Recently we reported that Billy Corgan got his tea shop signed approved for business use. Well now the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Highland Park City Council Members that OK’d his sign are now claiming that the Smashing Pumpkins frontman did not receive any special treatment.

Councilman Paul Frank had the following to say about the decision: “I think some people had implied that this business receives special treatment from the city staff and I can tell you I have firsthand knowledge that’s not the case. I was there when the business first opened, and city staff was there to inform them their sign was not permitted and that they were in violation, so I think the residents should know, staff is executing the policies as they’re on the books.”

The decision however can still be viewed as debatable as the sign is nearly 4 feet tall and more than 13 feet wide. The city code allows for signs to cover 10 percent of a store’s external windows – Madame ZuZu’s covers 50 percent. This isn’t the first time the tea shop clashed with the city either. ZuZu’s got denied a request by the Highland Park’s Design Review commission in August to paint the outside of the shop black. According to a staff memo the reasoning was that it was not in context with the neighborhood or existing aesthetic of the Ravinia Commercial District.”

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  • Rooster

    I find this man truly fascinating.

  • Is he one?

    As an urban planner and a huge SP fan, I live to see my two passions reunited in this story haha! :)

  • Butthead

    He should makean album called “Songs from the Butt,” huh huh

  • Is he one?

    I meant I “love” not I “live”.

  • GwynnKatie

    He is a smart businessman, and he knows how to generate press and media coverage. Good for him. Wish the SP’s would take another 9-day Residency Stand at The Orange Peel like they did in 2007.

  • Cobainsweater

    They couldn’t make a billboard big enough to describe BillCo’s massive ego.