GRUNGEREPORT.NET GIVING AWAY FREE TICKET TO SOUNDGARDEN’S SHOW AT THE WILTERN IN LOS ANGELES is giving away one free mezzanine ticket to Soundgarden’s show on Saturday February 16th at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. The ticket is courtesy of reader Joseph Thomas (who also donated to help us purchase, we will be changing our name to in early March, it was pushed back because it has taken time building the new layout). Soundgarden are playing three shows at the intimate Wiltern this weekend to wrap up their winter King Animal tour. We’ve had lotteries before giving away prizes, and Twitter/Facebook contests, but I thought this time we would focus on the comments section. Why do you think you deserve the ticket, why is Soundgarden one of your favorite bands? Be creative (your Soundgarden story, maybe even photos) and leave a comment in the comments section explaining why, make sure when you are commenting when it asks for your e-mail you put a valid one, because the winner will be contacted via that e-mail, and if the e-mail isn’t valid somebody else will win. Also note that the winner must be willing to show up a few hours prior to showtime, because they will be given the ticket in line. If you show up late/after doors have opened you are shit out of luck. The contest ends tonight (Thursday) at 9PM Pacific time and the winner will be announced tomorrow.  For those wondering, I will be attending Saturday’s show.

  • David

    Longtime fan of soundgarden and Chris cornell in general, I feel deserve the ticket to attend one of the shows this weekend, big fan of Matt Cameron’s drum work. By the way I only live about 30 minutes from the wiltern.

  • Ben

    Hmmm I think Mayan should go with you Brett! Maybe he might even realise that the new album is called King Animal and that Soundgarden still rock!

    On a serious note – great idea Brett and thanks to Joseph Thomas for his huge generosity.
    I wont be able to go so I’m not going to enter… but good luck to everyone and I hope who ever wins has an awesome experience.


  • Bill Alexander

    First, thanks to you guys for the chance to win this. Very typical of the soundgarden/ pearl jam family to do something cool like this. I’ve been around the scene since early nineties and never got to see soundgarden. I always kicked myself for never going to see them and was disappointed when they broke up. I’ve seen chris solo, at the wiltern. He is amazing live. With the reunion I was hoping to go, but now I’m a proud father of 2 amazing little girls and finding the extra cash was too much. So here’s a nineties father who could use a nite with old friends. Bad motor finger is by far my favorite album. Next to pearl jam, these guys are close second. So thanks for the chance and keep up the good work. Btw…it’s also my wife’s bday.

  • SuperSG

    Everybody deserves a chance to win this, but my story is pretty funny…

    Nostradamus predicted the end of the world…so in 2006, at age 11, I looked up best songs to hear during the apocalypse…saw this song called Preaching The End of The World by some dude with a goatee and spiked hair called Chris Cornell. Loved the song, the world didnt end, now I’m obsessed with anything cornell does.

    Funny, right? Shoulda died. Found awesome music on the day I was supposed to die. Didn’t die. Got great music and discovered an awesome genre!
    Gotta love life! And I’ve been to 6 SG shows :p

  • McShpoochen

    I’ve been a fan of Soundgarden as long as I can remember. I remember the first time I heard “Room a thousand years wide” – blew my mind.
    A few months ago Chris Cornell toured in my country (Israel) and I attended both shows. The first show I was sitting front row, could practically smell Chris’ sweat. I made a T-shirt for him and after he did Hunger Strike I threw it up to him. He picked it up, showed it to everyone and them talked about the gesture. (Eventually he forgot it on stage so I picked it up to give him the next day) The next day every news site had a story piece about it. The following day, the second show, was sitting in the 10th row. He spotted me holding the shirt and told me to come to the stage. As I’m giving one of my idols a shirt for the second time in two days I turn around and thousands of people are standing and screaming at me, I felt so ecstatic.

    You even made a piece about it too – .

    Anyways, the reason I think I should get the tickets is simple – he forgot the shirt a second time. I still got it here, never laundered or nothing. You know what they say, third time’s the charm. ;)

  • McShpoochen

    Also: I’m an idiot – posted a wrong e-mail. If you find me worthy of the ticket, please refer to this comment instead. Thanks!

  • Deviate

    I think I should win. Just because. I mean I’m a bigger fan of SG than anyone here. Except Mayan.

  • Julz

    I was a typical angst ridden teen in the 90’s. Always quiet, never really talked to a lot of people. I met this one girl with purple hair cut in a bob and we sorta connected. She said “here, listen to these” and gave me a stack of CD’s. So over one weekend in the summer of 93′, I listened to these albums. Temple of the Dog, Badmotorfinger, Louder than Love etc. I was hooked. Nothing else I’d ever heard before truly channeled the feelings I’d had. At the time, again I was 14 or so, I felt like I couldn’t connect with anyone or anything. Soundgarden’s music changed that for me. I’ve been a diehard fan ever since. I’ve seen them in concert only 3 times. I have every B-Side. I used to buy Rip, Spin and any other magazine that they were in and tore out articles and pictures of the band. At first the pix would end up on my wall, but soon ran out of room. Now they’re all in an old, decrepit photo album. A scrap book if you will, of all things SG. In chronological order. I also have a SG tattoo, although not quite sure how to upload it. Anyway, thanks for letting me share my story.

  • Jason

    Hmmm…I can’t get my story to submit.

  • Jason

    Well, I thought maybe it was a character limit. But maybe it’s this iPad or this ridiculous trade show wireless I’m on.
    Regardless, I will ditch the customer meeting/dinner Saturday, drive up from Anaheim, rock the f*ck out to SG, rip my own face off and leave it in the Wiltern Theater! That’s how bad I want to be there!

  • Mayonaise

    Yesterday it was my birthday, and months beforehand I had asked for tickets to Soundgarden from my parents, but they had sold out within days before they could get to them. Soundgarden is one of my favorite bands and a big influence on my own music and is a regular part of music I listen to everyday and it would be the greatest thrill to win the ticket and see one of my absolute favorite bands live.

  • Nathan Simmons

    Soundgarden was one of the reasons I got into Grunge music in the 80s/90s. I have been listening to them sine Ultramega OK and have never been able to see them in concert die to moving around so much as a military brat. Now that I’m in California, I hope I can. I missed out like so many other people did on these tickets, and it would make my year if I won them!

  • Juli

    I typed several different stories, trying to make a case for why I should win Soundgarden tickets. I ended up deleating them all because they inadequatelly expressed my love for the band and their influence on my life. I don’t think the point of this contest is to convince you who is the “biggest fan.” What it essentially boils down to is that I am a HUGE FAN of Soundgarden; their music has touched my heart in ways I cannot even begin to describe. Hearing “4th of July” helps me to recall some of the most precious moments of my life, including my fiancee’s proposal. For that, I am grateful.

    Do I deserve these tickets any more than anyone else here? Probably not. Would I have the most amazing night of my life if I had the opportunity to see Soundgarden perform live? Absolutely. Memories to last a lifetime…thank you for the chance to win :)

  • SuperSG


    You were a valiant warrior during the battle against the invading Mayan at the Hot Gates…I supposed you are worthy…
    I fear that since Iso was our Leonidas… Wait a minute….ugh.. Too much 300 combined with Military History Class… My bad…rambling

  • Calvin McLain

    My niece Mia is 12 years old, and I get all her music for her. Rae Jespen, Cyrus, GaGa, etc are all the stuff I download and burn to CD for her. Whatever she asks for I get, regardless of how much I like it. Around Christmas time I got a call and it was from my Sister, Mia’s Mom Katie. Katie informed me that Mia had a new song that she wanted me to get for her. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to hear her singing BEEN AWAY TOO LONG! She has her own version of the lyrics and everything. It’s adorable. I told her how much it meant to me that she was finally listening to quality music and not that fluff she has always been asking me to download. I would love to take her with me to see the whole show and open her eyes to truly great music! Thank you and hope to hear from you.

    Truly Yours,
    Calvin McLain

  • Marsha Marcia Marsha

    first I love soundgarden always have. I remember hearing spoonman the first it was yesterday..I love it more today than ever. Then I saw the face of a God singing I was in love forever. I always related and felt closeness to Chris because of Depression.
    My love for them caused deeper depression. I could go on and on about the abuse I lived with, then caring for my Mother with dementia for over 2yrs.
    Her Dr. finally recomended nursing facility. My health was and is failing, but I finally got tickets for MIA festival. I was in heaven I cried couldn’t believe I was going to see Chris, Pearl Jam, and in my mind Temple of the Dog. I was crushed. I still am.I could go on forever telling what I lost, how it set me back,but good luck to someone. I’m on the East Coast could never make it. Story of my life

  • Jason

    I didn’t win the ticket, not sure who did, but hopefully they were one of four people losing their mind last night! Pretty tame crowd. Get set but Seattle was more intense, for sure. Oh and I bought a last minute ticket and left my face in the Wiltern. Hope three of you can say the same.