feel like a preemptive warning would go a long way in the meantime … because that first comment that goes into moderation is really like a cold slap in the face …. you honestly feel like you’ve been violated.

            Okay well I’ve given you gentlemen some valuable feedback IMHO. I’ll check in from time to time.

            Best Regards!


          • Love of Country

            *to the extent

          • Bruno Sílvio Martins

            Man, you should just stop with the 90’s theme if you want to keep the busyness going. We all have to adapt to survive. Just be a music news site. Rock, hard rock, metal. Just cover all kinds of rock and heavy bands. Otherwise you’ll have the same problems. And worst, people will start to think that this is a clickbait site with no real news and will lose interest and stop visiting. I don’t know… I think that sometimes what we want and what we need are very different things.

          • Alternative Nation

            The issue is I’m the only reporter, so in order to break news on a bunch of different genres, I need other reporters who have my skillset/can do what I do, which unfortunately takes money as people won’t do it for free. I do need to figure out a strategy though to expand though with the time I have, but I alone can’t cover everything. There also still needs to be a brand identity.

          • Bruno Sílvio Martins

            Thanks for the reply. I know you care about the site. Too bad the social media type of news are what people are after, now.

          • Contrarian

            I disagree. 90’s retro is heating up big time. I’m sure the admin see’s an increase in views compared to just a year or two ago. I’d wait until the fad dies off before changing format.

          • Bruno Sílvio Martins

            I don’ know about that… I think everything works in circles, sure. But with every time around the circle gets smaller. Meaning I don’t see 90’s music coming back. I see a lot of bands that aren’t interested in labels the way it was in the 90’s. There’s no alternative vs metal or rock anymore. Back then if you were a fan of Soundgarden or Nirvana you had to hate Guns and other hard rock bands like that. Or if you were a real metal fan Pearl Jam just fucking sucked. Nowadays a band can claim all of the above bands/genres as their influence and nobody criticizes them form their taste. Know what I mean? It’s all rock and nobody cares about that kind of distinction anymore. Except of course for the die hard metal or grunge fans. And I think that’s what increases the clicks on this site. That and clickbait.

          • Bruno Sílvio Martins

            I mean, is it better to cover a lot of other bands and have some respect from the readers and other publications or to have a sleazy headline with the words “sex life” and “Justin Bieber” on it? When I started visiting the site, at the very begining, I always thought it was a cool professinal news site, regardless of the bands it covered. Now I find it very hard to look at. It’s not even mainstreaming it’s just clicks for the sake of clicks.
            None of my business and you run yours the way you think is right. This is just my opinion. And as you can see, I keep coming back to the site.

          • Alternative Nation

            The site has twice as many hits now compared to the time you are referring to, and makes three times as much money. So the ‘real news’ type of site format didn’t actually work, it didn’t make enough money, and there wasn’t enough money to pay writers to stick around.

          • Bruno Sílvio Martins

            But you did have writers working for you, right? Again, too bad people are not interested in making something good and are just here for the comments section, you know what I mean?
            Hope everything turns out ok in the future. I’ll keep coming back.

          • Alternative Nation

            We still have some writers (who I greatly appreciate), but the people who did more regular work for the site like Jeff Gorra (interviews/editorials) and Mike Mazzarone (booking interviews) only do very occasional work for the site now. If the site made more money I could afford to pay people like that some money that would make them do some regular stuff on the site.

            The irony is though that the site has actually made more money in the past year and a half than it ever did when we had more regular writers, because I’ve become a much better reporter when it comes to breaking clickbait stories that maximize traffic. But I really would like to have someone booking/conducting interviews, but I don’t know if a money structure currently exists that will entice someone to do that, since people don’t seem to want to do it for free or very limited money. I don’t chase interviews much myself anymore because they’re time consuming and maybe 1/4 will go viral and get a lot of hits, you also get turned down most of the site which means you waste time trying to book them. I can do a Bieber article like this instead for similar traffic without having to waste time.