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Today Filter release their sixth album The Sun Comes Out Tonight, their first new album in 3 years.  While I have been a fan of some songs on Filter’s two comeback albums (Fades Like A Photograph and Soliders of Misfortune among others) I don’t think they have matched up to what I consider Filter’s two masterpieces: Title of Record and The AmalgamutThe Sun Comes Out Tonight feels like the logical followup to The Amalgamut.  Obviously Patrick has changed a lot since Filter’s hey day, he is now a clean and happy family man, but on this album he is able to recapture the Filter sound.

The album kicks off with the hook laden “We Hate It When You Get What You Want.”  The song incorporates some electronic/industrial elements.  I think this song does a far better job than “The Inevitable Relapse” did in incorporating electronic elements without the song sounding cheesy, and it leans more towards an industrial sound which was a huge part of the band sonically during their original run.  This song matches up with many of the 90’s/early 2000’s Filter radio singles.  The equally catchy “What Do You Say” is the album’s second track, with another instantly memorable chorus.

“Surprise” is the first love ballad of the album, this type of sound has sorely been missing from the last two Filter albums.  It sounds it could have come right after “The Only Way {Is The Wrong Way)” on The Amalgamut, but on the other hand it incorporates some modern elements sonically.  The title track “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” combines the heavy guitar riff sound of Filter with the pop side, solid track.  “It’s Got To Be Right Now” is another heavy track with a poppy melody/screaming chorus.  “This Finger’s For You” sounds kind of formulaic, definitely not as infectious as the first 5 tracks.

“Self-Inflicted” is another rocker in the vein of the first two tracks, with a poppy verse leading to a heavy chorus. The pre chorus is great and gives the chorus even greater impact. “First You Break It” is another pop ballad featuring acoustic guitar with another hook laden melody. I could imagine this song playing in a movie. “Burn It” has the best guitar solo on the album, okay song but not up there with the stronger tracks. “Take That Knife Out Of My Back” is one of the darkest tracks on the album, sonically harkening back to “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” The lyrics include ‘painted scene of your destruction/has kept me walking with a knife/that painful mess you call your loving/has wound up being your sick crime/take that knife out of my out of my back.’

“It’s My Time” is a somber piano ballad, solid vocals on this track and a nice change of pace. “It’s Just You” is another poppy track that closes the album, it’s a bit more formulaic than the other pop songs but some good melodies.

Overall this a return to form for Richard Patrick, it doesn’t quite match the first three Filter albums since it lacks the emotional angst lyrically that was present on those albums, but this sounds like the logical mature followup to The Amalgamut and it embodies the sonic spirit of early Filter. Patrick’s voice sounds the best it has in years, and the clean production style helps elevate the songs. Patrick has also come up with several memorable melodies on this album, he doesn’t fuck around on the songs, they are straight to the point.

Favorite songs:
What Do You Say, We Hate It When You Get What You Want, Surprise, and First You Break It

  • Andrei

    So I should take it that you like this one better than The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

  • Joe

    I don’t think this album is anywhere near as good as The Trouble with Angels.

    It seems like he’s still trying to wright poppy, but heavy, riffs. But I just don’t think they were up to par this time around.

  • CagedTiger

    I really like the new AIC album and the new Filter album, think they’re definitely gonna be my summer albums! My fav tracks on the new Filter are ‘Take that Knife Out of my Back’, ‘surprise’ and ‘Its Just you’ but there’s nothing I feel the need to skip over. I think it’s a stronger album than The Trouble With Angels but not as good as TOR or The Amalgamut, those 2 are classics!

  • Joe


  • Riley Rowe

    The first two tracks and Self-Inflicted seemed to stand out the most to me. But it bummed me out how poppy it sounded. In comparison to Title of Record, it was definetly less heavy and thought-provoking, but that comes with the age of a band I guess.

  • CagedTiger

    The thing with the trouble with angels, for me, was that nothing really jumped out at me. It wasn’t bad but I felt overall it was kinda meh. ‘No Love’ was probably the standout track on there for me and I kinda dig ‘Absentee Father’ too but I’m feeling this new album more. Take that knife out of my back shits on anything in angels IMO.

  • lilrockable

    I didn’t like it as an entire album (that would be strctly Title of Record) but just like all Filter albums there’s some really great songs on here. We Hate It, The title track, Suprise, and Its Just You would be significant standouts for me. I’d say its a great follow up to Angels and a more consistent record a well. Hopefully when Filter STP and Korn settle down we can have another Army of Anyone album. That would be really good.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I like poppy rock songs with good melodies, just my taste.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Obviously not fucking Fall Out Boy, but when bands like STP and Filter go pop I usually enjoy the results.

  • Dan

    Great review. I like the album too.

  • Spoonman

    i think its heavy moments were the highlight for me especially Its Got To Be Right Now, Take That Knife Out Of My Back, We Hate It When You Get What You Want. Burn It is cool. @brett isnt burn it the only solo on the record? and i think the solo on Burn it kinda blows. another example of a guitar player trying to just play as fast as possible and not worrying about content

  • Brett Buchanan

    haha it might be the only solo, I’d have to go back and relisten to the album.

  • Craigory52

    I enjoy the new Filter album. Not as much as I did with their first three albums but I like it not quite as much as The Trouble With Angels. I really enjoy the songs This Finger’s For You, Burn It, The Sun Comes Out Tonight, Surprise, First You Break It. The one flaw of this record is that some of the songs sound too much alike. Why did all of the heavy tracks have to have the same downtuned guitars in every track? The slower softer tracks broke it up a little bit. Has anyone heard the itunes bonus tracks The Better Years or Faded? Just wondered how they were.

  • Spoonman

    @brett i think it is, i really love this album. been listening to it nonstop since they started streaming it last week. really good to see richard patrick kicking ass. cant wait to see them live again. they put on amazing shows, i saw them end with So I Quit a couple years ago, that song translates awesome live

  • CagedTiger


    ‘First You Break It’ has a really short ‘solo’ in the middle, it’s not technical but it’s nice. I’m sure a few others have similar guitar parts in the middle. ‘Burn It’ is the closest to a traditional guitar solo though I guess. Filter were never really a band for solo’s though anyway I guess…


    I listened to the 1 minute samples of the iTunes bonus tracks and they sounded pretty good, will purchase them individually tomorrow I think so I can put them on my iPod with the rest of the album.

  • BillyL

    Title of Record set such a high standard for Filter albums and songwriting, they have yet to even come close to such a level again. The Amalgamut was good, but I tired of it quickly and nothing they have released since has made any kind of impact on me. I still get every new release, though, and I just bought this new album on iTunes and will now kick back, relax and (hopefully) enjoy Mr. Patrick’s new tunes.

  • Cobainsweater

    I’m just thankful we didn’t get another Anthems For the Damned: an excellent opening trio of songs followed by a bunch of shitty pop goop.

    I listened to this album a few times last night during a three-hour car ride. Sonically, it sounded great. But I was half-asleep and the chauffeur was driving like a formula one badass, so that might have had something to do with it. He’s got a LOT of poppy-sounding songs on this one presumably about his kids, especially if you have the version with the two bonus tracks.

    I haven’t heard it enough to say whether I like it as much as Trouble With Angels; that album was a stunning return to form that has come to mean a lot to me in the three years since. On first impression, TSCOT sounds like an amped-up, pissed off version of AFTD should have been.

  • JG566

    Heard it through once so far. It has a couple songs that caught my ear. Need to spin it a couple more times for a proper review.

  • nevernamed

    First two Filter records were great. After that everything became too poppy and generic and boring for my taste.

  • SweetLeaf

    ‘Anthems for the Damned’ had some songs on it that are amongst Filters best, I don’t get the hate for that album. Obviously it’s not in the level of ‘Title of Record’ where every single song is amazing but songs like ‘Kill The Day’, ‘Lie After Lie’, ‘In Dreams and ‘Soldiers of Misfortune’ are up there with their best songs in my opinion.

  • Rob

    So, this week I heard Black Sabbath, Filter, Megadeth, and last week AIC, and I have to admit that Filter has jumped out at me in terms of the energy I like. Just spun it twice while cutting the lawn and I love it!

  • ehowders

    I’ve been watching the vid for ‘What Do You Say’ non-stop:)

  • Anth

    Loving this album. Filter’s always been a “B-level” artist for me–love some of their stuff, totally indifferent to others–but this is easily their best since ToR.

  • Ross CMR

    A lot better than their last one. Love the video for “What do you say” too

  • Future Dead Scoot Weiland

    It’s Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood……… Fuuuuuckerssssss