This is the longest I’ve ever waited to post a review, usually I post them the night I attend a show, but Thursday’s show at the Hollywood Palladium didn’t end until 1AM. At 3 and a half hours, the Sound City Players show was the longest headlining performance I’ve ever seen. I arrived in Hollywood at 5PM (narrowly beating LA traffic) and after a 3 hour wait I entered the venue. The age demographic was varied, there were people in their 20’s like me but also some in their 30’s and 40’s. Saw several Nirvana shirts (I was wearing one as well), one guy said that he saw the band several times back in the day.

The show kicked off at 9:30PM with a set featuring Eleven’s Alain Johannes after a clip of him speaking in the Sound City documentary was played. Clips aired throughout the night from the Sound City film to introduce performers. Johannes should be a familiar name to readers, he used to be in Queens of the Stone Age and has also worked with Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell, and Mark Lanegan. Grohl and Johannes did their best to fill in vocally for Mark Lanegan in a high octane performance of Queens of the Stone Age’s 2002 classic “Hangin Tree.” The Johannes set featured Dave Grohl playing bass, something I never thought I’d see live. Chris Goss and Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk’s performance with Grohl and company gave me a new appreciation for Wilk’s drumming. Pat Smear and Fear frontman Lee Ving came on stage to infuse some punk rock into the show. The energy level really picked up here, it was great to see Pat Smear in his punk rock element. Dave Grohl also played a set with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

One of the highlight’s of the night was the surviving members of Nirvana performing with Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen and Slipknot singer Corey Taylor. They performed some Cheap Trick songs and a new track from the Sound City soundtrack. I was right in front of Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear for the performance, and it was a dream come true to see the surviving members of Nirvana perform together. You could sense that the musical connection between Grohl and Novoselic was still as dynamic as ever, it was truly surreal and something I never thought I’d get to see. Novoselic is a very charismatic bass player live, he did some slight dancing before one song and moved around quite a bit. While I was mostly focused on the Nirvana guys, Rick Nielsen was great as usual and even Corey Taylor surprised me. “Surrender” was one of my favorite performances of the night, and it was a great way to cap off the Corey Taylor/Rick Nielsen/Nirvana set.

Rick Springfield performed next with Foo Fighters as his backing band. This was great, I had not really listened to too much Rick Springfield outside of his hits tonight but he definitely won me over. Dave Grohl seemed to have the most fun during this performance. Springfield brought tons of energy, even throwing his guitar in the air a few times. Former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty also brought it live performing several of his hits, he introduced “Fortunate Son” as a new track they had recorded for the Sound City film. Fogerty praised Grohl, saying that everybody performing had Sound City in common but the other thing they had in common was that they all loved Dave.

Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was the final performer of the night. What a voice, “Landslide” was right up there with “Surrender” as the highlight of the night for me. For “Landslide” it was just Dave on acoustic guitar and Stevie singing. Dave just seemed awestruck during the performance. “Gold Dust Woman” closed the show after 3 and a half hours, with Grohl and Nicks embracing before exiting the stage. This was one of the most enjoyable and unique concerts I’ve ever been to, it’s not too often that you get to see such a wide array of rock legends performing together.

A few of the photos of the Nirvana guys showed up sideways, so here they are.

  • Raj

    Cool, kinda funny to see Dave playing bass live. First time I’ve seen that. It would have been great to see the old members of Nirvana jamming.

  • Cobainsweater

    Jesus fucking christ, why the FUCK are the remaining members of Nirvana shitting on their own legacy by sharing stage space with that anus-faced tool from Shitknot??

  • Christine

    Cobainssweater, they are touring around with the musicians who were part of the Sound City film who recorded tracks for the film as well as participated in the history of (they recorded LPs at Sound City and were interviewed by Dave).

    Watch the Film. They are not shitting on anything, they are jamming and having a good time. Would you rather they roam the halls weeping? A legacy is something you leave behind when you die, Pat Dave and Krist aren’t dead yet (thank goodness).

    It’s too bad Kurt isn’t here to see all these musicians working together, especially the Josh Homme colab’s…. in About A Son he discusses with Mike A. his wanting to work with other people but finding it hard to be around anyone to do so (and how he liked playing songs with Courtney).

    Watch ‘Sound City’. It’s very good. So is “About A Son” (all Kurt talking with Mike A.)

  • Christine

    Coolest Review Ever.

    Awesome you were there and there are photos!

    Thank you grungereport dot net !

  • Sonic_Junkie

    Lucky Bastard!

  • me

    i’m just going to be lame say outstanding show and review. love the raw shots. those are zoning shots because everyone was zoning in the music and the moment.

  • Russ

    Great report, would love to have been there myself. Did you take any video’s?

  • Caroline

    So jealous! I though I was lucky just seeing the documentary in my town.

  • Abe Froman

    Wow. Great review Brett, great pictures. I’m jealous. If I didn’t just get tickets for PJ @ Wrigley I would be planning Sound City Players in NYC.

    I think these guys being back together playing again is an awesome thing. Grohl is such a dynamic drummer, and it’s a treat to see him play them live. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen him play drums with 3 different bands and every experience has been other worldly. I hope they do more shows.

    Good work Brett, thanks.

  • Cobainsweater

    @Christine: I know why they’re touring around and why they’re playing with certain musicians. I don’t understand what they’re doing playing with a shitty vocalist and frontman like Corey Taylor. Who’s next, Fred Durst? That dweeb from Korn?

    Kurt is probably rolling in his grave knowing 3/4 of the most influential rock band of the 90’s is touring around and jamming with one of the worst metal vocalists of all time.

  • Abe Froman

    Cobainsweater, not everyone shares the same opinion as you. I don’t, a lot of Slipknot fans don’t, and Dave Grohl clearly doesn’t.

    Let Kurt ‘roll in his grave’, who gives a shit. Don’t listen if you don’t like it.

  • Badmotorfinger

    I’m not suprised they played Corey Taylor, considering Dave Grohl is such a sell out these days. The last 5 Foo Fighters albums was nothing but uninspired Nickelback-sounding shit, and now he is ruining Nirvana with his shitty new music.

  • paulonious

    this isn’t Nirvana. Never was, never will be. they themselves are not even mentioning that name. they are simply billing it as old friends jamming together. Why this is sacrilege to some people is beyond me. Should they not be able to jam together live because people see it as them exploiting the Nirvana name, which they aren’t?

    Are they playing ANY nirvana songs? NOPE. So how is it shitting on their legacy? I could see if they recruited someone to do a reunion tour of Nirvana songs with someone in Kurt’s place, but this is not Nirvana in the least.

    While I hate Slipknot, Corey Taylor is a very talented musician, and I see nothing wrong with Dave et al jamming with him or anyone else they want to for that matter. If he played drums for Taylor Swift I wouldn’t care. Dave Grohl likes to have fun, something people who like his generation’s music can’t comprehend, and it’s too bad. And he appreciates all forms of music.

  • Abe Froman

    “Now he is ruining Nirvana.”


  • Calvin McLain

    Great review Brett! Any word on a working set list?

  • holt

    what is nirvana? food? soda? car model? unknown , fact!

  • holt

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    Brett, It’s cool to see your review for Nirvana and Sound City Player.

  • emu

    Guitarist to talk with Wyatt Wendels.

    Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has told Planet Rock he’s looking forward to bringing his other band to the UK.

    Brad begin their European tour here in the UK later this month. The band formed in Seattle more than twenty years ago but this will be the first time they’ve played on British soil.
    Stone told Planet Rock’s Wyatt Wendels that he enjoys the variety in playing with Brad and Pearl Jam, and you can hear an extract from the interview below:

    Be sure to listen to the full interview in Wyatt’s show “New Rock” on Saturday at 10:00pm.

  • Scott McLean

    Dave and Fleetwood Mac ought to do a new and much extended version of The Chain. That’s a great song and I’d like it to be about 5 minutes longer than radio single.

  • Scott McLean

    The song seems longer than it is but I think a ten-minute grunge-prog version would be cool.

  • Cobainsweater

    My problem with this isn’t the remaining members of Nirvana reforming as a Nirvana covers band. Never once did I say they were traveling around as Nirvana, reliving their glory days, playing cover songs with a shitty metal vocalists. My comment about their legacy is their legacy playing together. What other incarnation besides Nirvana have Grohl, Novaselic and Smear ever performed under? None…except as Nirvana. Hence.

    So when I hear the three of them play, I can’t help but think “Nirvana!!”. Nor can anyone else, I’m sure. But on the advice of ‘Abe Froman’, I won’t be listening to this shit. not if that poser doofus from Slipknot is out in front with his shitty vocals and generic voice. They could have found any number of better vocalists who suit their chemistry better than Corey Taylor. He must have saved Dave’s dog from the middle of the street to get this gig, because he sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Sorry, but on paper this looks like “Nirvana with the Slipknot vocalist”, and while it’s only MY opinion, it’s fuckign garbage and I’m not having it.

  • Poppyman8181

    Dave, Krist, and Pat played on the last Foo Fighter record douche Cobainsweater should stop complaining and enjoy the music the media labeled it a “Nirvana Reunion” not Dave, Krist, and Pat!!!

  • Cobainsweater

    That was ONE song on Wasting Light. Sounds like somebody is getting pissy because I’m exposing their heroes Corey Taylor and the RHCP for the no-talent hacks they really are.

  • SuperSG

    Cobainsweater I must respectfully disagree about RHCP being talentless. They have alot of talent, the flea and fruiscante are one of the best bassist guitarist combos ever, at least if you’re measuring talent that is.
    U r entitled to your own opinion as I am mine

  • Veryape

    It sounds like it was a great experience for you. Those kinds of memories are priceless. Thanks for the writeup!

  • Calvin McLain

    I find it amusing the people on here complaining that a band has no talent, are the same people who don’t make any music, don’t tour, doesn’t try to be a successful band, yet thinks if they sit from their chair and talk a bunch of trash on the internet of all places they are on some level with these artists that do this for a living. Your not. Your pretty much worthless, as trolling on sites is one of the lowest forms of human interaction, and I find it sad that you have to resort to it. Say what you will about these artists, at least they get out in the real world and make something of themselves!

  • Cobainsweater

    Dear Calvin McLaid,

    My name is Jason Everman. Maybe you’ve heard of me? I tour, play music, write music, save puppies from traffic and talk a MILE of shit from my computer in Seattle. Hope that clears some things up for you.

  • Abe Froman

    Chili Peppers have tons of talent, but are just arrogant douchebags who need to get over themselves. They try to act all counter culture etc, when they are about as mainstream & pop as it gets these days. They are a far cry from what they were 20 years ago.

    Cobainssweater, your opinion is no less valid then mine, you can feel however you want to feel. But to let Sound City ruin Nirvana’s legacy is more your poblem than Dave Grohl’s. I despise Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac, but I couldn’t give a hobo’s crap that Grohl is playing with her on this, I’m going to take the positives out of it. It’s not too often one of my favorite artists does something like this.

  • Unglued

    I think this concert is much better than formal article which usually seen. Dave and Krist do the best job for Nirvana. People might be re-see Nirvana again. Though kurt is not alive. .

  • Christian

    Hey Jason Everman…nice work on Bleach