Guns N’ Roses Stole Money From Women They Were ‘F**king,’ Gave Drugs To Rock Legend


Mick Wall discussed Guns N’ Roses’ sex lives in his new book Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N’ Roses. He published part of the book on, and you can read the excerpt below.

Once word got out that the alley behind the Hell House was deserted at night, a tiny urban black hole in the midst of West Hollywood, it became the place to go once the clubs closed for the evening. “Between us and the other bands, the alley began to attract a lot of drugs, booze, girls and other musicians. Strippers from the neighbourhood constantly came by, often bringing Quaaludes, Valium, coke or booze to share,” recounted Duff. Soon, from the early hours until daybreak, hundreds of people were gathered there to party. The band, seizing their chance as proprietors, began buying cheap beer and selling it at marked-up prices. Soon they were making enough to pay the rent for the month.

Some of the women were ruthlessly exploited. If one of the band was having sex with her, another would be stealing her money. “There was a lot of indoor and outdoor sex,” said Axl. “I used to fuck girls just so I could go stay at their place,” admitted Slash. “We sold girls,” said Izzy. “If one of the guys was fucking a girl in our sleeping loft, we’d ransack the girl’s purse while he was doing her. We managed.”

“We’d talk girls into climbing into the loft,” said Axl, “and someone would hit the lights and go, ‘All right! Everyone in the loft either get naked or leave…’”

Heroin, the subject of another of Axl’s salutary lessons in how not to live, “Mr Brownstone,” had now arrived and was about to cut a swathe through the band. Izzy was not only using but openly dealing, another source of income. He claimed that Joe Perry had once come by to score, just before he cleaned up and Aerosmith began their commercial resurrection.