Izzy Stradlin Reportedly Joins Twitter, Makes Major Guns N’ Roses Announcement


Wall Street Journal reporter Neil Shah is reporting that sources have told him that a new Izzy Stradlin Twitter account is indeed the legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist. He tweeted, “Two sources tell me that @IzzyStradlin999 is real.” Further confirmation appears to have come just minutes ago, with Stradlin tweeting a new video of himself playing guitar, and also tweeting Alternative Nation.

The first tweet from the @IzzyStradlin999 account on February 22nd read:

“Izzy Stradlin fact.. At this point in time , I`ve no involvement in the upcoming April 2016 GNR shows.”

Watch the video Stradlin just tweeted of himself performing “Sunshine” by Jonathan Edwards below.

Stradlin has also tweeted Alternative Nation.

GNRevolution have shared a timeline of Izzy’s Twitter account:


1) Never before seen selfie of Izzy.


2) Proof of my 10 years+ track record as far as Izzy news goes. (Source)

3) I’ve confirmed Izzy hasn’t been “hacked” as he answered 2 security questions through email and later phoned me.

4) Izzy asked his friend Paul about his career on Twitter and Paul replied. No fans would know about @N3LSA.

5) Izzy asked Bernard Fowler to share a photo of them backstage. The photo was shared on Twitter, but fans had already seen the photo months ago and claimed it verified nothing.


6) The partner of Rick Richards (Georgia Satellites/Izzy Stradlin) has said on Facebook “IzzyStradlin999 is legitimately on Twitter.”.


1) Izzy tweeted a Youtube video entitled “YO SOL AXL ROSE” which was a spanish GNR cover band. Fans questioned why Izzy would choose to post such a video. [Now deleted]

2) Izzy tweeted an Abraham Lincoln meme questioning the authenticity of “quotes on the internet”. [Now deleted.]


3) Izzy tweeted to Rick Nielsen that he’d bought a computer, opened a Twitter account, and had quit avocado farming. Now deleted, but it lead to some funny fanart on social media:



4) Izzys tweets were disappearing almost immediately after fans started talking about them on the message boards.

5) The always media shy Izzy has sent multiple tweets to Rolling Stone, Ultimate Classic Rock and Loudwire but none have run his original statement about not being involved in the Guns N Roses shows in April 2016.


6) The associate editor of Rolling Stone, Andy Greene, has been unable to verify that the account is genuine. His “bullshit detector” was at 99.5% but the following day he was “much less skeptical”. Izzy has deleted all tweets to Andy Greene.


7) Izzy doesn’t follow a single member of Guns N Roses on Twitter.

8) No GNR band members past or present follow Izzy on Twitter.

9) Izzy claims to have started the “verification” process on Twitter, but their is still no blue tick. [Tweet now deleted]


10) Izzy tweeted the below “Stradlin Identity” meme which had been posted on mygnrforum.com saying it should settle the real/fake debate once and for all [Tweet deleted, but here’s the pic he shared]


11) Izzy tweeted his and Steven Adlers recording of “Do You Love Me” – Source

12) All of the “proof” is debatable.

  • — J —

    Since we already heard it would be Kushner: “duh.”

  • Bilbo

    Now I bet that there are a lot of insiders on a number of GNR forums that should hide for a while. They were swearing that Izzy was involved in the reunion. What a crazy couple of months these have been, Axl and Slash reuniting and Izzy joining social media!

  • Felonious Punk

    Alt Nation is on Twatter?

  • Toad Wallop

    It’s “Yo Soy Axl Rose”. Meaning “I’m Axl Rose”. Sol is Sun in English. “I sun Axl Rose”, lol. I would never have know if I hadn’t clicked on the stupid video and heard the impersonator say it. I’m pretty good with Spanish, but that was too easy.

    • valhalla

      Wellll… “soy” and “sol” are two different words. While “sol” does mean “sun” in Spanish, the word “soy” means “am” (Yo soy=I am). The video says, “Yo soy Axl Rose” (“I am Axl Rose.”) The video is from a popular Latino show where contestants try to prove that they sound like a certain celebrity in front of a celebrity panel. Kind of like American Idol, but, the goal is to sound as close to your favorite celebrity as possible. That is clearly not Axl Rose in the video, so, maybe Izzy was having a little fun? 🙂

      • Toad Wallop

        Why are you telling me something that I just said? I clearly know the difference between “soy” and “sol”. What part of that didn’t I explain?

        • valhalla

          Boy, did I misread you’re first sentence…brain fog…sorry ’bout that!! Thx for being kind when pointing out my mistake…:) I will be more careful in future!!

          • Toad Wallop

            No worries man, I kind of figured you missed something in my comment. Just thought I’d point it out. I’m only a dick to people that are being dicks to me. Lol