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Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale was recently interviewed on The Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMMS, and had the following to say regarding Bush’s reunion, “There were two choices to make at the beginning, whatever it was 2 years ago when we came back with The Sea of Memories. There were two ways of going about it, one was like to try and play really big places to say this is the band we are and you put yourself in that light, and do or die by the ticket sales. Or you do what we did which is sort of underplay everywhere, and just take it on a bit like a new band except with a pretty fat catalog. So that’s what we did and we opted for that, and what’s been amazing is seeing the steady growth of it. The world is so fragmented and there’s so many great bands and great things to do and new bands, it would be weird if you just expected people to automatically expect a lot of people to turn out to see you. For us we kind of went the other route, it’s just been a really great time, a very natural feeling. I remember the first rehearsal I went into with the band, it was just like putting on your favorite pair of jeans.”

  • Raj

    You really can’t call it a Bush reunion without all the original members. Nigel Pushford and Dave Parsons left Bush and decided not to come back.

    It’s just like seeing GNR, Smashing Pumpkins these days where the lead singer is the only original member.

  • Curmudgeon

    Gavin and Robin the drummer are original band members and Cory the guitarist joined the band during the Golden State album back in 2001 so only the bassist is completely new. It’s not like Pumpkins or GNR, besides Axel and Bilco are dipshits.

  • Is he one?

    Get lost. The quality of the music is all that matters and Corgan is about 1000 times more talented than Rossdale.

  • versus

    Bush was/is Gavin’s band. Bush shouldn’t have to die just because some “original members” aren’t on board. Gavin can do whatever he wants with it. I saw the band last year in front of only a couple hundred people, so clearly he’s making little money off the name anymore. And yes, they still suck in my opinion. I will say that Gavin’s voice has held up nicely over the years.

  • Curmudgeon

    @ is he one?
    I never said Bush’s quality of music is better than Billco’s.
    I just said he’s a dipshit (which is true). He’s also a hypocrite.

  • Cobainsweater

    I’ll take the latest Bush album over the latest Pumpkins album ANY day of the week.

  • laynelivesforever

    Gavin is a PUSS.