Thanks to Andrew McBride, Tom, Zach L, and Brad yet again for their help with the live coverage and setlist relaying. Also to the guy who streamed the show (Gary), thank you.

1. Wash
2. The Fixer
3. Severed Hand
4. All Night
5. Given to Fly
6. Pilate
7. Love Boat Capain
8. Habit (with Liam Finn)
9. Even Flow
10. Daughter (It’s OK tag)
11. Leatherman
12. Red Mosquito (with Julian Casablancas from the Strokes)
13. Satan’s Bed
14. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
15. Unthought Known (Brendan O’Brien thought this was “worth recording”)
16. New World (with John Doe)
17. Black
18. Jeremy

1st Encore:
19. New Eddie Vedder Song (A lyric from it is “So glad we made it, never thought we would, never though we could.” He said he wrote it today)
20. Just Breathe
21. Nothingman
22. No Way
23. Public Image
24. Smile (with Glen Hansard)
25. Spin The Black Circle

2nd Encore:
26. Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog with Chris Cornell)
27. Call Me A Dog (Temple of the Dog with Chris Cornell)
28. All Night Thing (Temple of the Dog with Chris Cornell)
29. Reach Down (Temple of the Dog with Chris Cornell)
30. Sonic Reducer (with Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudoney)

3rd Encore:
31. Alive
32. Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World
33. Yellow Ledbetter (Mike McCready national anthem tag)

Show is over.


1:03AM EST- Eddie thanked everybody and introduced Alive by saying, “In the words of Andy Wood, kick it.”

12:09AM EST: “Stone Gossard is the most handsome guy in the group.” -Eddie Vedder

10:43PM EST- Eddie sends out his best wishes to the families of recent stage collapses at concerts, leading into Love Boat Captain clearly referencing the 2000 tragedy.

10:31PM EST- Brad says he is down in seats tonight, incredible energy, the floor has been shaking since they walked out.

10:13PM EST- Kind of old news now (by old I mean 30 minutes) but nwpassage1 on Twitter is reporting that Dave Grohl is in the crowd.

10:01PM EST- I’m back. Pearl Jam should go on soon, I’ll be doing a live setlist. There is talk among the crowd that Bono and Neil Young may appear on stage according to Andrew McBride. Neil Young is portrayed on the weekend poster.

7:53PM EST- Alright I have to work on some homework, if Pearl Jam go on before I get back, check the comments as I’m sure commenters should/will be posting the live ongoing setlist. If Pearl Jam go on at 9PM CST though I’ll be able to cover it. There’s also a video stream that will start when the band go on that you can watch here.

7:51PM EST- Eddie Vedder is onstage with Queens of the Stone Age for “Little Sister.”

7:46PM EST- I’ll be back at 10PM EST/9PM CST as Pearl Jam start with a live ongoing setlist.

5:48PM EST- All headliners are bumped up by half an hour tonight.  PJ will be on at 9:00 CST.

4:34PM EST- Eddie and Liam played “Habit.”

4:22PM EST- Eddie Vedder is playing drums for Liam Finn.

4:07PM EST- Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, and Matt Cameron are on stage with Joseph Arthur.

2:41PM EST- Photos from inside the Pearl Jam museum.  Click to enlarge.

2:09PM EST- The sun is out, welcome to Day Two (from Zach L, click to enlarge photos)

  • be

    FIRST!!!!!!!! :)

    PEARL JAM tum tum tum
    PEARL JAM tum tum tum

    PEARL JAM olê olê olê PEARL JAM!!!!
    PEARL JAM olê olê olê PEARL JAM!!!!
    PEARL JAM olê olê olê PEARL JAM!!!!
    PEARL JAM olê olê olê PEARL JAM!!!!

  • Zach L

    Sorry for the photo quality. These are all taken from my iPhone.

  • Ana

    The above comment is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  • RödeOrm
  • David.

    Is it wrong to think the display of hats is quite so wonderful?

    “Oooo…..that’s Stone’s hat from Singles!”

    I’m genuinely sad to be thousands of miles away from a display case of hats. :)

    More museum pics please.

  • Luke


  • vivian

    so far, second night beats first night. What a setlist!!

  • kez

    is that that the full setlist cause if it is that is petty bad…wheres a new song pj

  • kez

    still nothing new from them..and bringing all these people on stage wrecking the songs….plus more covers = im glad i didnt bust the bank to go to this weekend:)

  • vivian

    kez, you and your complaints can go to bed.

  • the_keeper

    kez why would you think they would play something new? They have barely worked on the new album

    This is PJ20, obviously they will play songs to celebrate their 20 years together, then afterwords the new record will come

  • kez

    umm the keeper they have many recorded songs left over from avocado album aswell as backspacer and they have been in the studio laying down new tracks..just cause i have the balls to speak out not like the rest of pj them what ever they do..and yeah if this was about the last 20yrs why include covers and leave songs off their own catalogue off..stupidity..this is 1 of the only bands out there that pump out covers when they should motivate themselves to working on their own material

  • kez

    and vivian i have been a fan since mlb but i must say these guys are getting lazier and lazier on the creative much pot for ed:)

  • vivian

    the “new” was actually playing with very diverse and talented people like Glen, Liam, Joseph, Julian, John Doe, Brendan Benson Josh Homme, The Strokes QOTSA ……

  • the_keeper

    kez if you think they are lazy then you must be the hardest working person on the planted cause they work damn hard to do what they do

    To have the stamina and drive not only to make it 20 years (which is what this festival is about) and are still going strong… that is hard to do if you are lazy

    Like I said, there is no use in complaining about a lack of new material when the festival is all about celebrating 20 years of tears and cheers. After this then the band will probably get some new stuff going on

  • vivian

    Nothingman PERFECT

  • kez

    covers..they could easy replace those covers with pj material it is a celebration of their 20yrs

  • Jack

    They’ve made it 21 years….

    October 1990 to September 2011 is 21 years!!
    Nice math guys!!

  • the_keeper

    Maybe the covers y’know actually mean something to the band?

    They listened to those songs these past 20 years (technically longer). It is a great way to pay tribute to the artists that have inspired them to keep going this long

  • kez

    and wots the go with ed? that all he is going to write songs..thats all we seem to be getting from this guy lately..just breathe..the end..his solo album is full of it..i dont mind a good ol love song here and there but yeah its hard to imagine the grungy teens who grew up with this band enjoying that stlye of music..its making me feel old

  • vivian


  • the_keeper

    kez maybe thats the problem, you are fitting the getting older stereotype perfectly, complaining about trivial things that many, many people enjoy, throwing in jabs at Ed, talking about lack of new material (honestly almost nobody was going in expecting an abundance of new material), and how Ed writes “love songs”

    Maybe you are complaining about love songs because you have not found anyone to love yet?? who the hell knows, he is doing what he wants to do – and that was fairly recent – meaning he is NOT creatively lazy like you said

    Anyways, I do realize that some people just will always find something to complain about so typing this is pointless lol

  • vivian

    kez, if you don’t like the music , it’s always love songs. listen to other music that you can enjoy more.

  • Jack

    LAME setlist…

  • vivian

    GREAT SETLIT much better than last night

  • Jack

    How do they NOT play Immortality?

  • Jack

    The setlist is better than last nite?? Are you high? Unless you like the hits…

  • sonic_reducer

    The setlist is much better tonight than last night

  • Jack

    Considering the circumstances tonight, This setlist was horrifyingly bad…
    They got every HIT in tonight.

    Last nite was very respectable for the first nite outside of Ed completely destroying Who You Are.
    Stardog Champion into Say Hello 2 Heaven was sick…

  • sonic_reducer

    Nothing wrong with the hits… the reason why they are hits is because people love those songs. And there were plenty of non-hit songs. 33 songs played tonight, thats great

  • Jack

    The reason they are hits is because they were released as singles, Professor.

  • sonic_reducer

    Jack the reason why they were hits is because people loved them

    Just because songs are released as singles doesn’t mean they become hits.

  • Jack

    They were released as singles first on the radio/mtv.
    Then they became hits because people liked them from hearing them repeatedly on the radio/mtv.
    Music 101.

  • sonic_reducer

    Just because you hear a song over and over doesn’t mean you will automatically love it

    common sense 101. You have the right idea son, but you miss the mark

  • ecgetty

    Well. That was impressive………

  • Jack

    Which song that PJ released as a single isn’t a hit?
    What song is a hit that PJ didn’t release as a single?

  • dlf_mfc

    Who gives a shit why songs are hits

    They played a badass set tonight, who gives a shit of the songs success, they are good songs nonetheless and work well live. They played little hits yesterday so it makes sense to play more today

    Who cares how much mainstream success a song has, the hits are great songs, and its not like they didnt play anything else

  • sonic_reducer

    1. Save You
    2. Yellow Ledbetter

  • Jack

    “Save You” charted #23 in the US.
    “Yellow Ledbetter” go TONS of radio airplay in 93/94 cause it was the b-side of Jeremy (single).
    It became HUGE because of that. I’m sure you knew that! AND it charted #21 in the US.


  • sonic_reducer

    1. just because it charted doesn’t mean it is a hit, cause it isnt one as of right now

    2. Doesn’t matter, you said a song wasn’t a SINGLE and I provided you with one that wasn’t. You mentioned MTV? YL did not have a music video and it wasn’t released as a single. It was released as a b-side to Jeremy, but it technically was not a single so it fits the criteria you laid out

  • Jack

    I don’t have time for you anymore.
    And you are a loser… If you even get the reference.
    Go listen to “Rearviewmirror”, The album not the song. Fan boy…

  • sonic_reducer

    Jack you are either a 14 year old wannabe hipster who is to cool to like the hits or you just are an idiot

    It has been fun, but you got id (meaning you got SHIT). It has been fun, but quite frankly I am getting tired of owning you every time you type a message on your computer

  • anti_troll

    Jack get your head out your ass mate, its much better out here.

  • Jack

    You guys are both right… I’m sorry.
    I’d much rather listen to a show of mostly radio hits than a show of mostly rarities…
    Don’t know what I was thinking!?

  • anti_troll

    Did ya not see the set list for night 1? Night 1 and 2 go side by side, and it was a great combination of rarities and hits

  • cropduster

    The setlist tonight was fucking great, so many great songs! Best PJ setlist in a while

  • Jack

    Ya but this is their 21st anniversary…
    Most of the people that travelled there don’t wanna hear the same hits they play every show.

  • anti_troll

    Which is why they played a bunch of rarities last night and some tonight as well. It is celerating 21 years, I can’t see how they couldn’t play at least some of their hits. The sets (with the exception of the weird ending last night) were fantastic

  • Jack

    Well my whole argument with the other guy was which nite was better not if the two shows went well together…

  • Filipe

    I.WANT.THESE.FUCKING.BOOTLEGS. (And the fucking DVD if they made it).

  • Jack

    I might sound like an elitist but I would not have been happy after that show if I had been in attendence.

  • anti_troll

    Ah ok. But why are you guys arguing at all? Hits or no hits, the songs are great, and tonight they went all out playing a shitload of great songs with a TODG reunion!

  • Jack

    Like I originally said, considering the circumstances of this weekend shows the second nights’ setlist was extremely poor. First nite was fantastic! I can only imagine had badly he butchered Satan’s Bed nite 2…

  • Brinks667

    ^Blah, blah, blah…

    All I know is that it would’ve been cool to attend one of these shows…At least we’ll get to see clips of the performances online whenev!

  • Electric Fun

    it feels like new year’s eve every time i read this PJ21 coverage

  • riolobo

    it sucks,we paid the same for our saturday tickets and all we got was betterman,last time we’ll go see them,chris rocked,only good part of the show

  • Lucan

    I was expecting magic 40+ song setlists like that famous Halloweeen show at the Philly Spectrum.

    That said, I’m still very envious of all those who got to experience this weekend.

  • random_hero

    I’m just glad i was at the Vic show in 2007. That set list owned.