Guns N’ Roses’ Huge Plan For 2018 Is Bigger Than ‘Not In This Lifetime’


Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis has posted on Instagram that Guns N’ Roses have a bigger year planned for 2018 than either 2016 or 2017. Fans had expected GNR to take it easy after such a long two year tour, but could we get another major tour or new material? Fernando looks like he’s on a vacation, which is a great time to chill out, enjoy your family, and play games like pokies free games. Below is Lebeis’ message:

“Happy Holidays everyone. From Maya Rose to you.

My life has been blessed by every stone turned, every chance taken, every smile shared, every tear shed.
2017’s been such a great year, can’t believe it’s almost done. We covered a lot of ground this year, eh? Madrid stands out even though our entire European dates were quite memorable, such as South America, London, Israel, RIR, SP beautiful Argentina, USA.

2018 will surely top these last few years, can’t wait to be part of what’s to come.” Could GNR make history in 2018? They’ve done it in the past, including in 2014 with a Las Vegas residency, in the city most famous for its entertainment and casinos. You can get some of this experience by using a free online casino. You can view the full post from Fernando on Instagram below, along with the picture that accompanied it.

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler visited Slash’s son’s band recently.

“Thank you @realstevenadler for your visiting us today we had a blast #rocknroll #GNR #classlessact @nicotsangaris79 @bing.bong.beezus @sparklefuck @londonhvdson @danepieper @diabologyband @nopowerofficial.”

See the photo below!

Marc Canter, who was good friends with Guns N’ Roses during their early days as they frequented his restaurant, was recently interviewed by Guns N’ Roses Central. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments on the GNR reunion.

“I knew it would [happen], and actually I spent 9 years of my life doing what I call an ‘Axl intervention’ in the public. So every time I did an interview, because Axl was a little upset with me that I put the book out when I put it out. He loved the book [Reckless Road] when I put it together, but at the time I finally found a publisher, he didn’t really want it out at that point, because he was just about to promote something different, and he still had sore feelings towards some of the old guys. To me, I was like no, whatever happened, happened.

These are your children, you don’t want to shut your children down just because you don’t like your ex-wife. You want to be proud of your children, and if you’re with a new wife, make new children with that new wife, and move on. But there is no new wife without the old wife. It’s the old one that got you there, and the fans are there because of it. So that’s fine if it didn’t work out, but you can’t erase it.

I basically, when I was doing interviews, it was almost like I was talking to Axl. The problem is I think, that people that run Axl’s life didn’t want him to see that, and they basically somehow, I don’t know how, they managed to get him not to read or look or whatever, so they kind of kept him sequestered a little bit.”

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