Guns N’ Roses Planning Acoustic Performance?


A rumored layout of the seating arrangement for Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming April 8th and 9th shows in Las Vegas at the new T-Mobile Arena have been released, and for April 9th the floor area has a cut out space that appears to be for a smaller stage and acoustic performance, which has been a staple of rock concerts over the years, with bands like Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones using smaller mini stages for short acoustic sets during their shows.

Izzy Stradlin, who is photographed above, is currently not set to perform with Guns N’ Roses in Las Vegas. Fans, including fansite, have been campaigning to get Izzy involved in the reunion. A petition has also been set up: ‘Guns N’ Roses fans from around the world are disappointed by the recent announcement that Izzy Stradlin will not be a part of the upcoming Guns N’ Roses (reunion) shows. Izzy Stradlin was a vital part of the classic G N’ R lineup and not having him involved would be heartbreaking for fans. We ask that whomever is capable of making this happen from Guns N’ Roses or any other side involved, please, make it happen! We would like Izzy involved with Guns N’ Roses!!!’

  • Jimmy Intense

    “Izzy Stradlin was a vital part of the classic G N’ R lineup and not having him involved would be heartbreaking for fans”

    Somehow I doubt this will prevent the diehards from purchasing all VIP packages and selling out the circus.

    • Dan Melvin

      Didn’t stop anyone from late 91-93.

      • Felonious Punk

        You should really stop living in the past so much. It will be less heartbreaking for you when Guns fall flat on their faces in 2016.

        • Dan Melvin

          I definatley won’t be heartbroken. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and definitely one of my favorite bands. Their success or lack thereof seems like it’s gonna break your heart more than anyone else

          • Felonious Punk

            Says the guy who probably forked over $2,500 for a VIP package that includes no band interaction whatsoever? I hope that “Fully Loaded” buffet and that picture next to Frank’s drum set makes you feel like a super Guns fan there, Dan.

          • Dan Melvin

            Wtf? Is that what your so ticked about is that you wanted to meet axl but didn’t have the 2500 clams. Or you did but that doesn’t pay for a visit. What makes you think they wanna meet us. Why would you pay money to meet them. Idk I haven’t bought a VIP haven’t bought a ticket I live on the east coast. I’m waiting for some kind of YouTube video to come out. Living paycheck to paycheck here. YouTube concerts are free. I can read all the hate comments, and if I feel obliged I’ll reply to some asshole know it all like you, AMD you’ll stop at no end to have the last word, and so will I. But all in good fun I suppose.


    Why do i have the feeling that this “reunion” will end up in a total disaster on way or the other?.

    • Felonious Punk

      Because it’s a forgone conclusion?

  • Guns N’ Roses Project Live Era

    I don’t understand Brett Buchanan’s obsession with having to post every single (fake) Guns N’ Roses rumor.

    This one originated at MYGNR when a user created a fake seating chart. As far as I can tell it was created as a ploy to see if Buchanan would run with it — and here’s the result.

    NOTHING on this site can be trusted. Brett you are NOT an insider and when the shows happen, and the music comes, out, and NOTHING matches up with your nonsense, you’ll realize you destroyed any credibility you might started with — just so you could play “source”.

    Just stop.

    • Felonious Punk

      A fake seating chart to go along with all of the other fake rumors that start at that cesspool called MYGNR? You people take your cues from Eddie Trunk, ffs. Talk about sources that can’t be trusted..

      • Liz

        See above – it wasn’t created to troll Alternative Nation. Alternative Nation went out of the way to troll itself, as usual.

        • Felonious Punk

          See above – we at Alt Nation regard anything coming from MYGNR as nothing more than a bad joke.

          I mean, MYGNR has a fucking scroller at the top of the site announcing the 2010 CD tour has just ended. How reliable do you think people find that place?

    • Liz

      “As far as I can tell it was created as a ploy to see if Buchanan would run with it”

      Nope. It was created as a joke to show what happens after April 8 when Axl and Slash decide they can’t stand to be on the same stage together.

      They didn’t even have to try to troll Buchanan – this POS site trolls itself.

      Love how now he’s added a question mark to the headline, and removed the “rumored layout” image. What a tool.

      • Felonious Punk

        And yet, here you are on said POS site, reading the news like you do every day, I’m sure. When are you dumbasses going to learn that showing up here to trash the site completely shows your hand and just makes you look like even more of an idiot? All you’re doing is giving the site more traffic, which equals more money in Brett’s pocket.

        “Hi! I lurk here and read the news, but this site sucks ass!”


    • Felonious Punk

      That’s just it though: we don’t take ANYTHING posted on MYGNR seriously. That site, its members, and the hybrid band itself are nothing more than a complete joke here.

      You’d have to ask Brett himself, but I’m 99% certain that the Gn’R news he posts here is meant to mock the band and allow us regulars a chance to rip on them for all its worth. Which is quite fun, I must admit

      I mean, how seriously do you people outside Camp Gn’R think the rest of the world is taking this. We’re talking about a band that’s charging thousands of dollars for a VIP package that includes ZERO band involvement, a frontman who can’t even show up on Kimmel to promote his own reunion tour, and the band’s own keyboard player publicly admitting the whole thing is essentially a sad charade

      The only thing worth showing up for is to see just how big of a rock star diva Axl can be in 2016. So far, he’s off to a running start. So make all the troll accounts and fake rumors you want, because now *nothing* coming out of MYGNR will be taken with any seriousness. If anything, we’ll just shit on Hybrid Guns even harder now, lol

      • Dan Melvin

        You mad bro?

        • Felonious Punk

          Not at all. Just love seeing GnR fans fail at trolling us when anything they say is considered a joke. You clear bro?

          • Dan Melvin

            I’m clear not sure about you. You still seem deeply hurt by axl Rose. It’ll be alright he can’t get to you anymore.

      • Ace

        Considering the Vegas shows all sold out in a few hours and the Mexico shows sold out with over 70k per each show in a few days, I’m thinking the rest of the world is taking it pretty serious.

        • Felonious Punk

          GnR in Mexico is a big deal down there. So would Yanni, the BeeGees or Milli Vanilli. The Rolling Stones are playing for free in Cuba, and packed that gig as well.

          I’m not saying people don’t initially want to see Fat Axl and Slash sharing the same stage again, but as soon as he starts singing and people realize that none of the old chemistry is there anymore, people will change their tune.

          • ITURBIDE

            As Mexican I can assure you no one here listens to Milli Vanilli anymore.

            Maybe its a charade, maybe its just for the money…I don’t know…I blame it on the rain.

            I see all the comments about GNR reunion like the comments of the people who still talking shit about Metallica and the “change of sound”…since what…1992?…Its all subjective. Girl you know its true.

            Please let us throw our money to the trash bin in peace. If we are paying for a show of a band who is nothing close what used to be…so be it. Keep on running.

            Frankly, I don’t give a fuck how the rest of the world is taking this reunion or how the GNR fans are doing it as well. I just want to enjoy a fucking concert.

            I respect you as the professional comment publisher you are, but sometimes your work its just too farfetched.

            so please,don’t forget my number…

          • Felonious Punk

            Wasn’t serious with this, but thank you for understanding that.

            This is exactly what I love: a post that’s witty, funny and doesn’t take what I’m saying as gospel or at face value.

            I heart you, Iturbide (no homo)