I’ve decided that I will keep the name, but cover additional bands like I previously announced.  The change will happen sometime soon, I’m not going to announce a specific date though.  Way sooner than the previous timeframe I had talked about though, since we are keeping the name. A new layout though may take a few months.  I asked fans on Twitter last night and they overwhelmingly thought this was the right decision, rather than changing the name.  Honestly, what the fuck does the word Grunge mean anyways?  Most of the bands I cover on this site don’t seem to give a shit about the word or what it means, so why should I?  Rather than just covering the Seattle Grunge bands (and STP/Smashing Pumpkins), we will now focus on 90’s Alternative Rock/the Grunge era in general.  A ‘Seattle Bands’ subcategory/section will be created so if people just want to just see news on those bands and avoid all other stories, they can bookmark that section.  I will continue to report on interviews/setlists/videos from the bands we currently cover like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.  I’ll be able to cut down on filler stories though like pictures of Mike McCready on vacation.  The Grunge bands will remain the heart of the site, while the bands we’re adding on will be to help compliment them.  With the bands we’re adding you won’t see as much detailed coverage as bands currently covered, but more so general stories.

The following 8 bands will definitely be covered.  While many of them don’t necessarily have the same sound as the bands currently covered, many of these bands helped break open the doors for 90’s alternative rock scene and had the same rebellious spirit.  I looked at a lot of Lollapalooza lineups as well to help my decision.

Definitely will be covered: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Faith No More, and Rage Against The Machine.  These bands will be covered in addition to bands already covered like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Mark Lanegan, Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney, and Hole.

These bands listed below I’m a bit more on the fence about.  Queens of the Stone Age are a likely yes due to Josh Homme’s connections with Dave Grohl and the Screaming Trees.  I’m thinking maybe cover some of the Kyuss Lives lawsuit stories as well.  Garbage have a connection to the bands already covered through Butch Vig.  Filter I’m not sure about, they came out kind of late and don’t have as many connections but they definitely have that angsty sound.

Bands that formed later that I’m on the fence about but leaning towards: Garbage, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss Lives, Filter

These bands here are either looked at as rip-offs, bands that were inspired by Grunge, or coattail riders.  Bands like Local H and the Toadies are looked at in a more positive light from what I can tell.  Bush and Collective Soul in particular are quite polarizing.  Out of the list Bush are the most relevant currently, and personally I’m the biggest fan of theirs out of everyone on the list below.  They definitely ripped off the Grunge sound, but god dammit they did it right to me and nailed it, unlike Puddle of Mudd and Seether.

Post Grunge bands that I’m on the fence about: Collective Soul, Bush, Candlebox, Local H, Toadies, Live

Sonic Youth, Blind Melon, and Pavement are bands I would cover but they’re all currently either broken up or on indefinite hiatus.

Radiohead I thought about, but am currently leaning against.  If they ever start using guitars again and get off their hipster kick, I’ll definitely cover them.  I thought about Green Day too since they came out in the mid 90’s, but I think there might be too much backlash because of their 2000’s output and their sound has always been a bit more on the fun side.

  • Louis

    i mean filter has a huge connection with smashing pumpkins, they toured with them and the drummer joined smashing pumpkins for a bit on the mellon collie tour after jimmy was kicked out so might as well cover them too

  • Bradford

    While I can’t disagree with Bush being more relevant (due entirely to the fact that they were the best known), The Toadies and Local H are both better bands, who are still going and both have records coming out soon. I think they should be included, especially if Bush is. QOTSA and Garbage definitely yes. The rest… i am neutral on

  • jcon

    Please follow QOTSA, they’re too damn good to leave out. But seriously though, just because Radiohead has moved away from being a guitar-centered band does not at all take away from how amazing they are. Calling them hipster just sounds very elitist as they are just producing music that they are more interested in, anything else would be a half ass version of themselves.

    Here’s an example of Radiohead still rocking with guitars (2=2=5)

  • the keeper

    Definately add Garbage, they are a fantastic band. Or at least cover like interviews and such and the big news with them

  • Brett

    I’m saying Bush are more relevant because they had a massive hit on rock radio last year, and are still able to get their new material played on radio and are able to tour on a pretty good level. Toadies/Local H are probably more original, but my point is they haven’t had a hit on the level of The Sound of Winter in 14-15 years. There’s still news on Bush, not as much on those two. I’d like to cover all 3 though, but I need to see what the readers want first.

  • Karlos Quinky

    yes to qotsa, tool, nin, the rest i am ambivalent about…..

  • Tastes Grungey

    Looking forward to this, although I’m not sure how much NIN and Pixies news there will be.

  • John

    The chili peppers ! YAAAY that’s my all time favorite band with AIC and the smashing pumpkins !

    Too bad they suck so badly since john quit ..

  • Calvin McLain

    RATM inclusion is all I ask! THANK BRETT! Best show of my life was April 29th, 2007!

  • Brett

    With NIN it will probably be more about Trent and his soundtrack work. I’ve read that he’s been working on new NIN material, but has no plans to tour.

  • cp

    Blind Melon is still active, with Travis Warren. They have tour dates booked throughout 2012.

  • Dan

    Excellent choices! All your fence choices are solid, especially Candlebox. Collective Soul & Bush aren’t far behind in my book either.
    The only one I can’t agree with is Hole.

  • KingKoCk

    I look forward to seeing news about these bands in the near future.

  • rafaeldenis

    ugly kid joe brett!!!!!!!!!1

  • Tastes Grungey

    Yeah I heard there was a great Blind Melon cover band out there..

  • MJM

    You should cover Gin Blossoms as well. It’s weird seeing a list of “On the Fence” and “Definitely will be covered” bands without the likes of the Blossoms in my opinion. Queen of the Stone Age over them? Seriously?

  • Some Dude

    The Jesus Lizard would be cool too…

  • Mark

    Please don’t bother with Collective Soul…

    And there might not be a ton of news to report, but Blind Melon is still active, I could see them being included. Much better choice than Puddle of Mudd or Seether!

  • Brett

    First MJM comment ever that doesn’t involve wanting to drop a load on Taylor Momsen.

  • Boddah

    Thank you Brett for all the work you do on this site. You have made some great decisions on the additions you will be making.

  • Mark

    Totally psyched…this site just keeps getting better and better! Thank You!

  • MJM

    Oh right. Covering Gin Blossoms would make Taylor Momsen proud.


  • Tastes Grungey

    QOTSA are infinitely better than Gin Blossoms. Thinking otherwise is ridiculous.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    Garbage should be covered. They’re back from hiatus and there’s the Butch Vig connection. Nuff said.

  • MJM

    Queens formed in 1997. What do they have to do with of the sort that this site covers? They are more Psych rock if anything. At least G.B. is the the ballpark of this kind of site.

  • Hailey

    I think it’s a wonderful idea to cover all of these bands, and I (as well as many others) will be thrilled if you proceed, but Green Day would be nice!!!! I think you should consider covering them too, and they will be having a lot of news going on in these next couple of months?

  • Andrei

    John, what kind of a fucking deluded hardcore RHCP fan are you if you now think that they suck without Frusciante?

    What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Max

    Yes please do QotSA and Filter.

  • SuperSG

    God Damn this is great news!… EXCEPT THAT ZDLR VOICE ANNOYS THE SHIT OUTTA ME!!! Oh well, at least I can avoid it.

  • Jake

    Definitely Local H and Toadies. They deserve to be up here.

  • MJM

    I’d be for Local H.

  • Scottish Jesus

    Brett why don’t you just cover the bands that you listen to and not worry about everyone else? I for one wouldn’t mind – I might even discover someone new…

    Maybe you could set up a grunge only filter option that can make the people that are likely to freak out if they see anything other than grunge written about.

  • Superfuzz

    C’mon guys. You have forgotton one of the most important bands….Creed!

  • MJM


    Seriously though if you could cover Nickelback and Skrilex that would be great. thx.

  • GenXLady

    I say do who you want, Brett. Many on here have brought up a lot of similar bands overall. We can scroll past that which doesn’t interest us. It is great having your site to refer to that does all the work of finding relevant news on different bands in the same general genre for us. Do what seems good to you, and thanks for the effort. Oh, and RHCP are awesome all around – Frusciante or no Frusciante.

  • Professor Yaffle

    meh….fuck this site then.

    Before I go….Brett, please learn to write properly. That entire post is hideously poorly written, that’s not just a complaint about style you simply have a very poor grasp of English.

  • Kris

    Way to go, Brett! Great decision and I look forward to the new format. Good luck!

  • Brett

    Professor, you forgot to capitalize the ‘M’ in meh. Fuck off.

  • Triz

    Dude, Helmet! How can you not even consider them & possible King’s X? Toadies no way, & I’m from Texas!

  • BlownUpWorld

    one big amen brutha for Sonic Youth!!! I would pay more/travel further/crawl thru more broken glass to see them play than all of the others (with the notable exception of Soundgarden). Bring it!!!

  • Brett

    The change is coming sooner than you think. What do people think of the new tagline for the site? ‘ 90’s Alternative Rock News’

  • Rodrigo

    Gavin Rossdale is a genious

  • Brett

    I’m going with these: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, Garbage, Filter, Blind Melon, Bush, and Local H. On the fence on Toadies. Do you guys want Toadies?

  • scott

    yes to the Toadies.

  • Bradford

    I very much would like Toadies

  • MJM

    How about Counting Crows?

  • Brett

    I thought about them, but not right now. Maybe a few months down the line.

    How do you guys feel about Gin Blossoms?

  • JBR

    Please include Queens of the Stone Age!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodrigo

    what about Our Lady Peace?

  • MJM

    Everclear bubster.

  • sal the iron worker

    blind melon and social distortion- enough said

  • Brett

    Smash Mouth? Sugar Ray?

  • odner

    how about Days of the New??

  • Grunge Addict

    No Problem Whatoever with this decision, more content/news can only be a good thing and youve picked great additional bands, i have interest in ALL of these bands Particularly NIN,Tool,pixies…. Question thought..When you say NIN and TOOL , obviously the main players in those bands are trent Maynard, SO does that mean youll be covering thier side bands How To destroy Angels (trents new band) and A Perfect Circle/Puscifer for maynard?

    AND for what its worth you should definatley cover QOTSA and KYUSS, both are AMAZING bands and im a huge fan of Josh Homme…so a Big YES from me

  • MJM

    Yes. Cover Sugar Ray.

    The best news I have was that Mark McGrath was drunk as fuck when I went to the Summerland Tour the other night

  • danalog

    Still not even considering Neil Young? Really?! The Godfather of Grunge? Remain on the fence about the bands you’re on the fence about. People could care less about what Collective Soul is up to these days.

  • Brett Weir

    QOTSA & FNM are just too fucking good to not report on (as are Tool & Pixies, NIN & Rage).

    Great call to include those bands, I am definitely looking forward to the change.

    Love the FNM inclusion particularly as I think they are one of the best period.

  • MJM


  • BlownUpWorld

    Well, it’s your site & you are the one doing the work so I can’t really bitch, but I’m disappointed that Sonic Youth missed the cut while some of the others sailed through. I will enjoy the additions of Rage, QOTSA & NIN though! Those are big thumbs up for me.

  • CagedTiger

    That’s cool since I am also a fan of most of those bands in addition to the ones you already cover…One site for all my music news! I’m with the guy who said ‘Ugly Kid Joe’ though, they’re active again and were a part of the early 90’s alternative scene (albeit with a slightly heavier sound). Glad Filter are getting covered, great band and they have a new album on the way so lots of news there I imagine. On a side note RHCP have pretty much been a pop band since ‘By The Way’ which is a shame since they were my favourite band in the 90’s, BSSM and OHM never left my 5 disc multiple changer!!

  • MindRiot132

    No disagreements with any of your choices except for Bush. WTF man? haha, could never stand them personally, always felt they were rip offs and they sound even more terrible now. But hey great choices with the others, only my opinion of course.

    Also, I’d say no to the Toadies and Gin Blossoms but a big fuck YES to Social Distortion, don’t care if they’re not “grunge,” they’re influence on the bands of the 90s is undeniable…not to mention their best work was done in the 90s.

  • Anth

    I’m a big Gin Blossoms fan, I’d love to see them covered. Aside from Garbage, I think you’re missing out on a lot of the big female acts from the period. Veruca Salt/Nina Gordon have been on hiatus for a while but if either Louise or Nina does something new, that’d be a no-brainer for this sort of site. Ditto Tanya Donnelly (Belly), Kristen Hersh (Throwing Muses), Liz Phair, Juliana Hatfield, Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval…and I will probably be slaughtered for this, but The Cardigans/Nina Persson. They have way more to offer than “Lovefool.”

    Also, what about Live/Ed Kowhateverhislastnameis? And I know they’re polarizing, but how about Candlebox?

  • MJM

    Yeah I figured the likes of the Cardigans, Gin Blossoms and Garbage would have been all no brainers as well.

  • mike

    Toadies should definitely be covered. Especially if something like Filter is being covered. Toadies are extremely “angsty” and their sound is definitely raw. Cover the Toadies.

  • jjc19461

    Hey Brett, what about Hum? They influenced many artists of the 90s.

  • Nick

    Cover Toadies & Seven Mary Three as well!!

  • Gino

    I vote for covering Bush… they sound like grunge to me.

  • Staley_Forever

    Blind Melon…. Yesss!!!!


    No Offense,you need to check your head. The RHCP are not even remotely as good as they were when Frusciante was a member of the group. RHCP’s best work is when John played on there albums and when John was heavily involved in the songwriting process. They will NEVER be as good without him. Period.

    P.S No disrespect to Anthony, Flea or Chad as they are all awesome musicians! RIP Hillel Slovak.

  • Nicolas

    Collective Soul and TOADIES!

  • Nicolas

    And btw Collective Soul is still quite relevant, they just wrapped up an awesome tour and are working on a new album.

  • Juanfran

    Spin Doctors and The Presidents of United States of America, two amazing bands!!

  • doople

    BRET! you shud make a filter on the left to check off which bands you wanna see on the main page, and when you first get to the site they can all be checked or whatever, i just really really dont care about red hot chilli peppers lol

  • Ripley

    @Brett (author)

    The only reason those of use who are okay with this, are, is because you tend to have good taste. And that should still be reflected in your further expansion. All of the bands that you said you are “on the fence about but leaning towards,” are good choices, and reflect that. While I do understand that taste is a relative thing, I do believe that there is still a general (while sometimes mixed) consensus about these various bands. All of the bands in that third category “Post Grunge bands that I’m on the fence about,” I would advise you don’t go with. Even if you like them, enough of us don’t that you might turn off those of us that believe in the good music covered on this site. I personally think covering Bush would debase this website, and you might as well be covering Fuel and Staind at that point. Maybe you like them, but that’s not the point. I would frequent this site less if you covered Bush (and Collective Soul for that matter- most bands that you could lump in with the post-grunge genre, aren’t as bad as Creed or Nickelback, but are halfway there), and I think many of us who are the core, habitués would, too. While this site is a news site, I do believe that over the years it has developed a bit of a community, and I’d hate to see that go away. I don’t mean to incite contention, or anything of that sort. Just giving you information that I hope you find helpful.

  • Hern

    Queens of the Stone Age (also Them Crooked Vultures) and NIN would be a nice addition

  • Ripley

    Also, I understand the the notion to include Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth, as they may appeal to those of us who were small kids in the late 90’s and have some nostalgia connected to those bands. This applies to both me and Brett (at least the age part). Point is, that doesn’t mean they’re that good. I’ve actually met the guitarist of Smash Mouth (I know his name is Greg), he used to be neighbors with my friend. Even HE has complained about how everybody hates his band. I don’t mind Sugar Ray, or even Smash Mouth (that much) I just feel like if you go that direction, you might as well call it “Miscellaneous 90’s”

  • Shayla

    I’d say definitely cover Garbage, as there’s little female representation on the site. Trust you instincts on NOT covering coattail riders like Bush, Collective Soul, and other bands not currently together.

  • Brett

    I was joking about Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth, haha.

    Some stories on the site I may not include in the featured section, since we’ll have more content. So you will have to scroll down to see them. If I cover a band like Bush, this may be the case.

  • ChrisPBacon

    So no Melvins? Wow how weird!!!

  • Brent

    yes on Candlebox Toadies Collective Soul Live and Bush as well as Seven Mary Three

  • Psujammer

    Huge grunge fan here who is a huge fan of Live, Social D, and Gin Blossoms.

  • Eibwolf

    Definitely add Toadies, they’re awesome.

    I think you should add Deftones too. They are one of my all time favorites. Their first album came out in the mid-90’s so they fit the time-frame. The FNM, NIN and QOTSA additions are excellent as well.

    But seriously… consider the Deftones!

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    how about the offspring?

  • Lee

    If you’re adding Dinosaur Jr and other bands like minded…can you please add in Afghan Whigs!

    Caught their show last night in Melbourne…and what a blast…totally amazed at how they still sound so good, Greg’s voice, just so epic, lots of old favourites, and just before the encore set, the last three songs from “Black Love” “Bulletproof”, “Summer’s Kiss” and “Faded”, truly appreciated by the crowd too and then Greg goes and tops this off with a cover from one of Australia’s most iconic bands “The Church”.
    What a top night, Greg was on fire, hell we’ve all waited all our lives for them to get here to Australia and we didn’t want to let them go!

  • Matt from DC

    I’ve been wishing you would do something like this for a while. Good show

  • dominantgene

    According to it looks like you will have more Mad Season news to report about. Mark Lanegan to sing on unreleased Mad Season tracks!!


    FAITH NO MORE is a great addition. You’re a smart guy Brett. Keep up the good work.

  • lilrockable

    has anyone mentioned Days of the New? Travis may not be as old school grunge as some of the other frequently covered artists, yet he does a great job at keeping the spirit alive. I admire an artist that utilizes the acoustic guitar so frequently into thier work just as the big grunge bands(AIC,Pearl Jam,Nirvana etc) did. Considering how little information i hear about DOTN, i figure there should be at least one site that keeps up with him.

  • Kirill

    Oh please no Filter or Bush, with rest of the bends I’m very keen, but it’d be great to cover Melvins at the fullest

  • SuperSG

    Ive only heard Touch, Peel, Stand by Days of the New. good stuff, fun to play. But what else have they made worth me listening to? please give me some names.

  • Ripley

    You’re point in not putting Bush (et al) in the featured section is to make a compromise? If it is, I don’t think there’s really a point. If you’re gonna do it, do it. You probably don’t want a lot of people ignoring the smaller articles because the featured section bands are better. I like this site because the headline articles aren’t in proportion to “how good” the bands are, but how pressing the news is. Including bands like Bush is already a compromise (IMO).

    You can get our advice on what bands to involve, but you’ll get a myriad of answers, and they will vary. While a few commenters may like bands like Collective Soul, I think there should still be some focus to maintain the integrity you (Brett) have worked hard to achieve and maintain.

    Perhaps keep some sort of loose criteria, perhaps bands that were formed as late as the early 90’s who have had an obvious influence on the culture, and music of later days, and have a generally and obviously shared respect. These would be bands such as RATM, Jane’s, Tool, FNM and RHCP. You already seem to extend this criteria to STP and Smashing Pumpkins, as it is. And maybe extend that looseness to include bands/projects of those who were once involved in the Seattle scene or the aforementioned category or have some connection. You obviously already do this with Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures because of Dave Grohl. This could now include QOTSA, Garbage, Alain Johannes, etc.

    I believe if your expansion doesn’t much deviate from this, you will not have upset any of who could be/have been weary of these recent notions of expansion, while also maintaing the integrity of GrungeReport (something I’m sure you would like to maintain!)

  • Todd

    Not sure why you don’t already cover Silverchair and Candlebox? You should def cover QOTSA and Lanegan and Grohl related bands like Crooked Vultures and Gutter Twins. You should consider Afghan Whigs, particularly with their reforming and being a 90s band, as well as Twilight Singers. Oh yeah, and cover Courtney Love a lot less.

  • I sell drugs

    nice to see your keeping the name and keep up the copy and paste specials.

  • Tommy

    Yep, good idea. Longtime reader and will be for a longtime to come. Bands I suggest are, besides your definates:
    Bush, Silverchair, You Am I, Helmet, all Maynard and Mike Patton related stuff, Sebadoh, Bad Religion, Guns N Roses (who were definately not hair/glam metal), Melvins, Shellac, Fugazi, Buffalo Tom, Soul Asylum, Everclear, and The Presidents, even Beck and Butthole Surfers and Flaming Lips too! All 90’s alt-rock!

  • Nathan

    nice, sounds good to me. love rchp, tool and rage

  • Paul

    Now that the change has been made, you can be as liberal as you want with the bands that are put on the main page, but please choose the bands in the Seattle grunge section carefully. The bands covered on this site used to be a matter of debate, but now that you have freedom, don’t spoil the part that grunge fans will read.

  • Paul

    I forgot to add: for example, don’t put Corgan and Weiland news in the Seattle bands section.

  • Brett

    The Seattle Bands section only covers Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney, Mark Lanegan, the Melvins, and Foo Fighters I guess? No STP or Pumpkins.

  • Kirill

    Please dont include post-grunge bands, Puddle of Piss, Bush, Seether, Blond Jesus of Nickelback, Finger Eleven, Three Days Grace etc….I guess I can take my word back when earlier I mentioned no Filter. Ive heard that Dick Patrick is considering making another heavy album much like Short Bus. If so he deserves to be on the list of bands to be covered here, cas other than first two albums, everything esle is unlistanable and pity.

  • Riley R.

    Odner brought up a good point. Days of the New was huge in the grunge era and had a relationship with Mike Starr right before he died. There should be news on them because Travis Meeks keeps hinting to a purple album.

    Other artists that I enjoy but not sure if relevant:
    Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson/Storm Corrosion/Blackfield
    A Perfect Circle
    Devin Townsend Project
    Jack White/Dead Weather
    Marilyn Manson
    Black Sabbath

  • Brooks


  • Fuzhi

    Ill think you should cover all the bands you mentioned in the article. There are a couple I dont really care about, but scrolling through one or two news storys once in a while shouldnt be a problem for anyone.

    I always considered Bush as much a part of grunge as Stone Temple Pilots so I hope you will cover them.

    Also consider:
    A Perfect Circle
    Porcupine Tree
    Alain Johannes
    Greg Dulli (The Twillight Singers/The Afghan Whigs/The Gutter Twins)

    I would like to see great new hard rock bands covered aswell but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere and choosing a 90s alt. rock connection makes perfect sence.

    Adding more bands to cover will mean a lot more work for you, so I will suggest to only pick bands that you at least like.

  • ManBeast

    Kyuss Lives! & The Toadies get my vote!

  • Ben


    Will you also use altrockreport and forward it to this site? That way you might get a little more exposure.
    Also maybe you could add alt rock report logo as well as keeping grunge report label.

    I’m sure there will be lots of experimenting and trial and error with the change over… but it will be good to expand and get even more coverage. Keep up the good work!

  • Robert

    Add some huge metal bands like White Zombie (Rob Zombie), Pantera related, big 4 thrash and others and of course the all the alternatives rock bands in the 90’s.

  • dave


  • Queen of Uncool

    KYUSS are so important to the 90s, and so are Kyuss lives revival right now.. Agreed on radiohead. If they ever wanna be a guitar band again..but it’s unlikely. The post bands I’m not fussed about any. Bush are a pop rock act, not alternative. They were never alternative. They were pop rock that some alternative kids liked. Live were alternative though. But I personally only like a couple of songs…

  • Queen of Uncool

    Oh, gin blossoms?? Yeah! Is there news on them?? and ps where else are we gonna go to see pics of mike mcready on holiday then, eh? I quite like you being the “Hello” magazine of the grunge world!

  • whatevernevermind

    SuperSG… check out all three of days of the new albums… youll like them all… plus any cd by Local H, and Rubberneck from the Toadies is a killer cd also

  • Keith

    I say add all those bands….they were all good in their own right and had some importance in the music scene back in the day…

  • schmoff


  • Bipolar Bear

    Filter is quite relevant, cause Richard Patrick has played (and is still playing, if I’m not mistaken) with the DeLeo brothers…

    BUSH and LIVE might be called coattail riders, but they definitely have sold a lot of albums/singles, many people love them, so I guess they should be covered

    And actually LIVE started very early – first album in 1991

  • muthafuthinASH

    If you open it up to bands like Green Day – Rancid had better be included – because they’re also a 90’s band…and then NOFX because they are connected to Rancid – and then AFI because Davey & Fat Mike are friends – and then Catch 22 because they toured with AFI once.

    I’m not serious, but see what not being picky enough can do to you? Don’t get too general in this sites definition of alt. rock.

    Kudos on the Jane’s though – that makes my vagina smile – actually the whole list of new bands you’ll be covering does. Hooray!

    Yes Local H, and yes Toadies. Actually – yes to all the bands you’re on the fence about.

    Garbage – meh, Queens of the Stone Age is a yes for me, Kyuss Lives is a no, and Filter is a definite no for me.

    Radiohead – I love them, but I see your point.

    Sonic Youth, Blind Melon, and Pavement – since nothing is happening there is nothing to cover, but if something does happen you should cover it.

    That’s just one Ash’s opinion.

  • muthafuthinASH

    ALSO: What about the Spin Doctors… *lepout*

  • Wbcn1041

    You should deffinitly cover Bush and Candlebox.

  • yo

    The more bands you cover, the better.

  • Jon

    yes: Garbage, Queens of the Stone Age
    Suggestion: afghan whigs
    no, please god no :Collective Soul, Bush, Candlebox, Local H, Toadies, Live ( or any other coattail riders)

    how about covering newer-ish bands that have direct connection/influence to the core bands ( ie: band of horses, my morning jacket, gaslight anthem, wild flag, dead confederate,gutter twins etc…

  • Matt

    Bush – First two albums were awesome. I still listen to that stuff periodically. Later material is a mixed bag.

    Live – Eh. Not sure. I was a fan of Throwing Copper, and a couple songs off their first album, but I don’t think their later efforts really fit in with the sounds discussed on this site.

    I would suggest Helmet, since they were around since 1990, and were extremely influential. But the current lineup only consists of ONE original member, being Page Hamilton. And the new material is, with all due respect, not that great.

    Green Day? – Terrible. A always have been. I’m sorry. To each his own, but just an extremely annoying band musically and personality wise.

    Collective Soul? – I don’t know how many fans of them there are on here. I never could get into them. Bland music, annoying vocals, songs sounded the same. In the 90s they were catagorized as “Adult Alternative” along with the Goo Goo Dolls. Of all the other miscellaneous alternative/pop bands around during that time that I thought did have some catchy music, they just never did anything for me.

    But, just my 2 cents. This isn’t Just more feedback to mull over.

  • Matt

    Did I mention Green Day was terrible? Ok. Just making sure.

  • Matt

    How about we pretend it’s 1999, and none of these newer bands even exist. Because 99% of them are horrifically bad corporate radio rock.

  • Grunge Addict

    i would also welcome input on Jack white and any of his projects..dude is hella talented

  • lilrockable

    @SuperSG The Downtown, Shelf in the Room, Solitude, and Hang on to This are only a few examples of some of their really good songs.

  • steve


  • Chris J.

    Hey guys, love all the new bands your adding – would love to see Local H and The Toadies and Bush, also, these would be great:

    – TAD
    – GREEN DAY (furrrr sure)
    – THE GERMS (Pat Smears band)
    – THE SNEAKER PIMPS (Becoming X album with Kelli Ali)

    I know these guys came later, and some are a little far from the grunge train, but really like these post grungy/heavily 90’s alternative influinced bands too:

    – STAIND
    – CLOUD NOTHINGS (Attack On Memory album produced by Albini)
    – FAR
    – HOT SNAKES (Suicide Machine album)

  • Chris J.

    (And) – SHONEN KNIFE

  • whatevernevermind

    Local h and the toadies are not coat-tail riders……. they are very original and fuckin rock..
    days of the new i think should also for sure be covered

  • NicB115

    It won’t make much sence but I wish u would also cover all things Jack White and The Black Keys!!!!!

  • Breadbitten

    How bout covering stuff on Alain Johannes? The man’s contributions are ingrained into most of the artists covered in this site after all.

  • Eu

    “I looked at a lot of Lollapalooza lineups as well to help my decision.”
    That’s the right way.

    Grunge = Noise + Punk90 + Rapcore90 + Alternative + Noise + PowerPop

  • Rodrigo

    I still think that is worthy to cover Our Lady Peace those guys are great, naveed, clumsy and spiritual machines are great albums!

  • Aliceinchainhead

    DAYS OF THE NEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    – BUSH
    – FUGAZI
    – OASIS
    – RANCID
    – WEEZER


  • G-Mayn

    Can u cover my boy Lil Weezy and the Cash Money Click? One

  • Platinum Bo$$

    Fo real G Mayn, ain’t enuff hip hop news in this bitch… Nirvana and them White boys is wack as hell on the real tho. Whuts good ne way ma ballin ass partna? Shaniqua say u ain’t been keeping up with the child support, bitches be trippin, welfare cheques n shit, ain’t that about a bitch.

  • Lee

    Congratulations Brett (author), I already love the updates on the other bands, I find that I am on the site a lot longer now, which is GOOD…plenty more to keep me interested. A big thankyou to you! I can only imagine how hard it is to keep a site like this maintained…and the many hours that must go into preparing stories, therefore I would like to thank you for your foresight and contributions in relation to the music industry as a whole and particularly for catergorising the Seattle Bands in their own slot…this is very much valued as you have honestly fulfilled your part of the bargain, to keep the site as faithfuly as you can to the 90’s era.

    This is certainly appreciated by us fans whom have always embraced this era but as time moves on, so does the music and although I am passionate about grunge I have also come to love other genre’s such as Rock n’ Roll, Hard Rock, Metal, Soul, Blues, Melodic Death Metal and Deathcore…yep true!!!, its all because of the art of music and I for one am quite glad that you have included other news about such bands. Forget the knockers… and as “Neil Young” once said…”its all one note”…lol! As true as this insight may be from Neil, it does matter how its arranged….”Suck It Up” anyone who does not agree!

  • Josh

    Any chance on John Fruscainte updates too?, he’s arguably the main reason RHCP ever hit it big, and since you’ll be covering them…

    Cheers on the additions anyway, improved an already great site.

  • Jesús Espíndola

    I agree with you about radiohead, and in the case of green day, if they want to be fun and commercial, they shoulden´t be here.
    And in my personal opinion, RHCP don´t deserve to be in the list of grunge bands nowadays, because since a few years ago, their music has become commercial, it is not different from pop music, I mean, I respect their old songs and work, but now is very boring to listen to their sell out songs

  • Jesús Espíndola

    I would like to explain to MAYAN CALENDAR 2012 that a band like Oasis must have the gates closed here because they themselves declared they were anti-grunge, so think about it, speaking about oasis, a band who is anti-grunge, doesn´t look ok

  • Peace_Frog

    I know Deftones dont really fit the grunge bill, but I put them in any rotation with most of the music I still listen to(grunge, post grunge etc.) And even though this is band that came later, I see no reason to ignore a band like Seether. They would fit right in with this site without clogging it up at all. Can we vote somehow or get sticky going. I know all bands cant be considered, and we dont want to clog the place up. I for one couldnt care less what Dino Jr is ever up to. But I wouldnt argue with them being covered. A vote on some bands like Deftones , Seether, and other bands that may have been mentioned would be a good idea for a sticky. Just to get a feel of things.

  • Peace_Frog

    Good call on including Tool(and if APC ever does anything) and RHCP. Thank you.

    Any thoughts on Days of the New(that may be a little stretch) or Candlebox? Sorry, I didnt read all the posts.

  • lou

    Days of the new:) That would be fucking great!

  • SuperSG

    fuck Wonderwall. I myself have witnessed a fratboy playing it for a troup of girls… pathetic and simple to play.

  • SuperSG

    I really hate Oasis…

  • Russ

    I’m really enjoying the new changes to your site, keep it up. I’d like to hear more about Candlebox though.

  • Corey jones

    can you cover Sublime and the offspring as well??

  • danny

    as a guy of the 90s… I’d recommend you these bands:

    pavement / stephen malkmus
    dino jr
    flaming lips
    sonic youth
    jesus lizard
    mercury rev
    yo la tengo
    afghan whigs / twilight singers
    Grant Lee Buffalo
    The God Machine
    Qotsa / Kyuss

    red hot chili peppers are too commercial, they should be renegated

  • Ben Vaxx

    I’m glad to see Faith No More, Jane’s Addiction, and Rage Against the machine on the list of bands your definitely going to cover!!!

  • AlicePearlGarden

    The Toadies need are a must.

  • Christine

    More jane’s addiction, queens of the stone age, tool, and related projects please. thank you. love you much!

  • Christine

    Oh, and anything Brendan O’Brien works on. :D


    No Suicidal Tendencies or D.R.I.?


    and if your covering NIN than why not cover Nitzer Ebb?

  • aaron


  • Joe Frankenstein

    Lollapalooza lineups in general is a good way to go. Basically if they were active from 91-93 and share the same audience for grunge, it would be cool to see them here. NIN and SP are great choices, Tool is too.

    That means Live, Bush, Collective Soul, or any second-wave alt bands, don’t really fit. I would much rather see pics of Mike McCready on vacation than read about Gavin Rossdale’s new hairstyle.

    No So-Cal punk.

    Neiher college rock nor Radiohead is a good fit, and there are plenty of blogs for that already.

  • headcreepz

    Pre-Warning I would agree with GreenDay….but since that album(which I liked) they are shit….Its obvious Billy has lost his fucking marbles. I miss the punk sounding Greenday.

  • Nanci Brown

    I think BUSH should definitely stay on. Their fan base hits older & new generation BUSH, which bridges the Gap that some of the other Alternative Bands don’t. Another fact to consider is they sound Incredible LIVE. Major importance in my opinion. I am in Seattle & have got to see them 4 times in 2012, so they definitely hold relevancy & are keeping in time w/the way Music Scene is going. Every LIVE show I saw, BUSH delivered High Energy They are touring again in 2013,they are in studio now, creating another album. Thank You~From a Major BUSH Fan hooked in the 90’s!

  • Kim

    Yes please, and thank you! Yes please re Queens of the Stone Age. And I have to say thank you and Im super glad that you decided on keeping your name! Im sure we all are bc GRUNGE *kicksASS*, is relevant still today. And, in the end it’s your blog, an awesome site. Fuck those that don’t like the term “grunge”, it is what it is and we didnt invent the dictionary or coin the title: so they can get over it. Grunge Music fans know the meaning, value it, identify with it, celebrate what it IS, and come here to read about it bc GR kicks ass! My please and thank you thoughts…

  • Mike

    Personally I don’t see Seether as a grunge rip off but I also never really thought of it like that. I can see what you mean but I dig them. They cover Pearl Jam’s Immortality on a live album and they do a great job. Their lead singer, Shaun Morgan, has a very similar Cobain sound that I enjoy. He covers a shit ton of Nirvana too. I don’t see them as another band, just Seether. They have fun songs that you can scream. Something about clean/screaming done right I’m attracted to listening-wise. Not a fan of legit screamO tho.

  • Mike

    Personally I don’t see Seether as a grunge rip off but I also never really thought of it like that. I can see what you mean but I dig them. They cover Pearl Jam’s Immortality on a live album and they do a great job. Their lead singer, Shaun Morgan, has a very similar Cobain sound that I enjoy. He covers a shit ton of Nirvana too. I don’t see them as another band, just Seether. They have fun songs that you can scream. Something about clean/screaming done right I’m attracted to listening-wise. Not a fan of legit screamO tho.

  • Triz

    Helmet! They toured with The Toadies last year. They were formed in 1989 and got more known in the early mid 90’s!

  • EvenFlow

    Please give us some John Frusciante news and updates.
    If you’re covering the Chili Peppers, it only makes sense to give us some Frusciante.
    Without him the Peppers wouldn’t have survived the 1980’s.
    without him you wouldn’t have the Chili Peppers to cover.

    Do the right thing here. He is a musical genius, 2nd greatest living guitar player